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    Wind River Mountain Range

    Hikes in Wind River Mountain Range

    Region in Wyoming, United States

    The Wind River Mountain Range is a postcard-perfect collection of granite peaks. This impressive range in the Rocky Mountain Range crests the Continental Divide, commanding Wyoming’s skyline. It’s home to the state’s tallest summit—Gannett Peak—and over 40 named mountains over 3,962 m. In addition to the range’s glaciated granite peaks, the area is also characterized by the Bridger-Teton National Forest, Shoshone National Forest, Popo Agie Wilderness, and the Bridger Wilderness that bound the massifs with alpine forest, montane meadows, and backcountry trails.

    Boasting a diverse repertoire of hiking routes throughout the range, this area boasts some of the most incredible scenery with a fraction of the crowds that Yellowstone and the Grand Teton National Parks see. While summit ascents and climbing are plentiful, the Winds also present countless manageable and equally beautiful sub-alpine excursions that the whole family can enjoy, like the Green River Lakes Trail. With over 2,000 crystalline lakes, several glaciers, and granite summits, this area is bursting with wonderment and incredible scenery. Offering technical treks, overnight backpacking expeditions, and enchanting lakeside strolls, this amazing mountain range is a must-add to your Wyoming adventure itinerary.

    15 Fantastic Hiking Routes in the Wind River Range

    The mountainous landscape and diversity of flora and fauna yield amazing hiking opportunities in the Wind River Mountain Range. Though it was a challenging feat, we curated a list of the area’s best hikes—Enjoy!

    1. The Sinks Canyon Trail - The Sinks Canyon Trail offers a unique experience. Study the geological anomaly of the Popo Agie River disappearing into a limestone cavern at The Sinks and watch it reappear at The Rise. This mesmerizing scene attracts a crowd, so expect some company!
    2. Big Sandy Lake Trail - The Big Sandy Lake Trail is perhaps the most popular route in the range as it serves as a gateway into the Continental Divide and the Cirque of the Towers. While busy, this epic adventure yields a diversity of flora and fauna, glistening alpine lakes, and mesmerizing views of the granite massifs that rise from the landscape.
    3. Willow Lake Trail - Explore the backcountry and indulge yourself with breathtaking views of the Bighorn Mountains on the Willow Lake Trail. Granting tranquility and seclusion from reality, this high-country hike warrants a memorable experience.
    4. Roaring Fork Mountain Hike - Reserved for experienced hikers, the Roaring Fork Mountain Hike will challenge stamina and navigational skills. While demanding, this trek into the clouds reveals awe-inspiring views of the Wind River Mountains and the adorning glacial lakes.
    5. North Lake Hike - Extending past Big Sandy Lake, the North Lake Hike demands a modest effort. This incredible adventure boasts spellbinding views of the looming crags and the countless crystalline lakes that decorate the alpine environment.
    6. Cirque of the Towers Overlook Hike - The Cirque of the Towers Overlook Hike is a strenuous climb in the Winds that rewards captivating vistas of the famous cirque and the intrepid rock climbers scaling the crags. This heart-pumping adventure is not for the faint of heart.
    7. Seneca Lake Trail - Immerse yourself in the high country along the Seneca Lake Trail. This amazing alpine excursion presents breathtaking panoramas of the Wind River Mountains from the lush montane meadows abundant with wildlife.
    8. Long Lake Trail - Those seeking a scenic adventure without the range’s quintessential elevation gain or long-distance will appreciate the Long Lake Trail. This short but steep adventure climbs down to the shoreline of a shimmering lake that often mirrors the scenes of the encompassing granite ridges.
    9. Diamond Lake Trail - We wish we could say that the Diamond Lake Trail is a diamond amongst the rough, but in reality, the encompassing routes are also pristine. The Diamond Lake Trail is a family-friendly hike at the base of the Winds that travels to three charming lakes.
    10. Trapper Lake Stock Trail - The Trapper Lake Stock Trail boasts a tranquil experience. This lightly trafficked route explores lush montane meadows, alpine forests, and shimmering lakes while offering wonderful scenes of the looming mountainscape.
    11. Little Half Moon Trail - The Little Half Moon Trail is another lovely adventure that has somehow remained relatively undiscovered. Marvel at the beauty of the granite monoliths that command the skyline as you progress through lush meadows and dense tree stands.
    12. Green River Lakes Loop - The Green River Lakes Loop is family-friendly and extraordinarily scenic. Boasting the famous scene of Squaretop Mountain rising above the Green River, this route is a must-add to your Wind River Range to-do list.
    13. Indian and Wolf Trails - The Indian and Wolf Trails are an awesome network of routes that grant wonderful views of the Wind River Mountains. Wander through lush montane meadows and revel in the dramatic mountainous landscape.
    14. Whiskey Mountain Trail - Explore the Fitzgerald Wilderness and marvel at the scene of the granite mountain range on the Whiskey Mountain Trail. While this route warrants some exhaustion, the terrain is not technical.
    15. Popo Agie Falls Trail - This family friendly trail culminates at a charming waterfall in Sinks Canyon. The Popo Agie Falls Trail boasts incredible scenery year-round, but the autumn is our favorite time to visit when the aspens are golden.

