Seven Sisters and Friston Forest Circular Walk
Seven Sisters and Friston Forest Circular Walk

Seven Sisters and Friston Forest Circular Walk

South Downs
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Sheep grazing in fields by stunning Seven Sisters cliffs

Seven Sisters and Friston Forest Circular Walk

Distance: 7.9mi
Elevation: 1,257ft
Time: 3.5-4.5h

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The Seven Sister and Friston Forest Circular Walk in East Sussex is an incredible path along the cliffside. During this walk, you wander along the cliffs edge that slides down into the ocean. After taking in the stunning ocean views, wander through open fields of colourful wildflowers as you make your way through this walk.

Seven Sisters and Friston Forest Circular Walk Map

Getting there

To get to the Seven Sisters and Friston Forest Circular Walk from East Blatchington, take Belgrave Road, Blatchington Hill and Avondale Road to Sutton Park Road/A259. Make a slight right onto Sutton Park Road/A259, and follow Dane Road to Esplanade, where you will arrive at Seaford Beach.

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Seven Sisters and Friston Forest Circular Walk
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Seven Sisters and Friston Forest Walk Description

The Seven Sisters and Friston Forest Circular Walk located in East Sussex is a stunning journey along the cliffs that look out over the ocean. The walk also opens into fields of colourful wildflowers during the summer months. This trail can get muddy and slippery, so it is advised to wear good walking shoes and watch your step along the cliff’s edge as chalk can be unstable, so make sure you maintain a safe distance.

The walk is a beautiful journey that starts along the seaside cliffs and is open to the sparkling blue ocean below. You can take in these incredible views for a good portion of the walk so remember to bring your camera!

The walk can begin from multiple areas, but the best one in our opinion is the start at Seaford Beach. There will be a golf course to your left, continue following the path along the cliffside and maintain a safe distance. Continue onto Hope Gap, where you will have the opportunity to go down to the beach if the tide is low. When you are finished on the beach, continue on the path to Cuckmere Haven, which has the most beautiful views of the Seven Sisters cliffside. You will then come across Cuckmere beach, where you can enjoy lunch or a swim to cool off.

Depending on the tide, you can either walk across the beach to continue on the walk when the tide is low, or head to the Cuckmere Inn and cross a wooden bridge to continue the walk if the tide is high. Heading towards the end of your circuit, you will go towards South Downs Way and this will lead you back to the Seven Sister Cliffs.

Trail Highlights

Seven Sisters

The Seven Sisters are a collection of remarkable chalk cliffs situated by the English Channel. The majestic cliffs, which rise and fall along the coast and are often referred to as peaks, come with unique names like “Short Bottom,” “Brass Point,” and “Flat Hill.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How was the Seven Sisters formed?

The Seven Sisters was formed where South Downs meets the sea. The cliffs are made of chalk that endured heavy rain and rough seas, which created their appearance.

Who were the seven sisters?

The seven sisters were named after Greek mythology. They were the seven daughters of Atlas, who was a titan that held up the sky. Hehad the seven sisters with oceanid Pleione, who was the protectress of sailing. The names of the seven sisters were Maia, Electra, Alcyone, Taygete, Asterope, Celaeno and Merope.

Insider Hints

  • Make sure you wear good walking shoes as the cliff sides and meadows can get muddy and slippery

  • There are many areas to begin your journey from however the best is from Seaford Beach

  • If you want a beautiful place to enjoy a meal along your hike, stop at the Cuckmere Inn



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