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    Peak District (England, UK)

    Peak District Walks

    Region in England, United Kingdom

    Peak District walks are almost a right of passage for outdoor enthusiasts in the United Kingdom, and the region features some incredibly beautiful scenery that will be sure to have you coming back time and again. Rolling hills, vast stretches of moorland, sprawling caves, and serene valleys characterize the landscape here, so if you are after an incredible outdoor adventure in the UK, you could hardly do better than setting out on one of the many Peak District walks available!

    Walking in the Peak District National Park is a fun activity filled with unique experiences that can only be had in the United Kingdom. Here, you will walk along trails that feature a variety of terrain types, through villages with interesting historical highlights, and will encounter some of the prettiest flora and fauna in England. What’s more, you’re likely to receive a warm welcome wherever you go – the people of the Peak District are (quite rightly) proud of their home and happy to show visitors around.

    Charming historical villages like Hathersage, Bakewell, and Castleton not only serve as the starting point for a lot of fantastic Peak District walks, but also as great places to stay. A comfortable visit to one of these sleepy locales will take you back to a time of rural prosperity, while simultaneously producing unforgettable memories that will stay with you forever.

    If you’re looking for a fantastic holiday in England that is filled with fun and adventure, then plan your walking holiday in the Peak District today! This large national park offers plenty of opportunities to get away from it all, so grab your walking boots and head for the hills.

    The 30 Greatest Walks in The Peak District National Park

    Whether you are looking to test the limits of your physical fitness or are simply aiming to enjoy the beauty of the natural world, you are guaranteed to find what you are after on a walking excursion in the Peak District. Check out the lists of amazing Peak District walks that we’ve put together below:

    Monsal Trail Walk

    The Monsal Trail follows the route of the 19th-century Manchester to London railway, specifically the section between Buxton and Bakewell. If you’re looking for an easy walk in the Peak District, why not try this beautiful section of the trail, perfect for walking or cycling. The path is paved, making it ideal for families with pushchairs, and offers beautiful views of Bakewell and some of the original railway viaducts. This is the perfect place to come for a relaxed, leisurely day out in the Peak District!

    Monsal Trail Walking Guide

    Mam Tor Walk

    The trek to the top of Mam Tor is one of our favourite family walks in the Peak District. The route passes along an accessible, paved pathway, before rising steeply up to the trig point, offering wonderful views over the Edale Valley all the way to Kinder Scout. The descent also offers a few wonderful surprises, including the remarkable Blue John Cavern, where you can see the unique ornamental mineral that Castleton is so famous for.

    Mam Tor Walking Guide

    The Great Ridge and Win Hill Walk

    The Great Ridge stretches between the summits of Lose Hill and Mam Tor, and is one of the most popular ridge walks in England. This route ascends the ridge via a steep climb up Lose Hill, providing marvellous views over Win Hill and the Dark Peaks. You’ll pass by craggy tors and dense woodland, and although it is somewhat strenuous, it’s one of the most rewarding Peak District walks around.

    The Great Ridge and Win Hill Walking Guide

    Kinder Scout Walk

    Kinder Scout is one of the Peak District’s most iconic routes, and this trail offers a real challenge to keen walkers. Ascend via Grindsbrook Clough, and follow the path across the plateau to the Kinder Downfall. You’ll enjoy spectacular views over Kinder Reservoir, Hayfield and Glossop, before descending down the steep steps of Jacob’s Ladder. The terrain is undulating and challenging, but it’s no wonder that this walk remains one of the most popular in the Peaks.

    Kinder Scout Walking Guide

    Stanage Edge Walk

    Stanage Edge is an imposing gritstone ridge, stretching for 6.0 km and providing an epic view over the Hope and Derwent Valleys. The Edge forms part of the Long Causeway, an ancient packhorse route that starts in Sheffield, and ends in the Peak District village of Hathersage, where this walk begins and ends. Stanage Edge is popular with both hikers and climbers, and this moderately challenging walk is a wonderful way to see it.

