Amphitheater Lake hike

Grand Teton National Park
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Amphitheater Lake hike

Distance: 10.5mi
Elevation: 3,510ft
Time: 6-8h

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9 Overall Rating
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The Amphitheater Lake Trail in Grand Teton National Park is one of the top hikes in the whole region. After several switchbacks you will find yourself in the most tranquil of alpine lakes, and the views of Grand Teton and other magnificent peaks are hard to miss!

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Getting there

From Colter Bay drive south along the John D. Rockefeller Parkway, turning right onto Teton Park Rd. Keep going along Teton Park Rd. for approximately 14.0mi then turn right (west) at the Lupine Meadows Junction. Alternatively, from Moose, drive 6.8mi north and turn left at the Lupine Meadows Junction. You will continue along Lupine Meadows Rd. until it ends.

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June through October

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Out and back

Amphitheater Lake
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Route Description for Amphitheater Lake hike

You access this hike via a gravel road with some potholes, however all two-wheel drive vehicles should be able to make it. Go slow! This parking lot is very busy as many mountaineers and climbers use it to access fun routes past both Amphitheater Lakes and Garnet Canyon. Get here early, or be prepared to have to walk for a while to get to the trailhead.

The trailhead is at the end of the road, where there are pit toilets. The first part of the hike remains flat, but you will quickly start the “meat and potatoes’” of the climb. For nearly 3.1mi there are switchbacks through the forest, occasionally popping out from the trees with views down across the valley. You will also be able to see Bradley and Taggart Lakes below you.

There is an abundance of wildlife along this trail. Some of the adorable animals include chipmunks, squirrels, grouse and marmots. However, along some of the long switchbacks we did see a mother bear with two cubs – the most dangerous bear one can see. Take heed if you are hiking by yourself, and try to stick close to other groups.

At the first junction you will arrive at a point towards Bradley and Taggart Lakes. Continue right towards Amphitheater Lake and Garnet Canyon. Follow several more switchbacks until you reach another junction. From here turn right towards Surprise and Amphitheater Lakes.

This trail will climb even further and gain even more elevation as you approach these high alpine lakes — switchbacking up you will pass up a lush, steep gully. This is where we first saw a mother bear, so make noise and stay vigilant.

You will first come to Surprise Lake, a small lake surrounded by the ridges leading up to the Tetons. Continuing a few hundred meters further you will find Amphitheater Lake, a much larger lake with a far more beautiful backdrop. Directly above Amphitheater Lake is Disappointment Peak, which many climbers ascend with some moderate scrambling. You might also be able to spot Grand Teton and Mt. Owen in the background, as well as Teewinot Mountain and its long sloping ridge on your right.

There are many rocks to sit on around Amphitheater Lake, making it a great spot to relax! Take care when you go down, as the trail is quite steep in sections.

Insider Hints

  • To extend the hike, climb up the ridge on the left of the lake to get a view over to Middle Teton and down to Garnet Canyon.

  • This is a quintessential lunch spot for avid hikers. Bring a warm coat and your favorite picnic to bask in the beauty of the Tetons.

  • Some even go swimming in Amphitheater Lake. If you are daring and have no fear of cold water, bring a towel and go for a dip!


MountainPhoenix 4 months ago

This hike was spectacular. Amphitheater lake is amazing and the rock formations were so interesting. The hike itself was quite challenging and the elevation gain was quite notable.

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
stocRob 5 months ago

Nice hike, a must do if you are in Teton park. Loved the views

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
8h 00m Time Taken
Ronny 5 months ago

The Amphitheater lake is a good challenge. It wasn't easy to climb all the way up. But a lot nicer to go back.

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
7h 15m Time Taken
MadN 5 months ago

lots of elevation great views loved it

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty

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