Kent’s Trail

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Kent’s Trail

Distance: 10.2km
Elevation: 4m
Time: 1-1.5h

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Another classic mountain bike trail of the Phil’s Trailhead complex, Kent’s trail can be ridden either as a climb or as a descent. It's easy to add this trail to your day at Phil's. We enjoy doing this as a mellow descent after a few loops of Whoops, or as a climb if you get bored of Ben’s.

Getting there

If you want to descend the trail, you can either climb nearby Ben’s Trail to reach the top or park near the top. To get to the parking lot, take Skyliners Rd west out of Bend. After 8.5km out of town you will turn left onto the National Forest Road number 300 (NF-300). Follow this road for a short while until you reach the obvious parking area. The trailhead is approximately 200 yards down NF-300, on your left.


When to do

Late spring and summer, avoid rain and snow in fall and winter.


At Phil’s Trailhead

Family friendly


Route Signage


Crowd Levels


Route Type

One Way


Detailed Description

This description will outline descending Kent’s trail. Check the insider tips to see how to ascend Kent’s Trail. From the top, beginning at the turnoff from the forest road you will start along the mostly flat easy trail. Soon you will reach a large, well signed junction with Kent’s Trail where you will veer slightly left. The first part of Kent’s Trail is quite loose and is hard to maintain speed on, but don’t worry it gets much better!

After reaching another junction where you will veer left the riding gets a lot better. With smooth, flowy berms and fast straights this trail is easy to cruise down! Riding down between pine trees you will feel the energy of the forest pushing you faster.

You will pass by another junction with KGB and then MTB, where you will keep right both times to stay on Kent’s. At this point the path will start to level out more, and you will have to crank the pedals. From here on out it’s classic cross country riding all the way back to Phil’s Trailhead.

Insider Hints

  • Combining this trail with Lower Whoops, Ben’s or Phil’s trail offers fantastic variation and many options for cross country and downhill style loops.

  • If you want to ascend this trail, simply park in the Phil’s Trailhead parking lot. To get there head west out of Bend on Skyliners Rd. for around 6.4km. Turn left with signs for Phil’s Trailhead, and follow this road until you reach the large parking area. Here you will find a pump track and washroom. Follow Ben’s trail on the way up.


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