Best hikes in Dolomites, Italy
Best hikes in Dolomites, Italy


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The Dolomites are such an amazing and unique place to visit, if you are planning a trip to Italy be sure to put the Dolomites on your short list! Located in the Northeastern corner of Italy, they are an extensive mountain range consisting of over 20 peaks above 9843ft. For centuries the Dolomites have been a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, with numerous adventures all year long!

In 2009 the Dolomites were classified as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, due to its scientific and geological significance. The Dolomites are often recognized for their pinnacles and spires interspersed between sheer cliffs and vertical walls, which create impressive and unique landscapes, as well as new challenges for nature adventurers. Mixed in among these towering peaks, fossils and insight to marine life during the Triassic period are preserved amongst the limestone.

The Dolomites hold so much majestic beauty among them, and no matter the season you are sure to experience the wonder of this area. The warmer months see hikers, climbers, paragliders, and many other adventurers flocking to the area. We particularly love this time of year to check out the many alpine lakes that are dotted throughout the range, and of course we can’t pass up a visit to the refugios!

Winter in the Dolomites is particularly popular among Italians for ski holidays, but also draws world crowds for downhill, cross-country, or snowshoe treks amongst the unique mountain range.

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