    When is the Best Time to Visit the Wind River Mountain Range?

    There is no question that the Wind River Mountain Range is best explored in the summer season. While some hiking routes remain open and accessible year-round, hiking amongst the soaring snow-capped crests poses inherent dangers in the winter season, including the implicit threat of avalanches and sudden storms.

    Summer excursions present awesome hiking, trekking, rock climbing, and mountain biking opportunities. In July and August, the high-altitude trails are cleared of snow, the threat of avalanches has decreased, and the vibrant wildflowers are in bloom. The summer is also ideal for water recreation. Those seeking a more tranquil experience can explore in the shoulder seasons (spring and autumn) when the trails remain passable, but the crowds have thinned.

    Other Outdoor Activities in the Wind River Range

    The Wind River Range is a backpackers and hikers’ oasis. While there is an extensive network of hiking routes to explore, the range offers more than just wonderful treks. Though hiking is arguably our favorite activity, rock climbing is by far one of the area’s most popular adventure activities. The jagged crests of the Winds boast ideal climbing and scrambling opportunities for technical mountaineers. There are also select mountain biking trails in lower-altitude areas that beckon a crowd! In addition to rock climbing, hiking, and biking, water recreation is another pursuit many indulge in, such as kayaking, swimming, fishing, and canoeing.

    Frequently Asked Questions About the Wind River Mountain Range

    Where is the Wind River Mountain Range?

    The Wind River Mountain Range is located in the central Rocky Mountains in west-central Wyoming.

    Are the Wind River Mountains part of the Teton Mountains?

    No, the Wind River Mountains are in the Wind River Range within the Rocky Mountains.

    Are there grizzly bears in the Wind River Mountain Range?

    Yes, there are grizzly bears and black bears in the Wind River Mountain Range. Make sure at least one person carries bear spray when exploring the backcountry.

    Are dogs permitted in the Wind River Mountain Range?

    Yes, most trails in the Wind River Mountain Range permit dogs if they remain on leash. Select routes also allow off-leash—just make sure your four-legged friend has a quick recall.

    What towns are near the Wind River Range?

    The Wind River Range is near Lander, Dubois, Hudson, Jeffery City, and Riverton.

    Epic Adventure Tours in the Wind River Mountains

    Unfortunately, we have yet to curate a Wind River Mountain Range adventure but keep an eye out as we are always adding more to the roster! Until we have a Wind River Range tour, we encourage you to check out our Wyoming adventure tours, which include trips to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons.

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    Best Hikes in Wind River Mountain Range

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      Open details for Sweeney Creek Trail

      Sweeney Creek Trail

      28.0 km
      1,070 m

      The Sweeney Creek Trail can be enjoyed in a myriad of different ways. This epic expedition into the high country can be hiked, biked, or driven. No matter the means, the stunning alpine scenery will render you speechless!

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      Open details for Blueberry Lake Trail

      Blueberry Lake Trail

      7.1 km
      393 m

      Ready to break a sweat? The Blueberry Trail is an epic adventure up to a beautiful alpine lake overlooking the Wind River Range. While shorter than most hikes in the area, this route demands a steep climb, so be sure to pack plenty of water!

      User Ratings
      No Reviews
      Open details for Wheeler Ranch Trail

      Wheeler Ranch Trail

      16.9 km
      625 m

      The Wheeler Ranch Trail is a relatively undiscovered hiking route in the foothills of the Wind River Range. Explore a swathe of wilderness occupied by mixed-pine woodlands, lush meadows, seasonal creeks, and of course, wildlife.

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Jim Lake Trail

      Jim Lake Trail

      21.4 km
      606 m

      The Jim Lake Trail is a beautiful adventure that boasts scenery and solitude. Exhibiting the diversity of the area’s flora and fauna, in addition to stunning views of the soaring granite crests, this route packs a punch!

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Francis Lake Trail

      Francis Lake Trail

      19.3 km
      610 m

      The Francis Lake Trail is a great hike worth the detour into the Winds. While this area is extremely popular, this lovely path boasts a more tranquil experience whilst maintaining the epic views of the soaring granite crests. What more could you ask for?

      User Ratings
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      Open details for Sheep Bridge Trail

      Sheep Bridge Trail

      9.3 km
      383 m

      The Sheep Bridge Trail checks all the boxes—short, scenic, and secluded. What more could you ask for? Mountain views? It boasts that too, in addition to a roaring river, a shimmering lake, and lush meadows. We love this hike, and you will too.

      User Ratings
      No Reviews
      Open details for Upper Brewers Trail

      Upper Brewers Trail

      8.2 km
      193 m

      The charm of a one-way trek is unrivaled. Enjoy new scenery every step of the way as you hike the Upper Brewers Trail. This lovely adventure out of Sinks Canyon explores aspen groves, scrub pines, and lush grasslands as it passes two shimmering lakes.

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      Open details for Glacier Trail

      Glacier Trail

      25.7 km
      1,033 m

      The Glacier Trail is a demanding day hike in the Winds that boasts a scenic and secluded experience. Wander through lush montane meadows, explore alpine forests and enjoy the scenes of cascading snow-melt creeks.

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