Enchanted Forest Trail

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Enchanted Forest Trail

Distance: 9.3km
Elevation: 411m
Time: 3.5-5.5h

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In the Enchanted Forest, the sights, smells and sounds will make you feel like you’re walking through a fairy tale. It’s a great trail to hike with kids if they don’t mind the length of the walk.

Getting there

From Denver, take I-70 west and exit at Colfax, exit 262. Take a right, heading west on Colfax (also called Highway 40).  Colfax curves around and you’ll turn right into the Heritage Amusement Park entrance and follow the signs to Apex Park to the lower lot. Drive all the way to the north end of the lot and park on the northern side of the fence.


When to do

Year round

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Flushing toilets and faucets at trailhead

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Route Type

Out and back


Detailed Description

You can hike out and back, in a loop or add on some climbs on the side trails, but the unique part of Apex Park is the Enchanted Forest Trail. This out and back trail follows the creek and then enters a shady forest that entices all the senses to take your imagination for a ride.

From the trailhead, take the stairs up to the west, cross over the bridge and make a left onto Apex Trail.

The first 0.8km borders the Heritage Amusement Park but then you’ll gradually climb up Apex trail, following the creek and the rising hills to the north. Stay left on Apex Trail at each intersection, following the signs. Watch your footing around the larger rocks and loose gravel.

At 2.4km, follow the signs, cross over the bridge and you’ll be in the Enchanted Forest. Take a moment to stop, look around and take in the sights, smells and sounds. You wont need your imagination to feel like you’re in another world. The trail winds and rolls through tall trees, making the light and shadows scattered and mysterious.

On the other side, you’ll exit the forest and reach the trail end. You can continue on Apex Trail back to the trailhead for a short-but exposed-hike back or, turn around for the shady confines and experience the Enchanted Forest again.

Insider Hints

  • Take a side trail, like the Argos trail, to add some miles and get beautiful views of Golden, Denver and Green Mountain.

  • Take the family and then visit the Heritage Amusement Park afterwards for fun rides and games!

  • On odd days, bikers are only allowed to go one way, making the trails more enjoyable, and safer, for hiking.

  • There is a filtered water bottle filling station at trailhead, which is a nice touch.


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