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    Osprey Transporter Carry-On Bag 44L Gear Review

    Osprey Transporter Carry-On Bag 44L Gear Review

    By Kelsey KrahnGear Reviews

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    One of our team members jam-packed the Osprey Transporter Carry-On Bag with snacks, clothes, airplane-friendly toiletries, and a laptop for a weekend getaway. It was easy to stuff this bag full of necessary vacation items—some unused clothes remained rolled at the bottom of the pack all trip. Rare? Yes, we know. But the spaciousness of this bag makes you want to pack more than you need! Their wife even commented on the sleek look of the bag—did a hint of jealousy sprinkle her tone? You bet.

    We love the consideration and creativity that went into designing the bag—Osprey knows what travellers need!

    The various pockets make it easy to divide your toiletries from your clothes and your clean clothes from your stinky ones (and shoes). We also can't get enough of the different ways to handle the bag. You can rock it like a backpack, or, say, you're wearing a tank top with a sunburn on your shoulders, and you can't stand anything pressing against your skin; well, you can use the side handle and hold the bag with your hands. Once that gets too heavy, you can use the single strap to carry it like a satchel.

    Our verdict: The Osprey Transporter Carry-On Bag 44L is an incredible, practical, and comfortable bag that makes packing easy.

    Bag 2


    The Osprey Transporter Carry-On Bag 44L is a must-have for plane adventures (or any short trip). This pack caters for travel thanks to the pocket design of the bag, the padded laptop sleeve, and the bag's overall size, which fits global and domestic carry-on dimensions.

    Key features

    The Osprey Transporter Carry-On boasts many vital features worth highlighting—ones we haven't discussed too deeply yet!

    One essential attribute is the TPU-coated material that can stave off rain. Who wants to deal with wet clothes after hopping off a plane?

    If you’re carrying this bag and wheeling checked luggage, you can use the pass-through sleeve on the back to glide the Osprey Transporter Carry-On over the handles.

    The lower two-thirds of the bag has a compression strap for keeping clothes flat—this is the part of the bag that you can open all the way around like a suitcase.

    The top third of the bag provides space for dirty clothes or footwear.

    Then, there’s the external section for toiletries or items you want quick access to when in the air. It can also accommodate a laptop up to 16 inches in size.

    The Osprey Transporter Carry-On Bag 44L weighs a low 3.27 pounds, with 22.05 H x 14.17 W x 12.2 D (inches) dimensions.

    Osprey Bag Open

    Pros and Cons

    Our team member detailed the pros and cons of the bag after their weekend adventure!


    • Looks phenomenal
    • Perfect size for carry-on luggage only—the right size for a weekend through to a more extended trip
    • Comfy as a backpack
    • Handles are super helpful in moving around
    • Option of backpack and satchel
    • Easy to access inside
    • The laptop sleeve is so useful
    • The outer pocket is great for things you often use on a trip
    Bag 4


    • The waist belt is a bit flimsy
    • It would be nice to have an external strap to attach something to—our team member used the handles, but they weren't sure that was as secure as a tie-down strap
    • No external pocket for holding your water bottle
    Osprey Bag Window


    The Osprey Transporter Carry-On Bag 44L exceeds expectations—and finding a bag that combines comfortability, practicality, and luxurious space into one carry-on pack is hard. From the intricate consideration of traveller packing needs, such as the various ways to hold the bag, the different pockets, laying the bag flat to unzip it for easy access to clothes and items, to the water-resisting fabric, this pack is ideal for getaways.

    This carry-on masterpiece will help ease the stress of travelling thanks to its exceptional features and overall design!




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