Lost Lake Hike
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Lost Lake Hike

Kananaskis Country
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Lost Lake Hike

Lost Lake Hike

Distance: 9.1mi
Elevation: 1,673ft
Time: 4-5.5h

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Hiking to Lost Lake begins on a very popular trail that leads to Lillian and Galatea Lakes. The trail becomes quite primitive once you depart the main trail, but it leads to a place of solitude and beauty. Be prepared to encounter down trees and other obstacles on this route.

Lost Lake Hike Map

Getting there

Take Highway 40 southbound for 19.9mi before turning right into the Galatea day-use area.

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Lillian Lake

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Out and back

Lost Lake Hike
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Lost Lake Hike Description

The Lost Lake Hike in Alberta’s Kananaskis region, begins from the parking lot where you will join the main trail to Lillian and Galatea Lakes for the first 2.5mi of your trek. At this point, the main trail leads off to the right and you will follow a very faint and decommissioned trail marked with a cairn on the left. This is an old trapline used historically by Alvin Guinn that has been decommissioned for many decades. A historic hunting cabin belonging to Mr. Guinn exists along the trail and makes for an interesting landmark.

The trail is rough and rarely visited, with many down trees and other obstacles. Be sure to have a good idea of your route and a GPS track to stay on the trail. There are many animal paths and side trails leading to obscure peaks in the area. Reach the lake after a small climb and take in the beauty of this lake that has been quite literally lost.



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