    Stanage Edge Walking Guide

    Padley Gorge Walk

    If you want to experience the best of the Peak District, but are looking for a relatively easy, low-level walk, try this route through Padley Gorge. You’ll follow a lively brook through the beautiful Longshaw Estate, passing railway bridges, disused quarries and atmospheric woodland along the way. The trail is pleasant and easy, and if you arrive in May, you can enjoy the rich carpet of bluebells that covers the floor of Yarncliffe Wood.

    Padley Gorge Walking Guide

    Dovedale Walk

    This beautiful and varied trail will take you past some of the most iconic tors in the Peak District. Dovedale’s limestone features have produced impressive and unusual rock formations, sculpted by the elements, including the so-called Tissington Spires, Dover Holes and Lover’s Leap. The hike culminates at the summit of Bailey Hill, where you’ll enjoy an impressive panorama over the marvellous Peak District landscape.

    Dovedale Walking Guide

    The Roaches and Lud’s Church Walk

    Step back in time to a land of myth and legend on this enjoyable Peak District walk! The Peak District is known for its association with Robin Hood, and the legendary outlaw is rumoured to have hidden in the dramatic, mossy gorge now known as Lud’s Church. Nearby, the craggy peaks of the Roaches also have their own stories to tell, with plenty of strange and wonderful myths concerning malevolent mermaids and lucky stones. This fantastic route is one of our favourite walks in the Peak District.

    The Roaches and Lud’s Church Walking Guide

    Thor’s Cave and the Manifold Valley Walk

    The Peak District is known for its subterranean treasures, with many stunning cave systems filled with glittering stalactites and stalagmites. Thor’s Cave is the largest natural cavern in the Peaks, set in the beautiful Manifold Valley in the heart of the White Peaks. This relatively easy trail is a great way to experience the Peak District’s twin charms – dramatic hills and eerie underground caves.

    Thor’s Cave and the Manifold Valley Walking Guide

    Derwent Edge Walk

    The so-called Dark Peaks offer incredible rocky vistas, characteristic of the stunning gritstone features of the national park. This walk will take you along Derwent Edge, past sleepy reservoirs and distinctive, craggy tors. The views are remarkable – this is one of the best hikes in the Peak District, and our favourite way to take in the majesty of the Dark Peaks.

    Derwent Edge Guide

    Langsett Reservoir Circular Walk

    This 6.0 km circular walk is a fantastic route that will lead you along the edge of the Langsett Reservoir for some truly beautiful views. While out on the trail, you will pass through some charming woodlands and open stretches of moor that have a beautiful backdrop of rolling hills. What a great way to spend an afternoon walking with the family!

    Langsett Reservoir Circular Walking Guide

    Macclesfield Forest Circular Walk

    A charming forest walk near Macclesfield, this route will lead you through the grounds of what was once the Royal Forest of Macclesfield, an ancient hunting ground for the nobility. Along the trail, you will experience easy to navigate trails, a peaceful woodland atmosphere, and beautiful views across the Ridgegate Reservoir.

    Macclesfield Forest Circular Walking Guide

    Wyming Brook and Rivelin Reservoir Walk

    Another lovely woodland walk, the Wyming Brook and Rivelin Reservoir Walk will take you through a tranquil stretch of protected forest that provides an almost mystical feeling. Take in the beautiful views of moss-laden trees, quaint waterfalls, and scenic reservoirs on this great family adventure.

    Wyming Brook and Rivelin Reservoir Walking Guide

    Sett Valley Trail

    This quick Peak District adventure is an easy-going walk that will take you along a scenic stretch of terrain between two villages. Following along an old rail line, the trail is well-maintained and fairly level, making it a breeze for families with young children.

    Sett Valley Trail Guide

    Redmires Reservoir Circular Walk

    A great circular walk near Sheffield, this trail will allow you to experience some beautiful views looking out across the calm water of the reservoir. Relatively flat and surrounded by picturesque farmland scenery, this is an awesome adventure to save for the weekend.

