Mayhem Gulch Hike
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Mayhem Gulch Hike

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Mayhem Gulch Hike

Mayhem Gulch Hike

Distance: 4.7mi
Elevation: 797ft
Time: 2-3h

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The Mayhem Gulch Hike is a crowd-favorite in the Golden area, and we understand why! This unassumingly scenic adventure exposes epic vistas of the Clear Creek Canyon, the Centennial Cone, and the encompassing mountainous landscape.

Mayhem Gulch Hike Map

Getting there

The Mayhem Gulch Trail departs from the trailhead off Clear Creek Canyon Road.

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Mayhem Gulch Hike
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Mayhem Gulch Hike Description

The Mayhem Gulch Trail is a wonderful day hike just outside the Denver area. Adventure through the luxuriant meadows that reveal expansive views. This trail is a popular adventure among the outdoor enthusiast community, so be prepared to share the trail. This path is so popular that there is a unique usage system. You can only hike on the odd-numbered weekend days because even numbered weekend days are reserved specifically for bikers. If you hike on the wrong day, be prepared to pay a fine. Note that this path travels through arid terrain, so be mindful of rattlesnakes as you trek.

Embark on your adventure along the Mayhem Gulch Trail from the trailhead. From here, the Mayhem Gulch Trail immediately ascends steep terrain, but don’t let it discourage you, the path will become increasingly level and incredibly scenic. Navigate the switchbacks up to the intersection. From here, keep left and you will be diverted onto the Juniper Trail. From the west side of the path you will be granted epic views of the canyon below and Front Range foothills. Hike along the grassy plains, and at the next junction, keep right, merging onto the Mayhem Gulch Trail.

Follow the Mayhem Gulch Trail which reveals views of Golden and the Centennial Cone. Continue along this route which will eventually deliver you back to the first intersection. Here, veer left and retrace your steps down the switchbacks to the trailhead.



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