Rattlesnake Lake Trail
Rattlesnake Lake Trail

Rattlesnake Lake Trail

Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest
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Rattlesnake Lake Trail

Rattlesnake Lake Trail

Distance: 1.4mi
Elevation: 39ft
Time: 0.5h

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Rattlesnake Lake Trail is a 1.4mi moderately trafficked out and back trail in Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest that is rated as easy. This trail provides a route around the southeastern lakeshore, where people come to swim, fish, slackline, have picnics, and rest up after hiking the Rattlesnake Ledge Trail. This is a simple, easy, family-friendly walk with no real challenges to take on. Enjoy the peace of the lake and the cheerful ambiance of its adventurers.

Rattlesnake Lake Trail Map

Getting there

The trailhead for the Rattlesnake Lake Trail is near the Cedar River Watershed Education Center off Cedar Falls Road.

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Rattlesnake Lake Trail
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Rattlesnake Lake Trail Description

The shore of Rattlesnake Lake is an ideal spot for family fun, and walking the Rattlesnake Lake Trail gives you a nice chance to stretch your legs and enjoy a wide view of the lake. You can take this walk if you’re just here to hang out on the lakeshore, or you can use it as a warm-up or cooldown for the popular nearby Rattlesnake Ledge Trail, which climbs to a ledge overlooking the lake and the nearby mountains. Enjoy this walk with little ones or just take it by yourself for a nice little break in nature.

The trail begins near the Cedar River Watershed Education Center. Walk towards the lake and take the path on the lakeshore, heading to your right. Walk along this pathway, perhaps heading right to the water’s edge at welcoming spots. There’s a pretty photo spot around ¾ of the way down the path, a few steps before the boat launch. You might be able to spot boaters on the lake, maybe casting their lines or just enjoying the water.

The path ends shortly after the boat launch, so you can loop back and retrace your steps along the shore again. Why not plan a picnic lunch or grab a book to keep enjoying the area? If you’re headed to Rattlesnake Ledge next, go to the end of the trail, pass the restrooms and parking lot, and pick up the trail at the marked trailhead.

Hiking Route Highlights

Rattlesnake Lake

Back in the early 1900s, the town of Moncton stood around the northern shore of Rattlesnake Lake. This town was destroyed by flooding in 1915, and nothing remains of the town. While that somewhat dark history exists, today the area is enjoyed by adventurers all year round. The lake is a popular fishing spot and the hike to the overlooking ledge is enjoyed by many throughout the year. The shore is also used for slacklining and picnicking.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you swim in Rattlesnake Lake?

Yes, you can swim in Rattlesnake Lake.

Are there rattlesnakes at Rattlesnake Lake?

Thankfully, there are no rattlesnakes at the lake. The lake was named for the sound that dried seed pods made in the wind.

Can you boat at Rattlesnake Lake?

Yes. Self-propelled and electric boat motors only!

Insider Hints

  • There are no lifeguards on duty at the lake, so swim with caution.

  • This trail is accessible in the winter, but the trail can get icy.

  • Bring a picnic lunch for after the hike- the lakeshore is a great place to relax!



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