    Redmires Reservoir Circular Walking Guide

    Cave Dale Walk

    A beautifully scenic walk along a limestone flanked dale, this charming Peak District adventure will produce some stunning views across the Derbyshire countryside. In addition to the stunning natural views, you will walk below the 11th Century Peveril Castle that looms over the dale from the top of a hill.

    Cave Dale Walking Guide

    Lover’s Leap and Dove Hole Walk

    This amazing walk in the Dovedale National Nature Reserve will expose you to some amazingly scenic views and awesome highlights that include the River Dove, Lover’s Leap, Thorpe Cloud, and the Dove Holes. This is a fairly easy-going route in the Peak District that should definitely be near the top of your list of adventures.

    Lover’s Leap and Dove Hole Walking Guide

    Longshaw Estate Burbage Brook Trail

    A fairly short adventure through the grounds of a grand estate, this route will lead you along Burbage Brook for some lovely views of the surrounding countryside. Easy to navigate trails make this walk a breeze, allowing you to sit back and relax in nature.

    Longshaw Estate Burbage Brook Trail Guide

    Peveril Castle Walk

    More of a visit to a unique historical site than a true walk, this 0.6 km route will allow you to explore the grounds of the 11th Century Peveril Castle. Overlooking Cave Dale, the Hope Valley, and the village of Castleton, this is a fantastic walk if you are after some quick and easy sightseeing.

    Peveril Castle Walking Guide

    Higger Tor Summit Circular Walk

    Located just west of Sheffield, the Higger Tor Summit Circular Walk is a fantastic family adventure that will take you uphill for gorgeous views of Burbage Moor. Nearby, you can even spot the location of an old Iron Age fort atop the neighbouring Carl Wark. The rocky terrain atop the summit makes for a great place for kids to explore.

    Higger Tor Summit Circular Walking Guide

    Flash and Three Shires Head Circular Walk

    This beautifully scenic walking route will lead you to a gorgeous destination where Derbyshire, Cheshire, and Staffordshire counties all meet in one spot. The 18th Century packhorse bridge along the River Dane makes for an exceptional location to take photos, with the background often gracing many scenic calendars.

    Flash and Three Shires Head Circular Walking Guide

    Thorpe Cloud Walk

    A quick but scenic adventure along the border of Staffordshire and Derbyshire, the Thorpe Cloud Walk will expose you to stunning views of the rolling green hills that make up the nearby landscape. Pleasant terrain and easy to navigate pathways along the River Dove make this a great walk for all.

    Thorpe Cloud Walking Guide

    Tegg’s Nose Walk

    A beautiful scenic adventure with views overlooking the Macclesfield Forest, the Tegg’s Nose Walk is a quick 4.2 km outing that can be enjoyed by a wide variety of skill levels. Rolling green hills, peaceful forests, and calm reservoirs are just a few examples of the beautiful scenery that can be experienced here.

    Tegg’s Nose Walking Guide

    Chrome Hill Walk

    Made up of two distinctive peaks set in the Derbyshire countryside, the Chrome Hill Walk is a bit of a grind that will produce gorgeous views of the surrounding landscape. Be prepared with sturdy walking boots in order to navigate the rugged terrain along the summit.

    Chrome Hill Walking Guide

    Marsden Moor Walk

    This 13.5 km walking route will take you from the town of Marsden to explore a beautifully scenic stretch of moorland terrain to the west. Hiking along the escarpment known as Standedge is the real highlight of this adventure, as it offers beautiful views of the nearby villages and rolling green hills.

    Marsden Moor Walking Guide

    Rivelin and Redmires Walk

    The Rivelin and Redmires Walk will lead you through a nice variety of Peak District terrain to access viewpoints over Wyming Brook, the Redmires Reservoirs, and Rivelin Reservoirs. The stunning scenery along this trail is enough to make it popular with a wide variety of outdoor enthusiasts.

