Maverick and Sawmill Hike
Maverick and Sawmill Hike Map

Maverick and Sawmill Hike

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Maverick and Sawmill Hike

Maverick and Sawmill Hike

Distance: 2.4mi
Elevation: 364ft
Time: 1-1.5h

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The Maverick and Sawmill Hike is a wonderful adventure that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts of all sorts! Hike, bike, snowshoe, or horse ride, this path offers plenty of activities. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and escape into the wilderness on the Maverick and Sawmill Hike in the White Ranch Open Space Park.

Maverick and Sawmill Hike Map

Getting there

The Maverick and Sawmill Hike departs from the Rawhide Trailhead off Belcher Hill Road.

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Maverick and Sawmill Hike
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Maverick and Sawmill Hike Description

Blow off some steam as you adventure the Maverick and Sawmill Hike. This path travels through the grassy meadowlands which reveal expansive views but warrant warm weather in the summer. If you venture this route in the warmer months, be sure to wear sunscreen and try to get out in the early morning! Be mindful of bikers passing by and bathing rattlesnakes.

Departing from the trailhead, track southeast along the Sawmill Trail. This route will trek through the meadows before guiding you briefly through the tree shade of towering pines! Here you will meet a junction, keep left and you will be diverted onto the Maverick Trail. This path will then guide you out of the timberline and through the plain. Make sure to keep an eye out for elk and grazing deer as you trek. At the next junction, turn left onto the Upper Longhorn Trail. This path will weave you between tree coverage and open plains before delivering you to the next intersection.

At this point, keep left, merging onto the Rawhide Trail. Hike along the route through the meadowlands and you will eventually be guided back to the trailhead and parking lot, marking the end of your adventure.



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