Grand Teton Hikes

Region in Wyoming, United States

Hiking in Grand Teton National Park should be on everybody’s bucket list. Although not large, the hiking trails in the Tetons offer some spectacular days. The nearby town of Jackson, Wyoming is a great base to explore the canyons, lakes and trails in the Tetons.

The top hikes in Grand Teton National Park are mostly advanced so you should typically expect long days. Many can be shortened, however, or changed to backpacks, and there are also some wonderful family-friendly and intermediate hikes as well.

#1. Paintbrush Divide Hike (30.1km, 1440m, 9-12h): This long, steady climb brings you up from String Lake, through the gorgeous wildflower-filled Paintbrush Canyon and up to the most magnificent pass in the Teton Range. This long hike will take the entire day, so clear your calendar!

#2. Hanging Canyon Hike (9.7km, 975m, 5-7h): We call this the “real” Lake Solitude because it is an unofficial trail, and thus you are unlikely to share the Lake of the Crags with many people. Good route finding skills, however, are a must.

#3. Lake Solitude Hike (24.5km, 870m, 7-9h): The sister hike to Paintbrush Divide and a Teton classic, this hike has great rewards with minimal elevation gain. Though long, the stunning alpine Lake Solitude grants unbelievable views of the Grand Tetons.

#4. Phelps Lake Hike (12.6km, 360m, 3.5-5h): With little elevation gain this is a perfect hike for families with small children, plus there are way fewer people here than Jenny Lake. The sandy beach at the far end is perfect for a picnic and a swim.

#5. Garnet Canyon Hike (13.4km, 710m, 4-6h): The easiest canyon hike in the Tetons, this route will give you a taste of what longer-day trails in the area have to offer. Don’t worry, the views here are no smaller than those on other canyons.

#6. Colter Bay Lakeshore Trail (4.5km, 140m, 1-2h): A family-friendly hike with spectacular views of the Tetons along the lovely Jackson Lake.

#7. Amphitheater Lake Hike (16.9km, 1070m, 6-8h): After several switchbacks you will find yourself in the most tranquil of alpine lakes – plus the views of Grand Teton and other magnificent peaks are hard to miss!

#8. Inspiration Point Hike (3.8km, 235m, 1-2h): A scenic boat crossing of Jenny Lake will transport you to the start of a wonderful, short hike up to the quintessential viewpoint in the Tetons. Continuing along the first, flat part of the Cascade Canyon Trail allows for seclusion, reflection, and views up to several peaks.

#9. Summit Trail at Jackson Hole Ski Resort (5.2km, 90m, 1-2h): This family-friendly, scenically dense hike offers the most views per kilometer. The aerial tram ride to the top grants easy access to the alpine.

#10. Grand View Hike (2.8km, 180m, 0.5-1.5h): Climbing to this point across from the Tetons gives you picture perfect views of the true majesty of these mountains.

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01. Paintbrush Divide

18.7mi 4,724ft 9-12h

The hike to Paintbrush Divide in Grand Teton National Park is phenomenal. The steady climb brings you up from String…

02. Hanging Canyon

6.0mi 3,199ft 5-7h

The hike up Hanging Canyon to Lake of the Crags is one of the finest in Grand Teton National Park.…

03. Lake Solitude

15.2mi 2,854ft 7-9h

The hike to Lake Solitude in Grand Teton National Park is a classic. This is the sister hike to Paintbrush…

04. Phelps Lake

7.8mi 1,181ft 3.5-5h

With little elevation gain, the hike around Phelps Lake in Grand Teton National Park is a great family-friendly walk, especially…

05. Garnet Canyon

8.3mi 2,329ft 4-6h

The Garnet Canyon Hike in Grand Teton National Park is the easiest canyon hike in the Tetons. This trail will…

06. Colter Bay

2.8mi 459ft 1-2h

The Colter Bay Lakeshore Trail in Grand Teton National Park is a great family-friendly walk. This gentle hike along the…

07. Amphitheater Lake

10.5mi 3,510ft 6-8h

The Amphitheater Lake Trail in Grand Teton National Park is one of the top hikes in the whole region. After…

08. Inspiration Point

2.4mi 771ft 1-2h

The hike to Inspiration Point and beyond into Cascade Canyon is one of the must-do intermediate level hikes in Grand…

09. Summit Trail JHMR

3.2mi 295ft 1-2h

The Summit Trail at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the Tetons is one of a few different options at the…

10. Grand View Point

1.7mi 591ft 0.5 - 1.5 hours

Hiking the Grand View Point Trail in Grand Teton National Park gets you to one of the finest views in…