    Rivelin and Redmires Walking Guide

    Buxton to King Solomon’s Temple Walk

    A nice intermediate length walk from the town of Buxton, while out on this trail you will transition from city walkways to the open countryside for views of the surrounding landscape. Climbing uphill to the Victorian Era tower referred to as King Solomon’s Temple, you will enjoy an even better vantage point overlooking the surrounding landscapes of Derbyshire.

    Buxton to King Solomon’s Temple Walking Guide

    Hollins Cross Walk

    This popular and exhilarating adventure will lead you uphill to traverse several of the summits along the Great Ridge, including Mam Tor, Hollins Cross, Back Tor, and Lose Hill. While out walking this route, you will likely experience some of the best views that can be found anywhere in the Peak District.

    Hollins Cross Walking Guide

    Curbar Edge Circular Walk

    Requiring little in the way of effort but providing stunning views of the Derwent Valley, the Curbar Edge Circular Walk is a fantastic adventure in the Peak District that will take you along three different stretches of escarpment. The ultra-scenic views make this a great option that can be enjoyed by walkers of nearly all skill levels.

    Curbar Edge Circular Walking Guide

    Heights of Abraham & High Tor Walk

    A fun but challenging experience in the Peak District, the Heights of Abraham and High Tor Circular Walk will take you through some fairly steep terrain for gorgeous views of the Derbyshire countryside. The infrastructure atop the Heights of Abraham provides a number of activities that make for a fun afternoon, and the beautiful views from High Tor are well worth the effort.

    Heights of Abraham & High Tor Walking Guide
    Scroll down to see all the 150+ trail guides in the Peak District.

    About Peak District National Park

    The oldest national park in the United Kingdom, the Peak District is one of England’s finest gems. This ancient land is steeped in history, myth and legend, and a walking holiday here offers much more than your typical activity break. From its glittering underground caves to its high mountain tarns, the Peak District is full of surprises.

    The Peak District lies at the confluence of five English counties, and was once a major highway for medieval merchants who transported their goods from the north to the south of England. A walk here usually means travelling in the footsteps of 18th-century packhorses, Roman soldiers, or even legendary English figures such as Robin Hood. The grey crags of the Dark Peaks all have strange names and a story to tell, and this will make your trip all the more memorable.

    When Is The Best Time To Walk In The Peak District?

    England’s relatively mild climate means that it’s possible to walk in the Peak District at any time of year, although winter is likely to be cold, wet and misty, which can make higher-elevation trails dangerous and difficult to access. If you plan to walk in the winter, always check the weather forecast and take local advice, as conditions in the hills can change very quickly.

    The best time to walk in the Peak District is spring, when the forests are covered in a colourful carpet of bluebells, lambs frolic in the fields, and there’s at least some chance of sun! The weather in summer will be warmer and brighter, but the trails can become very busy, especially in the school holidays. In September and October, the forests glow with stunning autumn colours, and this is an excellent time to wander through woodlands and low-elevation trails throughout the national park.

    Best Regions For Walking In The Peak District

    The Peak District covers a vast area in the center of England, and is divided into two main areas: the Dark Peaks and the White Peaks. The White Peaks are found in the lush, green south of the park, where you’ll find beautiful forests, limestone caves, and quaint towns and villages. The Dark Peaks rise to the north, and are wild, wonderful and unkempt, with vast open moorland and craggy tors of black granite, windswept and battered into strange and unusual shapes. Both of these regions have charm in abundance, despite their different characters, and if possible, you should try to experience a little bit of both during your trip to the Peak District.

    Other Outdoor Activities in The Peak District

    Although walking is by far the most popular thing to do, there are plenty of other outdoor activities in the Peak District! The distinctive geological features of the region make it a paradise for climbers, and there are many companies offering tours and lessons on some of the park’s most dramatic cliffs. It’s also possible to go caving, and explore some of the fascinating and beautiful treasures hidden away underneath the hills. In summer, take to the rivers and reservoirs and go kayaking or canoeing, head out on your bike and go cycling, or even enjoy a spot of horse riding!

