Zell am See - Kaprun Hikes

Region in Austria

We love hiking in Austria. The area of Zell am See and Kaprun offers some of the best hiking in Austria, and is a great destination for families. The hiking around Zell am See is known primarily for its glacier on the Kitzsteinhorn mountain, however the area has loads more to offer – especially when it comes to hiking!

Around the two towns you will find a wide variety of hiking options: from easy walks and leisurely strolls, to challenging and rough hikes. If you had enough hiking, you can spend some of your energy on other great outdoor activities such as mountain biking, skiing (even in summer), canyoning, (rock)climbing, sailing, surfing, and swimming. Zell am See – Kaprun is the ideal destination for outdoor lovers and nature oriented adventurers!

Our Zell am See – Kaprun area borders the Hohe Tauern National park and the core of the stunning Austrian Alps. The hikes we share around Zell am See – Kaprun are very varied in nature and level. You will find easier walks, such as panoramic trails or lake side wanders, lower in the valley. You soar under or around the tree line, and enjoy great views of the mountains around you! Hiking at higher altitude has something magical as well. The challenging ascents are sometimes easy to bypass when you make use of a cable car ride. This enables you to start to hike instantly in a totally different landscape. So, enjoying a tour in a high alpine environment, without the hard climb, is made accessible for everybody in this way. However, the ascent itself is sometimes the biggest adventure, and therefore is also part of some of the 10 greatest hikes in this area!

#1. Kapruner Loop (9.6km, 215m, 2.5-3.5h): The Kapruner hike around the mountain village of Kaprun offers great views of the surrounding mountains, the Zeller Lake and the village below. Starting at the center of the village, it is a great way to start your hiking holiday.

#2. Alexander Enzinger Trail (15.4km, 235m, 6-7h): The Alexander – Enzinger hike is a stunning and sporty mountain ridge hike between Kaprun and the Kitzsteinhorn glacier area. With beautiful views and a high point of 2452m (lowest 768m), it is a challenging yet rewarding hiking trail in the Zell am See-Kaprun.

#3. Imbachhorn (17.3km, 1745m, 8-9h): The Imbachhorn hike is a challenging mountain peak tour in a high alpine environment. Hiking up the house mountain of Kaprun to the Imbachhorn, you will enjoy stunning views over the town of Zell am See, Zeller Lake, and the Glockner group.

#4. Maiskogelweg Forest Route (9.6km, 784m, 5-6h): The Maiskogel Forest Route hike takes you up the family mountain of Kaprun. A lovely hiking adventure through forests, up to the Maiskogel mountain farm, for some nice food. A kids play area and small Zoo at the farm make the family experience complete!

#5. Glacier Lakes & Geisstein (6.2km, 281m, 4-5h): The Glacier Lake and Geiβstein hike is a varied tour covering two different areas found in a high alpine environment. First you will visit a stunning glacial lake, and after hiking through the Kitzsteinhorn ski area you can take a few steps in the summer snow. Then, eat at a traditional mountain hut and climb the Geiβstein peak for a stunning 360° degree free view of the area!

#6. Schwalbenwand & Schoenwieskopf (13.0km, 965m, 5-6h): The Schwalbenwand & Schönwieskopf hike is how a hike should be! A fantastic trail which has you hiking up on one of the most beautiful mountains in the area. With no huts or restaurants on the route, take a nice mountain lunch with you and enjoy your food out in the fresh mountain air. Challenge yourself on this day tour, while enjoying stunning views, encounter marmots and talk to the local mountain cows!

#7. Glocknerblick via Jetzbachsteig (7.4km, 1260m, 3-4h): The Glocknerblick via Jetzbachsteig hike is steep, challenging, and beautiful. You will hike up the side of the family mountain, the ‘Maiskogel,’ while enjoying the incredible view of the Kitzsteinhorn glacier, the Imbachhorn, and the reservoirs in the distance. When you reach the top, the view on the Groβglockner, Austria’s highest mountain, is waiting for you!

#8. Pinzgau Hut Loop (14.8km, 1000m, 6-7h): The Pinzgau Hut Loop hike is a nice round tour, not too simple yet not too difficult. The perfect hike for a relaxed day out. You will hike up the side of the main mountain of Zell am See; Schmitten. When you reach the highest point, a great view over the surrounding mountains, Kaprun and the Kitzsteinhorn are waiting for you. You can enjoy this panoramic view from the terrace of the Pinzgauer mountain hut, while eating tasty food!

#9. Schmittenhohe – Mauerkogel (10.9km, 648m, 4-5h): The Schmittenhohe – Mauerkogel hike is perfect if you are a big fan of great views, reaching a mountain peak, and enjoying a hike at alpine altitude. Starting the hike at the top of the Schmitten cable car, you are immediately surrounded by beautiful mountain scenery, and an old mountain hut. Join in on the fun!

#10. Klammsee – Schneckenreith (4.5km, 241m, 1.5-2.5h): The Klammsee and Schneckenreith hike is a nice and easy hike, not too long so the younger ones can come join in on the fun. The small hike up to Schneckenreith is enough to be an adventure, but not exhausting for small legs. Enjoy the view down on the emerald green Klammsee from the mountain farm Schneckenreith, or stick your feet in the cold water while having a picnic!

#11. Zeller Lake Loop (12.0km, 156m, 3-4h): The Zeller Lake Loop hike is suitable for a stroller, and a family event! Only be aware of the length, but on the way you will find loads of nice spots to rest, have a swim, eat an ice cream or just enjoy the mountain views. Walking around the crystal-clear Zeller lake is the perfect activity for a sunny day!

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01. Kapruner Loop

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02. Alexander-Enzinger Trail

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03. Imbachhorn

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04. Maiskogel Forest Route

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05. Glacier lake & Geiβstein

6.2km 281m 4-5h

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06. Schwalbenwand & Schönwieskopf

13.0km 965m 5-7h

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07. Glocknerblick via Jetzbachsteig

7.4km 1,260m 3-4h

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08. Pinzgau Hut Loop

14.8km 1,000m 5-7h

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09. Schmittenhohe - Mauerkogel

10.9km 648m 3.5-5h

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10. Klammsee & Schneckenreith

4.5km 241m 1.5-2.5h

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11. Zeller Lake Loop

12.0km 156m 3-4h

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