Lake in Alpi Marittime
Lago del Claus on a hike in Alpi Marittime National Park, Italian Alps

Alpi Marittime Natural Park

Region in Italy
Alpi Marittime Natural Park Map

If you are planning a trip to the Italian Alps and looking for a hidden gem, you should check out the Parco Naturale Alpi Marittime. This Italian natural park is found just over the border from the more recognizable Mercantour National Park in France. Do not be fooled by the lack of notoriety however, the location of this park near the Mediterranean Sea creates a unique landscape of snow-capped mountains, dewy pastures, and fresh sea air!

The ideal time for a trip to the Alpi Marittime Natural Park is May to October, and if you want to avoid the crowds then May and June are your prime months. Between October and May the weather becomes less predictable and significantly more wet.

One of our favourite things about the park is the incredible diversity you find between the plants and animals. Italy is known to have the most plant species in Europe and the Marittime Alps are full of many of them! This definitely makes hiking in the area a real adventure and sometimes a little longer than normal as you stop to take in all the beautiful fauna.

Of course, there is no trip to Italy that is complete without some delicious food and beautiful architecture. You can check both these off your list by exploring any of the towns located in and around the park. We love to take some time away from the mountains and wander the streets and taste the food of these local villages. Check out our trip guide to the Alpi Marittime Natural Park for some ideas!

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