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    Sibbald Creek Trail

    Hikes in Sibbald Creek Trail

    Tucked in the foothills of Kananaskis, the Sibbald Creek Trail area boasts phenomenal views of snow-capped peaks stretching deep into the horizon. For example, at the top of Cox Hill, 12 different peaks take over your line of vision. And guess what? You won't have to worry about bumping into a ton of other people on the trail as most flock to the routes peppered along Highway 40 over this highly underrated area.

    The best hikes in Sibbald Creek Trail offer various vistas, tailor-made for all types of hikers. Expect rolling hills of greenery contrasted with snow-dusted peaks to envelop you on most hikes in this area—even if the trails are more on the chill, low-elevation, short side of things. If you're from Calgary or Cochrane, you'll want to take advantage of the hidden network of routes scattered across Sibbald Creek Trail due to its nearby proximity. Who knew you could save gas money and hit up the mountains at the same time. Bonus!

    Hiking in Sibbald Creek Trail is a fun outing for anyone who wants to get outside but doesn't feel like driving to Banff or Canmore for an epic day of revelling in the fresh air and unreal quintessential Canadian scenery.

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    Kananaskis Country

    Cox Hill Hike

    Hiking Cox Hill Ridge is a great way to spend a half-day in the summer. Save this one for wildflower season, and you won’t be disappointed. The multi-use trail can get busy with bikers, hikers, and runners, so be prepared to run into some speedy trail users.

    13.4 km
    774 m
    10 overall rating
    Kananaskis Country

    Eagle Hill Trail

    The Eagle Hill trail climbs the foothills of Kananaskis Country to reach a ridge that looks out into the Prairies. It is an easy-to-follow, gradual trail that is the perfect day trip from Sibbald Lake Campground. There are no technical sections on this trail, making it excellent for hikers of various abilities.

    14.2 km
    453 m
    No Ratings
    Kananaskis Country

    Sibbald Flats Trail

    The Sibbald Flats interpretive trail travels around Sibbald Lake and includes many educational signs. It starts in the central Sibbald Flats Recreation Area, which makes it great for those looking for something quick and easy from a central area.

    1.9 km
    92 m
    No Ratings
    Kananaskis Country

    Pine Woods Loop

    Hiking the Pine Woods Interpretive Loop Trail doesn’t take long, but is an excellent way to find solitude in the woods. The less frequented area along AB-68 is free from the crowds that Highway 40 sees. Take the family on an educational outing along this easy forested trail.

    4.5 km
    162 m
    No Ratings
    Kananaskis Country

    Buck Mountain Trail

    Ole Buck Mountain is a great trail to tackle when exploring the Sibbald Flats area. Whether you are staying at the campground or just checking out Sibbald Lake, this achievable summit is well within your reach and definitely worth the effort.

    7.6 km
    397 m

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