Jasper National Park is world-famous for its ancient glaciers, wildlife, craggy peaks and crystal clear lakes. There is also some of the best backpacking in Canada along the alpine trails in Jasper. With more than 1200.0km of hiking and backpacking trails, you need help to find which backpacking routes are the best. We offer you route-guides to the best backpacking trails in Jasper National Park.

In general, the backpacking trails in Jasper are well-maintained and marked, so you can concentrate on the incredible scenery. Below is a list of the best backpacking in Jasper National Park.

(40.9km, 1500m, 3-4 days)

Skyline Trail

Backpacking Jasper’s Skyline Trail is a bucket-list backpack trip in Jasper National Park. The Skyline Trail is famous for having over 20.0km of the trail above treeline, offering expansive views. Although the trail can be done in 1 or 2 days, most visitors take 3-4 days. The Skyline Trail is definitely one of the best backpacking in Jasper and among the best backpacking trails in the Canadian Rockies.

(38.7km, 1758m, 2-3 days)

Maligne Pass

If you are wondering where to backpack in Jasper National Park for solitude, you can’t beat a trip to Maligne Pass and up Replica Peak. This trail sees few backpackers, but it offers wonderful scenery in the largest alpine pass in the Canadian Rockies. Surrounded by towering peaks, this is one of Jasper’s best backpacking trips.

(42.2km, 966m, 3-5 days)

Tonquin Valley

The Tonquin Valley is one of the best backpacking areas in Jasper National Park. A highlight of backpacking in the Tonquin Valley is the Ramparts, 10 peaks that appear like a castle on top of 1000m of limestone. Another feature that makes this a great backpacking trip is your first view of Amethyst Lakes, which glimmer like a necklace of gems. The endangered mountain caribou may join your hike for a while. If you are wondering where to backpack in Jasper National Park, definitely consider the Tonquin Valley.

(57.1km, 910m, 3-5 days)

Berg Lake

The Berg Lake Trail at Mount Robson is actually just outside Jasper National Park, but we include it here. When you reach Berg Lake you will understand why we included it in a list of where to backpack in Jasper National Park. At the feet of the Berg Glacier is the icy, crystal blue Berg Lake. Once you reach the lake, you can take day trips to caves, ice fields, waterfalls and glorious views, this is one of the best backpacking trails in Jasper.

(62.3km, 1984m, 3-5 days)

Cairn Pass

If you are a backpacker who prefers bears to people, you may consider Cairn Pass. If you are wondering where to go to avoid other people, this is the best backpacking trail for you in Jasper National Park. This isolated trail passes through alpine meadows, and in July these meadows are dotted with wildflowers. There are several cold and clear alpine lakes along the way.

(37.2km, 1315m, 2-3 days)

Cataract and Cline Pass

About seven kilometers from the Icefields Parkway is Cataract Pass. The hike to Cataract Pass includes alpine meadows, beautifully colored rock formations and cataracts or glacial streams, all of which makes this one of the best backpacking trails in Jasper. Continue on to Cline Pass for more stunning views. For the intrepid, the steep trail down the boulder hill ends in the Valley of the Lakes where you will find out-of-this-world natural beauty and the best backpacking in Jasper.