Halnaker Circular Walk
Halnaker Circular Walk

Halnaker Circular Walk

South Downs
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Halnaker Windmill with Sails and forest tree tunnel

Halnaker Circular Walk

Distance: 4.0mi
Elevation: 640ft
Time: 1.5-2.5h

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The Halnaker Circular Walk is a beautiful stroll filled with open meadows, woodland and stunning scenery. There are stiles and gates to maneuver along this walk; however, the views make it worth it. You can visit the Halnaker Windmill and explore the history surrounding it.

Halnaker Circular Walk Map

Getting there

To get to the Halnaker Circular Walk from Chichester, take East Walls and Priory Road to New Park Road/A286. In 0.1mi, take St Pancras, A285, Arundel Road/Westhampnett Bypass/A27 and Stane Street/A285 to Park Lane. In 0.3mi, continue on Park Lane to your destination.

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When to do

April - October

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Halnaker Circular Walk
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Halnaker Circular Walk Description

The Halnaker Circular Walk is a beautiful stroll through the countryside that showcases views of South Downs National Park. Although this path is fairly flat, there are some areas where you will be met with small inclines. There are also multiple stiles and gates to navigate while walking along this path.

The path begins at the car park, from which you will walk east towards the obvious track ahead. You will come across Mill Cottage, where you will continue straight and follow the sign for the Halnaker Windmill. After 1640ft, you will reach a gate that goes across the track. Pass over the stile to the right along this five bar gate. Continue along the path, and you will cross another stile, and in 607ft, there will be a three-way fingerpost where you will turn left on a detour if you want to head down to the windmill. After visiting the windmill, head back to the main path, and in 1083ft, another stile will need to be navigated. You will pass a vineyard and come across another fingerpost in which you will turn left and maneuver a stile. Continue to follow the path along a grassy area and head down a slope to reach a road.

Turn left and walk along the main road on a green public footpath. Cross the road and head towards a stile in a wooden fence, cross a farm track, and go through a five bar gate. Turn left immediately and walk towards another footpath that is marked. Continue to follow the footpaths across the field and up the hill to a view of Eartham village below. Walk downhill towards the village to a footpath fingerpost.

Turn left at the fingerpost and cross the field, until you see trees and a two-way fingerpost on the right. Turn left at the fingerpost, where you will see views of the coast. Keep along the path and head right at the field. Be sure to continue following the fingerposts! When you reach a three-way fingerpost, you will turn right. Continue downhill on the footpath track where you will find a kissing gate on a five bar gate. Negotiate the kissing gate and turn left onto the road. After a few meters, you will come across another road and turn left. Follow the road and as it turns left, head right through the five bar gate and past a bridleway fingerpost. Continue along the path and navigate another five bar gate and turn left onto the lane. Follow an unmarked track to Timwood Lane and pass right by a holly tree. Stay on the track and continue straight ahead, past Keepers Cottage and look for the public footpath fingerpost by a stile, which you will navigate and head into the field.

Walk straight across the meadow, through a stile to a fingerpost and head downhill. Look for the tractor-made path and follow this back to where you began.

Trail Highlights

Halnaker Windmill

The Halnaker Windmill stands on top of Halnaker Hill and has been around since 1540 and was owned by the manor of “halfnaked”. It was built in honor of the Duke of Richmond as the feudal mill of the Goodwood Estate. This windmill was in working order until it was struck by lightning in 1905 which damaged both the sails and the windshaft. The mill was restored by Neve’s, the Heithfield Millwrights in 1934. This was done as a memorial to the wife of Sir William Bird.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Halnaker Circular Walk?

The Halnaker Circular walk is 3.9mi long and takes approximately 2 – 2.5 hours to walk.

Is the Halnaker Circular Walk family-friendly?

Yes, the Halnaker Circular Walk is family-friendly as it is a fairly gentle, flat walk.

Is there route signage on the Halnaker Circular Walk?

Yes, for the most part the Halnaker Circular Walk has signage and is easy to navigate.

When is the best time to walk along the Halnaker Circular Walk?

The best time to walk along the Halnaker Circular Walk is between the months of April and October, with summer being the optimal time to head to this area.

Insider Hints

  • There are many stiles and gates to navigate along this path so ensure you wear proper footwear

  • Follow the optional path along the walk that leads to the Halnaker Windmill and get a close up look

  • Head to the Fishbourne Roman Palace to see some floor mosaics as well as visit the garden

  • Explore the extravagant Chichester Cathedral

  • Head to the Tinwood Estate Vineyard for some relaxation and a glass of wine

  • Extend your stay and book a night at the Chichester Harbour Hotel & Spa



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