    How To Plan A Trip To The Peak District

    Planning a trip to the Peak District has never been easier! To help you organize your trip and to make sure every aspect of your visit runs smoothly, we’ve put together the ultimate guide to planning a trip to the Peak District. You’ll find all of the information you’ll need before you set off, and plenty of recommendations for the best hikes in both the Dark and White Peaks. Happy travelling!

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How big is the Peak District?

    The Peak District covers more than 555 square miles and stretches over five counties in England: Derbyshire, Greater Manchester, Yorkshire, Staffordshire and Cheshire.

    What cities are close to the Peak District?

    Manchester, Sheffield and Derby are the closest cities to the Peak District National Park, and they are all well connected by bus and rail.

    Why do people visit the Peak District?

    The Peak District is popular for its walking and climbing opportunities, diverse and unique landscape, and beautiful scenery. The Peak District is also an area where you can find many famous cultural and historic sites.

    What is the highest point in the Peak District?

    Kinder Scout, in the heart of the Dark Peaks, is the highest point in the national park, standing at 636 m above sea level.

    Where to stay in the Peak District?

    There are many options for where to stay in the Peak District. You can choose from small hamlets right in the middle of the park, to big cities an hour away. If you’re looking for something in the middle of the park, Buxton, Ilam and Hathersage are all popular choices. These small towns allow you to combine your walking holiday with cultural and historical experiences. If you prefer the big city, and just want to visit the Peak District for a day trip, Sheffield and Manchester are both close by.

    How far is the Peak District from London?

    By road, the Peak District is around 257.5 km away from London. You can drive there in around three and a half hours.

    Does the Pennine Way National Trail go through the Peak District?

    Yes, among other beautiful areas in England, Pennine Way also stretches through the Peak District. For more information, check out the Pennine Way guide.

    Peak District Area Notice

    Please be aware that the Peak District, as well as other beautiful places in the UK, is seeing a dramatic increase in visitor numbers. This also has led to numerous issues with antisocial behaviour, littering, parking violations among many others. Please follow all the park and local rules and regulations. Visit the National Trust website to learn more.

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    Best Hikes in Peak District

    Showing 141 to 158 of 158
      Open details for Haddon Hall to Bakewell Circular Walk

      Haddon Hall to Bakewell Circular Walk

      8.9 km
      144 m

      Walking the Haddon Hall to Bakewell Circular is a fun adventure that will lead you from a beautifully constructed country house on a circuit to the town of Bakewell and back. The walk offers stunning views of Haddon House, an 11th Century manor house that was once the seat of the Duke of Rutland, as well as a beautiful riverside atmosphere along the winding River Wye. This journey features a great mix of urban and rural pathways that are sure to keep you engaged while out on the trail.

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      Open details for The Trinnacle Trail

      The Trinnacle Trail

      7.2 km
      324 m

      Walking the Trinnacle Trail is a fun experience in the Dovestone Reservoir area that will take you up to the Trinnacle, a series of unique gritstone pillars along the edge of the Dovestone Edge. The route offers some nice views across the water of both the Dovestone and Yeoman Hey reservoirs, as well as the beautiful landscape of the surrounding Peak District. This area features access to numerous outdoor activities, so make sure to arrive early for parking!

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      Open details for Crowden to Bleaklow Circular Walk

      Crowden to Bleaklow Circular Walk

      20.0 km
      712 m

      Walking the Crowden to Bleaklow Circular Walk is a tough but rewarding adventure in the Peak District that will take you from the Crowden Campsite to the summit of Bleaklow Head. While out on the trail, you will climb uphill along Torside Clough before traversing the rugged terrain of the moor for spectacular views from atop the hill. Trail conditions can be quite boggy, especially during the spring/autumn seasons, so make sure to wear some decent footwear!

