Evergreen Lake Trail

Evergreen Lake Trail

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Evergreen Lake Trail

Evergreen Lake Trail

Distance: 1.4mi
Elevation: 43ft
Time: 0.5h

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The Evergreen Lake Trail is a charming nature walk around the perimeter of the shimmering lake. Enjoy sights of the mountainous Colorado landscape and notice anglers and paddlers littering the waters. This is a perfect excursion out of the city and into the wilderness that the whole family will love. Hike, bike, kayak, fish, or skate in the winter - the outdoor activities are endless.

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Getting there

The Evergreen Lake Trail departs from the parking lot off the Upper Bear Creek Road.

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Evergreen Lake Trail
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Evergreen Lake Trail Description

Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and head out to Evergreen Lake. The Evergreen Lake Trail is a scenic, manageable experience that presents the perfect excuse to escape into nature. The quaint lakeside trail is lovely, and the endless outdoor opportunities are unparalleled. This is a popular area, and there is no doubt as to why, but it means you will likely be sharing the path with fellow outdoor enthusiasts. If you wish to avoid the crowds, consider an early morning weekday adventure. Note that parking is limited, so a good rule of thumb is to arrive nice and early regardless! The walk along the shores and through the wetlands is sometimes buggy in the warmer months, so bringing some bug spray isn’t a bad idea.

The Evergreen Lake Trail is truly picturesque. Hike through grassy wetlands, along a boardwalk, over the cascading dam and through sparse tree coverage. As you hike around the perimeter, you will be rewarded with views of the Colorado snow-capped peaks that line the horizon and up close and personal views of the crystalline lake. The novelty of the trail and the lake will never wear as they present diverse vistas and experiences with every season. In the summer, visitors can kayak, fish, paddleboard, hike, and explore the verdant woodlands that encircle the lake shore. The wintertime presents a whole new set of opportunities, you can snowshoe, icefish (in designated areas), cross-country ski, or skate on the charming rink. This is a great area and trail that is undoubtedly worth adding to your Denver itinerary.

Begin your journey around the Evergreen Lake Trail from the trailhead off the parking lot. From here, you will pass the impressive Evergreen Lake House before taking the Evergreen Lake Trail north along the boardwalk through the wetlands. Continue trekking north and the path will intersect with Beaver Creek twice before guiding you east. At this point, you will merge onto the Pioneer Trail, which is a gravel route along the north shore of Evergreen Lake.

Hike along the north shore through towering evergreen trees and along the Upper Beaver Creek Road. Enjoy sights of paddlers and fishermen as you venture the trail. As you near the Evergreen Dam, the path will curve you south and over the dam. Enjoy the up close and personal view of the cascading waters over the dam as you cross before reconnecting with the Evergreen Lake Trail.

The Evergreen Lake Trail will guide you back along the lakes shore as it reveals expansive views of the distant, snow-dusted Front Range peaks. Hike beneath the sparse tree coverage of the towering pines and you will eventually confront another bridge. Track the bridge over the cove and to the Evergreen Nature Centre, which is where visitors can rent paddle boards, kayaks, among other things. As you hike west you will also be granted epic views of the Evergreen Lake House as you near the parking lot. Soon you will reach the car park, marking the end of your Evergreen Lake adventure.

Trail Highlights

Evergreen Lake House

The Evergreen Lake House is a stunning building that sits along the east shore of the Evergreen Lake. This multi-million-dollar house was built from 1992-1993 from spectacular lodgepole pines imported from Montana. The Lake House was commissioned by the Evergreen Park and Recreation District to foster community events, recreational use, and to bring in revenue from event rentals. Now, the stunning lakehouse is an extremely popular wedding destination near Denver.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim in Evergreen Lake?

No, swimming is prohibited in Evergreen Lake, including pets.

Are dogs allowed at Evergreen Lake?

Yes, dogs are permitted at Evergreen Lake, but they must remain on-leash on land and in boats.

Can you play hockey on Evergreen Lake?

Skating is permitted, but pucks and hockey sticks are prohibited on Evergreen Lake.

Can you fish at Evergreen Lake?

Yes, fishing is permitted if you have a valid Colorado fishing licence.

Insider Hints

  • Parking is limited at Evergreen Lake, so plan accordingly and arrive early

  • Keep an ear out for bulging bull elk in the fall

  • If you venture this path in the winter, make sure to bring your ice skates! The lake freezer over and turns into to a charming rink that resembles one out of a hallmark Christmas movie

  • Rent a paddleboard and explore the lake from a different perspective



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