Jasper National Park (Alberta)

Scrambles in Jasper National Park

Region in Alberta, Canada

Even if you’ve never been to Jasper, its name likely brings to mind the iconic view of the mountains towering over the aqua waters of Maligne Lake. This UNESCO world heritage site is the largest national park in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, and it offers 11 000 square kilometres of pristine mountain wilderness. Jasper is a year-round bucket list destination for every outdoor enthusiast with endless mountains, lakes, glaciers, and waterfalls for you to explore. Whether you’re looking for world-class skiing, day hikes, backcountry treks, or a paddling adventure, Jasper has a stunning location for your favourite adventure activities.

Among Jasper’s endless adventure opportunities are spectacular scrambling trails, for those who wish to take their hikes to the next level. Pyramid Mountain rises above Jasper and is well known for both its recognizable profile and the stunning views of the valley from its peak. The hiking trail up Pyramid turns into an epic scramble to reach the summit so you can witness those views first-hand. Jasper offers many other awesome opportunities where the trails turn to rock and you can reach a ridge or summit by scrambling to the top.

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Best Scrambles in Jasper National Park

Open details for Pyramid Mountain Scramble

Pyramid Mountain Scramble

Very Hard
28.2 km
1,555 m

The famous Pyramid Mountain is one of Jasper’s premier landmarks. It casts unforgettable reflections on nearby Pyramid and Patricia lakes as it stands tall above. This scramble route requires a full day’s effort and will leave your legs screaming by the time you finish up the lengthy distance and elevation gains required to reach the summit.

User Ratings
Overall Rating
Technical Difficulty
Intermediate (Square)
Suitable for intermediates who are ready for a little bit more adventure.
Physical Difficulty
Advanced (Diamond)
Suitable for advanced experience level looking for a solid adventure.
Open details for Morro Peak Scramble

Morro Peak Scramble

5.1 km
628 m

Morro Peak is a simple scramble rated easy. It is a moderately trafficked trail just outside of the Town of Jasper. Reach new heights and take in great views from the top of this peak. You’ll avoid the major crowds that some other trails in the region see.

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Other Activities in Jasper National Park

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