Schaflegerkogel Loop

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Schaflegerkogel Loop

Distance: 15.7km
Elevation: 992m
Time: 5.5-7h

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7 Overall Rating
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The Schaflegerkogel Loop is an amazing Austrian hike. This walk goes along a beautiful ridge to four different peaks before descending into a lovely, wild valley. There are amazing vistas and relatively few people throughout the whole hike, making this hike one of the best in Innsbruck.

Getting there

From the village of Grinzens drive south, up the mountain road in the valley Senderstal until you reach the last parking lot. You will have to pay a small fee to use this road.


When to do

From June to October

Backcountry Campsites



Yes, at Kemater Alm

Family friendly


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Detailed Description

From the parking lot, cross the little bridge to your left, and follow the forest road uphill to Salfains Alm. From there you follow the trail in the meadow past the huts. Follow the sign that has Salfains written on it. After about twenty minutes you’ll reach a meadow with a little lake, this has a wonderful panorama. You’ll likely see a herd of cows grazing here.

In the middle of the meadow you will find a yellow signpost. At this junction go left and follow the trail to Schaflegerkogel. You’ll hike along the mountain ridge. Beautiful views will surround you. You can see into the Stubai Alps to your right and back to the Nordkette as well. You can see Kemater Alm in the valley to your left. You will climb four successive peaks as the trail goes up and down.

The fourth, and highest, peak is called the Schaflegerkogel. From here you’ll continue on the trail as it descends into the valley. After descending for about ten minutes, you’ll reach a junction where you go left to Kemater Alm. Soon after this junction, there is a little stream where you can fill up your water. Many locals just fill their water straight from the stream, but we always recommend having some way to filter unknown water sources.

After about 45 minutes, you will cross a little bridge at the valley’s bottom. After the bridge, turn left and continue on the forest road downhill. After 45 minutes you will reach Kemater Alm. You can buy some beverages and enjoy the nice atmosphere.

Continue on the trail. You’ll walk through the big meadow right in front of Kemater Alm. Follow the trail downhill until you see the parking lot to your left (about 30 minutes).

Insider Hints

  • Start this hike early in the morning. The "Inntal" and Innsbruck will probably still be covered with fog, which will slowly rise. Be prepared for some amazing views!

  • You'll have the best views from the third peak, so it is probably a good idea to have an extended break here and enjoy the amazing vistas.

  • Bring enough water as there is no water along the ridgeline!


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7.0 Overall Rating
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