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Top 10 Amalfi Coast Hikes

Thinking of adding a hike to your next trip to the Amalfi Coast? This is a great place for a walk, with sun-kissed towns blanketing the coastline, with craggy cliffs [...]

Amalfi Coast By 10A editors May 29, 2018

Top 10 Hikes in Alpi Marittime National Park

Though not well known outside of Italy, hiking in the Alpi Marittime National Park is truly spectacular. Known in English as the Maritime Alps, this part of the Italian Alps [...]

Alpi Marittime By 10A editors May 25, 2018

Planning Your Trip to Italy’s Alpi Marittime National Park

Italy’s Maritime Alps have lots of big mountain hikes and small charming towns. This combo keeps the crowds down and the food fresh, local, and delicious. A trip to the [...]

Alpi Marittime By 10A editors December 8, 2017

Planning Your Trip to The Amalfi Coast

The hikes are amazing; the views are spectacular, but the food might be even better. Hiking Amalfi is definitely the best way to see this coastal paradise and work off [...]

Amalfi Coast By 10A editors September 20, 2017