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High Tatras
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Hotel Patria surrounded by the High Tatras mountainsYou can see the ski jump and the mount Solisko on the left sideCalm day near Štrbské PlesoMount Solisko behind the lakeHotel Solisko on a lakeshoreHotel PatriaŠtrbské Pleso is a popular destination among localsHotel SoliskoCarvings from the wood near Štrbské PlesoKoliba Patria popular restaurant near Štrbské PlesoThere are some inormation stands around the lakeŠtrbské Pleso looks beautiful on sunny daysThe scenery around the lake is beautiful alloverŠtrbské Pleso lake attracts lots of Slovak and Polish peopleMount Patria behind the Patria HotelMount PatriaIn the background you can see mounts Satan Patria Rysy and VysockaSolisko peak and jump skiHotel Grand Kempinski

Štrbské Pleso hike

Distance: 2.2km
Elevation: 54m
Time: 1.5 - 2 h

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9 Overall Rating
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Štrbské Pleso Lake trail is a beautiful and easy hike that takes you around the magical Štrbské Lake, offering stunning views from each corner of the trail. It’s a perfect walk for families or as a relaxing stroll after one of your harder hikes that day.

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Getting there

Go to Štrbské Pleso electric train station. Head north-west from there. You will see the lake. As it’s a circuit, you can start the trail from any place you want.

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Štrbské Pleso
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Route Description for Štrbské Pleso

On sunny weekends be ready to face the crowds as Štrbské Pleso is a popular resort among Slovakian and Polish people. During those days, parking spaces are harder to find and tend to get more expensive. Also, make sure to check if any events are happening in town as it may increase the crowds.

Štrbské Pleso Lake trail is a wonderful and easy hike that takes you around the stunning Štrbské Lake, offering great views from every point of the trail. This hike is perfect for families with young children or as a great walk after a longer hike that finishes in Štrbské Pleso. The lake covers 19.76ha with the deepest part being 20m in depth.

There is no wrong way on this trail. The trail leads you around the lake so you can start it from any point of the trail and is easy to follow. All around the lake, you will see information boards where you can find out more about the lake, its flora and fauna, and the town itself.

From the southern shore, you can see beautiful views of the scenic Hotel Patria and the ski jump with the mountains behind it. From the northern side, you will have some great views of Štrbské

Pleso town. The hike can take as little as half an hour or as long as half a day, depending on what you want to do there. You can visit one of the restaurants along the trail or get a relaxing boat ride to enjoy the water and the spectacular views from the middle of Štrbské Lake.

Insider Hints

  • Take a boat ride in the Štrbské Lake and enjoy the peaceful views around you without all the crowds that roam the trail.

  • Allocate some time to walk this trail after one of the harder hikes that finish in Štrbské Pleso.

  • Use the Electric Train as the parking costs more and it’s not easy to find empty spaces.


Cloudhigh 3 days ago

We went to Štrbské Pleso for a day visit and it was great. It is such a beautiful place all year round

8.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
Kamil Blajak 3 days ago

We took a tour around the lake, in my opinion, one of the best scenery in Tatras

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
2h 00m Time Taken
Maciej W. 1 month ago

Very nice trail. Beautiful scenery of the lake

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty

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