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Top 10 Hikes around Zell am See

Hiking in Austria means stunning views, year round adventure and beautiful old villages - Zell am See is no exception. Although it's primarily known for the famous glacier on the [...]

Top 10 Hikes around Innsbruck

Looking to explore some of Austria’s best hiking trails? Innsbruck is your answer! A stunning city surrounded by world-class mountain scenery, hiking in Innsbruck is a memory you’ll never forget. [...]

Austria By 10A editors May 11, 2018

Planning your trip to Innsbruck

Are you thinking of a trip to Austria, and want to combine the outdoors, the arts, city-life, great food and an exciting place to stay? You’d love Innsbruck. Innsbruck is [...]

Innsbruck By 10A editors April 11, 2018

Hiking the Austrian Alps

For a lot of people in North America, Austria isn’t the first country they think of when planning a hiking holiday in the Alps. We think that is a real [...]

Austria By 10A editors October 12, 2017