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      Open details for Wormstones Circular Walk

      Wormstones Circular Walk

      8.5 km
      365 m

      The Wormstones Circular Walk is a pleasant walking route that sets out from the town of Gossop and takes you to a rocky vantage point known as the Wormstones. From this elevated perch, you will experience breathtaking views that sweep across the heather-blanketed moor. This route features some paved pathways and well-maintained trails that make travel a breeze.

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      Open details for Derwent Edge Walk to Back Tor and Lost Lad

      Derwent Edge Walk to Back Tor and Lost Lad

      17.4 km
      498 m

      The journey along the Derwent Edge Walk to Back Tor and Lost Lad is a pleasant adventure that will produce some spectacular views overlooking the Upper Derwent Valley. With the exception of the short portion along the gorge, this trail largely follows a paved pathway, making travel relatively easy for walkers of almost every skill level - just be careful along the unpaved portion, as you might find going for a knee-high plunge into a deceptively deep puddle!

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      Open details for Castleton Round-Trip

      Castleton Round-Trip

      17.1 km
      874 m

      The Castleton Round-Trip is a great walking route that will allow you to explore some of the best natural and cultural sites that the Peak District has to offer. While out on the trail, you will pass through the historic village of Castleton before climbing uphill through the picturesque Cave Dale in the shadow of the 11th Century Peveril Castle. From here, the trail climbs over Mam Tor to arrive in Edale before traversing The Great Ridge on the way back to the village. Be prepared for a full day of sightseeing!

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      Open details for Three Monuments Walk

      Three Monuments Walk

      11.9 km
      439 m

      For those outdoor enthusiasts that also enjoy taking in a bit of history while out on the trail, the Three Monuments Walk might just be the perfect route. Setting out from the village of Baslow, the trail visits a number of interesting historical sites that include Chatsworth House, the seat of the Duke of Devonshire; Nelson’s Monument to the victory at Trafalgar, Wellington’s Monument to the victory at Waterloo, and the Three Ships that have the names of three of Nelson’s ships carved into them. There is a lot of history packed into this trail and there is no time like the present to explore it!

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      Open details for Chatsworth Circular Walk

      Chatsworth Circular Walk

      9.7 km
      396 m

      The Chatsworth Circular is a fantastic day-walk in the Peak District that will lead you uphill for some scenic views overlooking the nearby village of Edensor. In addition to the views of the surrounding area, the trail also passes through the grounds of Chatsworth House, offering the opportunity to check out the seat of the Duke of Devonshire. While the route may be a bit hilly, it is perfect for a nice weekend stroll with the entire family.

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      Open details for Bakewell Circular Walk

      Bakewell Circular Walk

      19.8 km
      497 m

      The Bakewell Circular Walk is a scenic walk in Derbyshire that will allow you to experience the charming villages and picturesque countryside landscapes that make up this part of the Peak District. While out on the trail, you will pass through Bakewell and several smaller villages before taking in the sights of the Headstone Viaduct and the beauty of Monsal Dale. This route is a perfect mix of urban and rural landscapes, making it a great option for a long-distance weekend walk.

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      Open details for Higger Tor Summit Circular Walk

      Higger Tor Summit Circular Walk

      4.5 km
      112 m

      The Higger Tor Summit Circular Walk is a quick 4.5 km walking route west of Sheffield that will take you uphill for some amazing views overlooking Burbage Moor and the surrounding landscape. While out on the trail, you will make your way towards the rocky summit of Higger Tor that overlooks the presumed Iron Age hill fort of Carl Wark before turning to the north in the direction of Stanage Edge. It may only be a quick walk, but the views along this trail leave a big impact.

