Denver City Park Loop
Denver City Park Loop

Denver City Park Loop

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Denver City Park Loop

Denver City Park Loop

Distance: 3.8mi
Elevation: 69ft
Time: 1-1.5h

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The Denver City Park Loop is a peaceful nature walk nestled amongst the hustle and bustle of the state capital’s city centre. Dominated by greenspaces and decorated with two lakes, this park is a great way to reconnect with nature on your lunch break, or on your Denver expedition. The well-maintained hardtop path and level grade enables this trail to be labelled stroller and wheelchair friendly—how awesome!? Adventure past the Denver Zoo, Museum of Nature and Science, and two shimmering lakes that exhibit stunning sights of the cityscape on your journey through the park.

Denver City Park Loop Map

Getting there

The Denver City Park Loop departs from Thatcher Fountain off E17th Ave in the city’s centre.

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Denver City Park Loop
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Denver City Park Loop Description

The Denver City Park Loop Trail is a great way to escape into nature. The vast greenspaces, glittering lakes and wildlife will distract you from the fact you are smack dab in the city centre. The Denver City Park Loop is a wonderful nature walk that the whole family will enjoy, but it is worth noting it is often busy. If you are seeking a more secluded experience, consider an early morning weekday adventure to avoid the inevitable weekend crowds. There are several parking lots within the park, but they are limited, so consider walking to the City Park or try to park at the tennis courts on the west side of the park. Note that much of the paths are exposed, so dress accordingly!

The Denver City Park Loop is an awesome adventure in Denver. Immerse yourself in nature and leave your stressors in the rear-view mirror as you explore the stunning scenery that the City Park has to offer. The Denver City Park is a great place for business people who work in the city centre to enjoy their lunch break or for families seeking a stimulating excursion. The Park has something to appeal to everyone; hike, fish, paddleboard, explore the zoo, visit the museum, have a picnic, or play tennis, the opportunities are endless. Just like you we love exploring new cities, but it is always nice to have the option to escape the city’s commotion.

The Denver City Park can be hiked dozens of different ways, departing from different areas, but our favorite trail is the Denver City Park Loop. Begin your adventure around the loop from the Thatcher Fountain off E17th Ave. From here, track the City Park Loop Trail west. Hike past the impressive fountain and the path will curve you north. Meander north along the gravel path and under sparse tree coverage. As you walk, you will notice the Sports Field on your right and Carriage House on your left before crossing over the park road. Maintain along the route and you will pass the Tennis Courts and then the path will guide you east.

From here, you will merge onto the Perimeter Trail and hike past the City Park Greenhouse. As you track along the north border of the park, you will pass the Denver Zoo. Keep your eyes out for the ape enclosure as you walk. Eventually you will encounter an intersection with E22nd Ave. Turn right here and hike along the street. At the fork in the road, take the Museum Trail south, past the fountain and around the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. When you confront the junction with the Mile High Loop Trail, turn right onto the path and hike around the meadow. As you walk past the meadow you will often see ducks and Canadian geese grazing.

Continue hiking the Mile High Loop Trail to Ferril Lake. From the lake’s shore you will be rewarded with stunning vistas of the Denver cityscape. Enjoy the view and keep right, walking around the perimeter route along the north shore of the lake. Keep an eye out for anglers and paddle boarders as you make your way around the lake’s perimeter. Trek around the entirety of the lake, and when you reconnect with the Mile High Loop Trail, track west. This path will guide you through another greenspace before delivering you back to the Thatcher Fountain, marking the end of your adventure!

Trail Highlights

Denver Museum of Nature and Science

The Denver Museum of Nature and Science is a natural history and science museum within the boundaries of the Denver City Park. Founded in 1900 by a man by the name of Edwin Carter, the museum has since evolved into an immersive experience that many tourists and locals’ alike visit. Located just off the path of the Denver City Park, the museum is a great detour to learn more about Colorado, from plains to peaks. Educate yourself about Colorado’s natural history, the flora and fauna, and learn more about the Pike’s Peak Gold Rush.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big is Denver City Park?

Denver City Park comprises approximately 330 acres. It is the largest municipal park in Denver, Colorado.

Can you fish in Denver City Park?

Yes, assuming you have a valid Colorado fishing license, and you follow the parks rules and regulations.

Can you boat in the Denver City Park?

Yes, there is a recreational rental facility where visitors can rent paddle boards, or you can bring your own non-motorized boat.

Is swimming permitted in the Denver City Park?

No, swimming is prohibited in all lakes within Denver’s city limits, including Denver City Park.

Insider Hints

  • There is a parking lot by the tennis courts on the west side of the park if you are driving to the park

  • Head into the Denver Zoo to continue your outdoor adventure in the Denver City Park

  • Bring your paddleboard and enjoy sights of the Denver City Park from Ferril Lake’s waters

  • Pack provisions and have a picnic along the lake shore



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