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    Offa's Dyke Path: Essentials For Your Trip

    Offa’s Dyke Path: Essentials For Your Trip

    By Kelsey KrahnDestinations

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    Packing for any trip, let alone a walking adventure along Offa’s Dyke Path, can be frustrating. Those signing up for an Offa’s Dyke Path self-guided tour have it easier with luggage transfers—they can slip more luxurious items into their suitcase! However, anyone walking along the trail straddling the English-Welsh border, whether with a day bag or a bigger pack, will need the following ten essentials to ensure a memorable experience along Offa’s Dyke Path.

    Day bag essentials

    What should you pack in your day bag for Offa’s Dyke Path? If you’re lucky enough to get a luggage transfer, you’ll want to pull these items out of your suitcase and carry them daily.

    2-3 litres of water

    You don’t want to hike for hours without water. Unfortunately, water stations are tough to find along Offa’s Dyke Path, requiring you to lug extra litres of water. It might be heavy to carry, but nothing tastes as replenishing as water during a long walk (okay, food tastes pretty good, too!). So prepare to take two to three litres of water!

    Lightweight waterproof clothes

    If it’s raining out, you’ll likely pull your raincoat out of your suitcase and rock that for the day. However, if it’s not wet out, we recommend bringing a plastic poncho, just in case. These hardly take up any space or weight! It’s probably a smart idea to start in a fleece or a long-sleeve shirt and then remove layers throughout the day. If the weather seems promising, you can always risk it and leave these additional items in your main suitcase.


    Sunscreen and hat

    Save your skin and slab on sunscreen in the morning (and throughout the day), even if it’s overcast out! Sunscreen and a hat are a must for any outdoor excursion.

    Extra socks

    Pack an extra pair of socks in case blisters start to form! You’ll walk between 17.0 km-28.0 km daily, increasing the risk of a pesky blister. One way to prevent a blister is to change your socks whenever your feet start to feel—and we’re sorry to say this word—moist.


    It’s always a good idea to carry cash with you! While the towns along the way don’t offer much grub, groceries, or general refreshments, you’ll want to have some money with you for when you stop in case they don’t accept credit/debit, and the ATMS along the entire path is limited.

    Day Pack

    First-aid kit

    Pack bandaids, blister treatment, pain-relief meds, and antiseptic wipes into your day bag first-aid kit. You should save the more oversized items for your suitcase!

    Lunch/extra food

    Finding lunch or food along the way can be challenging, making packing a lunch and extra food a must! Some bed and breakfasts will pack lunch for you, too—for a fee. Just ask them if this is something they do during the booking process!


    How can you capture the reel of the countryside and historical highlights speckling the iconic Offa’s Dyke Path without a phone? Of course, some of you will have a more professional-looking camera, but most will need a phone. Plus, your phone can connect apps with GPS routes.

    Battery pack

    And what comes hand-in-hand with a phone? A battery pack! Imagine pulling out your phone to snap a photo or check the map only to find a drained battery. A mini battery pack or solar charger will boost your phone back up! Thankfully, you can find compact battery packs these days!


    The essential items to pack in your suitcase

    Take a look at the checklist below for other essential items to pack in your bigger suitcase or bag for your trip along Offa’s Dyke Path:

    • Walking sandals—swapping your sweaty hiking boots for breezy walking sandals at the end of a long walk feels good.
    • Hiking boots—ensure you have quality hiking shoes, and don’t forget to test them out on long walks and hikes beforehand.
    • Walking poles—these can be a knee lifesaver.
    • Laptop/tablet—it might get boring at night!
    • Comfy clothes—change into these after your walk.
    • Waterproof jacket—what if it rains?
    • Quick dry, moisture-wicking clothes—an extra set or two of walking clothes in case yours become unbearable.
    • Gaiters—a brilliant way to fight off the morning dew.

    Of course, you also have your standard items, such as identification, toiletries, underwear, socks, chargers, etc.

    Our last piece of advice? Pack the bag with the items you plan to carry with you daily, and go on some long walks to give your body a chance to get used to the weight before you go. It will also help you see if you need to upgrade to a different backpack.

    We hope this article helps ease the stress of packing for a long walking adventure!

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