Jasper Hikes

Region in Alberta, Canada

Hiking in Jasper is a wonderful experience. We’ve chosen the best trails to guide you to the unique and beautiful areas of one of Canada’s most special National Parks – complete with waterfalls, canyons, valleys, mountaintops and much more.

The top hikes in Jasper National Park are mostly beginner and intermediate hikes, with quite a few being completely family-friendly. According to our team of experienced hikers, the 10 best hikes in Jasper are:

#1. Opal Hills (7.8km, 466m, 3-5h): We loved this 8km hike near Maligne Lake. There are options for even further exploration and you can even combine the route with a wonderful boat trip.

#2. Cavell Meadows (6.0km, 400m, 2-3.5h): Get up close to the Angel Glacier on this 6.0km hike. If you’re feeling strong, there’s also the potential to add on a peak and explore during this trail.

#3. Sulphur Skyline (8.2km, 666m, 3-5h): This hike boasts an incredible view once you’re above tree line –combined with a trip to the Miette Hot Springs after the hike!

#4. Whistlers and Indian Ridge (8.8km, 750m, 3-5h): Take the Jasper SkyTram and summit Whistlers Mountain to continue on a beautiful trail part-way up to Indian Ridge.

#5. Path of the Angel Glacier (1.6km, 87m, 1-2h): Another way to explore the Angel Glacier at Cavell Meadows – a great trip for those wanting a shorter trip or for families.

#6. Bald Hills (13.4km, 697m, 3.5-6h): Get wonderful views and have the opportunity to explore other nearby peaks – definitely a great day out.

#7. Verdant Pass (19.3km, 750m, 6-8h): A local treasure! An unofficial trail, which implies a more secluded experience, the views are incredible on a clear day.

#8. Maligne Canyon (3.9km, 140m, 1-2h): A great family trip to see the most impressive canyon in Jasper National Park.

#9. Athabasca Falls (1.5km, 25m, 0.5-1h): A beautiful, family-friendly hike that even teenagers like. Yes, really. “This is really cool,” said our teenage nephew (who doesn’t like anything).

#10. Pyramid Lake and Overlook (5.8km, 207m, 1.5-3h): A wonderful hike close to Jasper town – great for families or an after-dinner stroll.

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01. Opal Hills

7.8km 466m 3-5h

The Opal Hills hike in Jasper National Park is exhilarating, with a unique beauty that casts a spell on the…

02. Cavell Meadows

6.0km 400m 2 - 3.5 hours

Cavell Meadows is a stunning trail in Jasper National Park, and one of the easiest ways to hike in an…

03. Sulphur Skyline

8.2km 666m 3 - 5 hours

Hiking in Jasper is exquisite when combined with a soak in a natural hot spring pool afterwards. Luckily for us,…

04. Whistlers Mountain and Indian Ridge

8.8km 750m 3 - 5 hours

Want a great walk in Jasper? Try this hike from the top of the Jasper SkyTram to Whistlers Mountain and…

05. Path of the Angel Glacier

1.6km 87m 1 - 2 hours

This is our favorite family-friendly hike in all of Jasper, with a well-maintained path taking you to a dramatic viewpoint…

06. Bald Hills

13.4km 697m 3.5 - 6 hours

The Bald Hills are a legendary hike in Jasper, getting you high above the tree line with opportunities to explore…

07. Verdant Pass

19.3km 750m 6 - 8 hours

A helpful waiter shared this gem as a local’s view of the best hikes in Jasper. This beautiful route goes…

08. Maligne Canyon

3.9km 140m 1 - 2 hours

The Maligne Canyon walk explores the finest limestone gorge in Jasper National Park. This is a great family-friendly hike that…

09. Athabasca Falls

1.5km 25m 0.5 - 1 hour

A walk along Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park is a great family-friendly hike. See one of the most powerful…

10. Pyramid Lake

5.8km 207m 1.5 - 3 hours

The hike to Pyramid Lake and the Pyramid Overlook is a wonderful after dinner walk close to the town of…