Meadow View Loop
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Meadow View Loop

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Meadow View Loop

Meadow View Loop

Distance: 3.1mi
Elevation: 482ft
Time: 1.5-2h

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The Meadow View Loop is a charming hike that presents the perfect opportunity to spot some wildlife. Weaving between lush meadowlands and old-growth pines, this adventure exhibits the beauty of the Colorado wilderness. Whether you are an experienced hiker or a newbie, the scenery along this path is sure to impress all who venture it.

Meadow View Loop Map

Getting there

The Meadow View Trail Loop departs from the Sleep S Trailhead off Lewis Ridge Road.

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Meadow View Loop
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Meadow View Loop Description

The Meadow View Loop is a family favorite—the easy-to-navigate terrain, stimulating sights, and views of bulging elk are sure to excite younger adventurers, they even excite us! Venture this trail in the fall, winter, summer, or spring, all you have to do is trade your hiking shoes for snowshoes! As the possibility of spotting wildlife is so high, we recommend always keeping a safe distance!

Embark on your journey along the Meadow View Loop from the Sleepy S Trailhead. From here, track northwest along the meadow-laden path. Soon after your departure, the route will deliver you to an intersection. From here, veer right and you will be diverted onto the Elk Ridge Trail. Hike this path up the ridge through old-growth pines to a scenic overlook. Between the tree breaks look down on Elk Meadows, hopefully dotting some grazing wildlife. You will shortly encounter another junction, take a sharp left turn onto the Meadow View Trail.

Follow the increasingly exposed trail down to the next intersection. Here, reconnect with the Sleepy S Trail and hike back to the junction where you commenced your loop. At this point, simply retrace your footing along the Sleepy S Trail all the way back to the trailhead.



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