Waterton Lakes National Park

Scrambles in Waterton Lakes National Park

Region in Alberta, Canada

Waterton Lakes National Parks goes under the radar for most visitors coming to Alberta for its stellar nature. This magnificent park lies near the US border, sharing similar topography to the neighbouring Glacier National Park in Montana.

Boasting the stunning geography that’s synonymous with the Rocky Mountains, a trip to Waterton will include vast mountain views, glimmering alpine lakes, and an extensive network of hiking routes ranging from easy to difficult. The most challenging routes in Waterton are its scrambles, but they offer some of the most epic views.

Scrambling in Waterton Lakes National Park is not for the faint of heart or inexperienced hiker. The best scrambles in Waterton will push you out of your comfort zone and call upon your route-finding skills. As you pass over technical sections of boulder fields and faint paths, you’ll be met with sweeping vistas of prairies to the east and a sea of forested and snow-capped peaks to the west.

For anyone heading to southern Alberta seeking a rewarding hiking experience, don’t miss out on the scrambles in Waterton Lakes National Park. We promise these routes are breathtaking, figuratively and literally. Grab your poles and explore!

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Best Scrambles in Waterton Lakes National Park

Open details for Akamina Ridge Trail

Akamina Ridge Trail

Very Hard
19.3 km
1,191 m
6 - 8 h

Akamina Ridge is an incredible hike and a must-do when visiting Waterton Lakes National Park. It’s reserved for experienced hikers willing to go the distance for high alpine views. This hike is filled with crystal clear lakes and panoramic views. Leave the kids behind—this one is difficult.

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Open details for Avion Ridge Scrambling Trail

Avion Ridge Scrambling Trail

Very Hard
24.1 km
1,496 m
8 - 10 h

Avion Ridge is an exciting hike with an option to hit a summit on the way. This is a rewarding trip with a lot of elevation gain and some easy-to-moderate scrambling. You’ll get great views along the ridge as you make your way across, admiring the stunning panoramas.

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Open details for Sofa Mountain Scramble

Sofa Mountain Scramble

Very Hard
13.5 km
1,052 m
5 - 6 h

The Sofa Mountain Trail scramble gains over 1,000 m elevation in a short amount of time. Consider this trail to be straight up the mountain and prepare yourself for some route finding. It’s a fun, hands-on scramble, perfect for those looking to escape the crowds and still get up high for some grand views of the park.

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Open details for Bertha Peak Trail

Bertha Peak Trail

Very Hard
15.6 km
1,246 m
5-8 h

The Bertha Peak Trail will challenge even the hardiest hikers. You’ll gain wonderful lake vistas of Bertha Lake, and your scrambling efforts will be rewarded at Bertha Peak with impressive 360-degree views. Full of switchbacks, cairns, and various rocky terrain, you’ll feel a sense of accomplishment when you reach the peak.

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