Augerpoint Beach hike

Strathcona Park
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Augerpoint Beach hike

Distance: 0.6km
Elevation: 20m
Time: 0.5-1h

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9.3 Overall Rating
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The family-friendly walk along Augerpoint Beach is an easy walk in Strathcona Provincial Park. While the hike on Augerpoint is easy, it also yields some of the best highway accessible views in the centre of Strathcona Provincial Park. On sunny days the beach is also a perfect spot to relax, suntan, and swim.

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Getting there

From Campbell River head west along High 28 for just under 50.0km. Just as you reach Buttle Lake you will come to a junction where you will continue strait following signs for the Westin Mine. Follow this road for just over 20.0km before you see signs for the Augerpoint boat launch on your right. Pull into the small parking lot to begin the hike.

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Augerpoint Beach
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Route Description for Augerpoint Beach hike

From the parking area follow the well-maintained path down the boat launch, passing the various picnic areas along the way.

Shortly you will reach Augerpoint Beach. Directly across the immense Buttle Lake you will be able to see where the Phillips Creek meets the lake.

Glancing upwards you will see Marble Peak to the right, and the somewhat less impressive Phillips Peak to the left. Begin hiking left (south) along the beach to the southern end, where you will get a stunning view down the remainder of Buttle Lake, with Mt. Myra looming overhead. You get a very good impression of the scale of mountain in Strathcona park, seeing the full 1500m rise of Myra towering above the lake.

Insider Hints

  • On hot days bring a towel and swimsuit to enjoy the refreshing water.

  • Many paddling opportunities exist on Buttle Lake.

  • This is a great stop after a hot day hiking some of the other Top 10 Hikes in Strathcona Provincial Park we have listed.


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Sally Worchuck 2 months ago

Nice walk to go to the beach, or have lunch at one of the picnic areas.

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
StephenRoss 2 months ago

Nice hike. Family friendly. People were swimming and chilling on the beach.

8.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
MariaWalks 3 months ago

Great beach. I spent a lot of time just swimming. Had a perfect day!

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
stocRob 3 months ago

Don't forget your swimsuit and towels as it's not the hike more like a walk to the beach!

10.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
0h 45m Time Taken

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