Jasper National Park Hikes

Region in Alberta, Canada

Hiking in Jasper National Park is a wonderful experience. From rocky, glaciated summits to stunning blue lakes, the best way to see Jasper's beauty is on the hiking trails. Use our route guides to guide you to the unique and beautiful areas of Jasper National Park – complete with waterfalls, canyons, valleys, mountaintops and much more.

The top hikes in Jasper National Park are mostly beginner and intermediate hikes, with quite a few being completely family-friendly. Expect to see lots of wildlife as you explore the trails around Jasper National Park. Keep reading to find our list of the best hikes in Jasper National Park.


#1. Opal Hills (7.8km, 466m, 3-5h): We loved this 8km hike near Maligne Lake. There are options for even further exploration and you can even combine the route with a wonderful boat trip.

#2. Cavell Meadows (6.0km, 400m, 2-3.5h): Get up close to the Angel Glacier on this 6.0km hike. If you’re feeling strong, there’s also the potential to add on a peak and explore during this trail.

#3. Sulphur Skyline (8.2km, 666m, 3-5h): This hike boasts an incredible view once you’re above tree line –combined with a trip to the Miette Hot Springs after the hike!

#4. Whistlers and Indian Ridge (8.8km, 750m, 3-5h): Take the Jasper SkyTram and summit Whistlers Mountain to continue on a beautiful trail part-way up to Indian Ridge.

#5. Path of the Angel Glacier (1.6km, 87m, 1-2h): Another way to explore the Angel Glacier at Cavell Meadows – a great trip for those wanting a shorter trip or for families.

#6. Bald Hills (13.4km, 697m, 3.5-6h): Get wonderful views and have the opportunity to explore other nearby peaks – definitely a great day out.

#7. Verdant Pass (19.3km, 750m, 6-8h): A local treasure! An unofficial trail, which implies a more secluded experience, the views are incredible on a clear day.

#8. Maligne Canyon (3.9km, 140m, 1-2h): A great family trip to see the most impressive canyon in Jasper National Park.

#9. Athabasca Falls (1.5km, 25m, 0.5-1h): A beautiful, family-friendly hike that even teenagers like. Yes, really. “This is really cool,” said our teenage nephew (who doesn’t like anything).

#10. Pyramid Lake and Overlook (5.8km, 207m, 1.5-3h): A wonderful hike close to Jasper town – great for families or an after-dinner stroll.

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01. Opal Hills

7.8km 466m 3-5h

The Opal Hills hike in Jasper National Park is exhilarating, with a unique beauty that casts a spell on the…

02. Cavell Meadows

6.0km 400m 2 - 3.5 h

Cavell Meadows is a stunning trail in Jasper National Park, and one of the easiest ways to hike in an…

03. Sulphur Skyline

8.2km 666m 3 - 5 h

Hiking in Jasper is exquisite when combined with a soak in a natural hot spring pool afterwards. Luckily for us,…

04. Whistlers Mountain and Indian Ridge

8.8km 750m 3 - 5 h

Want a great walk in Jasper? Try this hike from the top of the Jasper SkyTram to Whistlers Mountain and…

05. Path of the Angel Glacier

1.6km 87m 1 - 2 h

This is our favorite family-friendly hike in all of Jasper, with a well-maintained path taking you to a dramatic viewpoint…

06. Bald Hills

13.4km 697m 3.5 - 6 h

The Bald Hills are a legendary hike in Jasper, getting you high above the tree line with opportunities to explore…

07. Verdant Pass

19.3km 750m 6 - 8 h

A helpful waiter shared this gem as a local’s view of the best hikes in Jasper. This beautiful route goes…

08. Maligne Canyon

3.9km 140m 1 - 2 h

The Maligne Canyon walk explores the finest limestone gorge in Jasper National Park. This is a great family-friendly hike that…

09. Athabasca Falls

1.5km 25m 0.5 - 1 h

A walk along Athabasca Falls in Jasper National Park is a great family-friendly hike. See one of the most powerful…

10. Pyramid Lake

5.8km 207m 1.5 - 3 h

The hike to Pyramid Lake and the Pyramid Overlook is a wonderful after dinner walk close to the town of…