Zeller Lake Loop hike

Zell am See - Kaprun
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Zeller Lake Loop hike

Distance: 11.1km
Elevation: 156m
Time: 3-4h

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9.3 Overall Rating
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The closest hike to Zell am See is the Zeller Lake Loop hike. This is a family-friendly hike, as the hike is suitable for a stroller, so make this a family hiking trip! Hiking around Zeller See is a longer walk for little legs, there are loads of nice spots to rest, have a swim, eat an ice cream or just enjoy the mountain views. Walking around the crystal-clear Zeller lake is the perfect activity for a sunny day!

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Getting there

Travel to Zell am See, park your car in the area of the city center, and walk to the train station. This is where the walk starts. If you are travelling by train, simply hop off at Zell am See train station. If you are on the bus, travel to the train station as well. When you are in front of the train station, start walking down the street on your right. Cross the first railway cross way on the right, and you will find yourself at the start of the walk.

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Zeller Lake Loop
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Route Description for Zeller Lake Loop hike

The walk around the lake in Zell am See, also known as Zeller See or Zeller Lake, is a walk everybody who visits the area should do. It gives great views on the surrounding mountain ranges, crossover views to Thumbersbach and Zell am See, and loads of nice places to stop and enjoy your holiday.

When you are in front of the train station, start walking down the street on your right. Cross the first railway cross way on the right, and you will find yourself at the start of the walk. Turn left and start following the walking path to the north, which is also named the Elisabethenpromenade.

After a little while, you will pass the Zeller bathing area, and then you will leave Zell am See behind you. Once you have a clear view in front of you, have a look at the stunning “Steineres Meer” (Sea of Rocks), the mountain range ahead of you. On the northern Zeller lake shore, the path changes to the Thurmasbacherstraβe. You are heading now for the little town of “Thumbersbach”, which lies directly opposite of Zell am See on the other side of the lake.

Before you reach Thumbersbach, first have a stop at Seecamp. Seecamp is not just a nice camp site, but also offers a very nice restaurant and bar. Sit on the lake view terrace and have a good coffee here.

Continue your walk towards Thumbersbach. This small neighboring village of Zell am See offers a small supermarket and several little bars and restaurants. In winter, when the entire lake freezes, it can be reached by foot from Zell am See.

Walk through Thumbersbach on the Seeuferstraβe, which lies parallel to the shore of the lake. The street turns south when you have passed Thumbersbach. If you have clear weather, look ahead! You can see two distinguished mountains in front of each other. The one in the foreground is the “Imbachhorn”, one of the house mountains of Kaprun. The one behind is the “Groβer Wiesbachhorn”, which lies in Hohe Tauern National park.

Follow the shore of the lake, until you reach “Haus Gabi” at the Erlberg beach area. If you have brought your swimwear along, this is the perfect spot to stop and hang out for a while. The clear, fresh water of the lake is delightful to swim in, and the terrace of Haus Gabi offers nice views and food!

When you walk further along, you will reach the most southern shore of the lake quickly. From here you also have a great view on the Kitzsteinhorn in the south-west, its glacier and ski area. Then turn right onto the Thomas-Bernhard-Weg.

This path will lead you through a very special area: the Zeller swamp. This piece of nature is unique and, therefore, also protected. It is home to a variety of special species of amphibians and birds. Keep following the path until you are getting close to the houses of Schüttdorf, a suburb of Zell am See. The name of the road changes then into Karl-Vogt-Straβe. In just a little bit, turn right onto the “Straβe Am Schlif”.

Start walking north. The road will make a turn to the left, and will pass several houses and a sport area. After this, the path will come parallel to the shore of Zeller Lake. Keep following the path, as it will bring you back to the starting point of the walk.

Insider Hints

  • On a sunny day, pack you swimwear so you can jump into the refreshing lake at Haus Gabi!

  • You can do loads of water related activities on or beside the lake: sailing, wind surfing, SUP-boarding, or rent a water bike and ‘cruise’ around.

  • Also in winter, this walk is a great activity. Especially when the Zeller lake is totally frozen, and you can take the short cut from the starting point in Zell am See to Thumbersbach, crossing straight over the lake! Make sure the lake is thick enough to walk on!

  • Haus Gabi can also be reached by car, with free parking and entrance, it is a good place to spend a chill afternoon.

  • If you are hungry at the end of your walk, crossover to the other side of the train track again and turn left (away from the train station). Once you enter the pedestrian zone, you will find Villa Crazy Daisy on your right. A great place to eat and enjoy!


Wyatt Thomas 3 months ago

Zeller lake Loop, like the Kapruner Loop is such a great way to see the Zell am See area!

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
Fredy 4 months ago

I had a great swimming in Zeller lake

9.0 Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Physical Difficulty
3h 00m Time Taken
SJ 4 months ago

The Zeller Lake Loop is a great day out for the family!

10.0 Overall Rating

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