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      Open details for Houndkirk/Stanage All-Weather Route

      Houndkirk/Stanage All-Weather Route

      25.9 km
      663 m

      The Houndkirk/Stanage All-Weather route is a lengthy 25.9 km journey that will take you from the edge of Sheffield to Stanage Edge and back. While on the trail you will pass through several different terrain types, including boggy moors, open farmland, and charming waterside settings. This may be a long route, but there is no better way to spend the day than taking a leisurely stroll through the picturesque English countryside.

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      Open details for Peveril Castle Walk

      Peveril Castle Walk

      Very Easy
      0.6 km
      59 m

      At 0.6 km overall length, the Peveril Castle Walk isn’t so much a long-distance journey as it is a journey back in time. The switchback path will lead you uphill to the site of a Norman Castle that is still in fairly decent condition considering it dates to the 11th Century. The Castle also overlooks Cave Dale and the Hope Valley, which makes it a great spot for sightseeing in addition to the historical interests. Although this is an easy route, the trail does feature some steps that could make travel difficult for families with pushchairs.

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      Open details for Great Tor Circular Walk

      Great Tor Circular Walk

      5.6 km
      223 m

      The Great Tor Circular is a fun uphill walking route that will take you to the summit of Great Tor along the rocky terrain of Bamford Edge. While out on this short adventure, you will have some amazing views overlooking the Ladybower Reservoir within the undulating terrain of the Upper Derwent Valley. This is a great entry point to begin exploring the vast network of recreation trails within the vicinity of Ladybower Reservoir.

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      Open details for Middle Ladybower Walk

      Middle Ladybower Walk

      9.2 km
      287 m

      The Middle Ladybower Walk is an easy-going adventure in the Peak District that will take you around the edge of a scenic reservoir for sweeping views across the water. While out on the trail, you will traverse the water’s edge and enjoy views of the undulating terrain surrounding the Upper Derwent Valley before crossing over the wonderfully constructed Ashopton Viaduct. This walk is a great option to explore the beautiful terrain of the valley without the commitment of one of the long-distance routes.

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      Open details for Valehouse Reservoir Circular

      Valehouse Reservoir Circular

      5.0 km
      163 m

      The Valehouse Reservoir Circular is a 5.0 km lollipop trail near Glossop that travels around the edge of the reservoir for some scenic views across the water. While out on the trail, walkers will make their way over the dam wall and pass through some open terrain before traversing the tranquil forest atmosphere of Valehouse Wood. This trail features easy-to-navigate pathways and is perfect for outdoor enthusiasts of all skill levels.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Ladybower Reservoir & Derwent Edge Walk

      Ladybower Reservoir & Derwent Edge Walk

      16.3 km
      507 m

      The Ladybower Reservoir & Derwent Edge Walk is a fantastic route that offers gorgeous views across the Peak District Landscape. The route descends the hillside towards the reservoir and travels along it for some nice views across the water, before climbing uphill to traverse the rugged terrain of the moor along Derwent Edge. If you are prepared for the ups and downs along this walk, then you will be rewarded with some pretty amazing views that sweep across the Upper Derwent Valley.

      User Ratings
      No Reviews
      Open details for Edale Rocky Ridges Walk

      Edale Rocky Ridges Walk

      16.6 km
      631 m

      The Edale Rocky Ridges Walk is just that - an adventurous walk along a rugged ridgeline. While out on the trail you will walk through open farmland and riverside settings before climbing up the rugged terrain of the ridge to experience amazing views overlooking the valley. There is a fair bit of climbing along this route, but the views are absolutely stunning.

      User Ratings
      No Reviews
      Open details for Three Edges Walk

      Three Edges Walk

      14.2 km
      461 m

      The Three Edges Walk is a challenging circuit in Derbyshire that will take you along three escarpments that offer some of the most spectacular views of the surrounding Peak District terrain. Along the trail, you will climb up across the moor to reach the Derwent Edge with its views over the valley before making your way to Stanage Edge and finally Bamford Edge for the best views of the day. There are a fair amount of ups and downs along this route; however, the excellent views across the English countryside are well worth the effort.

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