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Challenge yourself to the limit on this life-changing pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela

If you want to complete an epic pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela, then this is the trip for you. This route follows the 800km (500 mile) Camino Frances from Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port in France through Northern Spain to Santiago de Compostela. This Spanish walking holiday follows the most popular route of the Camino de Santiago from its very beginning, taking you through the incredible sites of Northern Spain in over a month of walking.

The French Way (or Camino Francés) has been leading travelers to Santiago de Compostela for nearly a thousand years. Following the footsteps of these ancient pilgrims, you will discover gorgeous architecture, beautiful countryside and authentic local cuisine.

From wild, craggy mountains to vibrant cities, this walking tour reveals the ever-changing landscapes of Spain. Your luggage will be transferred between your comfortable hotels, leaving you to enjoy the experience without worrying about any logistics. From isolated rural landscapes, to bustling towns and cities, you will immerse yourself in the culture of Spain and meet fellow pilgrims from all over the world.

Highlights of the Complete Camino Frances

Complete the epic 800 km pilgrimage along the Camino Frances, the premier pilgrimage route to Santiago de Compostela.
Visit gorgeous historical architecture as you travel the ancient path, from medieval bridges to gothic churches and fairy-tale palaces.
Savor delicious local cuisine in traditional villages and hamlets as you unearth the beating heart of authentic Spain.
Discover an everchanging landscape as you pass through wild mountains, rambling vineyards and vibrant cities on the trail.


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French Way Full

Complete Camino Francés Itinerary

Day 1 Checking in

Today you will check into the French village of Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port, close to the foothills of the Pyrenees. You can explore the cobbled streets of this gorgeous medieval town, rich in Basque culture and overflowing with beautiful buildings. After a filling dinner at your hotel, you can wander down to the river before you settle in for a good night’s sleep ahead of your adventure.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port
Distance: None
Meals: None

Day 2 Your Camino Frances begins

Today you will cross from France into Northern Spain, reaching the Spanish town of Roncesvalles. After enjoying breakfast at your hotel, you will begin this adventure with one of the most challenging walking days. The panoramic views from the Pyrenees mountain range will make all the effort worth it. If you would prefer to take a gentler approach to Roncesvalles, you can arrange to take an alternate route through the valley. You will have your well-earned dinner and rest at a lovely hotel in Roncesvalles.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Roncesvalles
Distance: 26 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 3 Onward to Zubiri

Having left France behind you, the rest of the Camino Francés is in Spain. The trail becomes more gentle today, as you follow the course of the Erro river and continue to admire the snowy peaks of the Pyrenees. On arriving in Zubiri, you can visit the town’s legendary medieval bridge, believed to have great healing powers in days gone by. A hearty dinner at your hotel will be sure to replenish your energy.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Zubiri
Distance: 22 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 4 Arriving in Pamplona

Walking alongside the Arga river, the sound of flowing water and birdsong will accompany you for the beginning of your walk. Observe the landscape start to transform as you approach the famous city of Pamplona. Feel the lively energy of Pamplona lift your spirits as you indulge in a comforting meal at your hotel. If you would like the opportunity to explore Pamplona’s vibrant streets and delicious tapas, you can add an additional night to your trip when you book.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Pamplona
Distance: 20 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 5 Walking to Puente de la Reina

Navigating the paved roads of Pamplona, you will see its colorful buildings and treelined boulevards. Heading back into the countryside you will enjoy a breathtaking view of the city you just left behind and pass through several smaller towns where you can enjoy a coffee with fellow pilgrims. You can visit the
Pilgrim Statue in the Alto del Perdón before you arrive at your hotel in the pretty town of Puente de la Reina, named after its stunning 11th century Romanesque bridge that crosses the River Arga.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Puente de la Reina
Distance: 24 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 6 Ruins and Vineyards

Having left the bustling crowds of Pamplona behind, the landscape quickly becomes more peaceful as you wander through farmlands and vineyards. You will discover the ruins of an ancient Monastery and cross ancient Roman Bridges before arriving in Estella for dinner and a good night’s rest. Estella is rich in history, with plenty of basilicas, churches and even an old palace to admire.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Estella
Distance: 22 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 7 Pushing on to Los Arcos

Savoring your breakfast in your hotel, you can be proud of yourself for completing the first week of this ancient pilgrimage. Heading into the heart of wine culture, you will pass through olive groves and vineyards on this pleasant, rural trail. Once you arrive in Los Arcos, why not sample some local Irache wine with a plate of cured meats and cheeses at a local eatery. Your dinner will be provided in the hotel, where you’re sure to sleep soundly after 7 days on the trail.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Los Arcos
Distance: 22 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 8 The Capital of wine

Today’s hike passes through lovely countryside, with hilly terrain. Breathe in the smell of pine as you meander through the forests, before arriving at the outskirts of the capital of La Rioja region, Logroño. This iconic city is rich in religious architecture and overflowing with local bars which serve the region’s world-famous wine. You are welcome to pre-book an extra night to enjoy all that Logrono has to offer, but otherwise you should get a restful night ahead of tomorrow’s walk.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Logroño
Distance: 27 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 9 Returning to nature

As you move away from the city, the sights and smells of nature will greet you once again. Today’s trail will see you walk through vineyards and enjoy the shade of fruit trees. Stop to enjoy the view from San Anton peak and appreciate the traditional pottery of the historic town of Navarette. You can arrange to stay in Navarette on this day if you would prefer a shorter walk. Otherwise, push on to the lovely town of Nájera where you can refuel your body with food and rest.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Nájera
Distance: 27 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 10 The legend of Santo Domingo

Travelling on foot, you will see the landscape transform before your eyes. Today the vineyards will slowly be replaced with fields of grain, as you enjoy an easier walk on flat terrain. Enjoy a meditative journey through the countryside before you reach the more urban area on the outskirts of Santo Domingo de la Calzada. Exploring the streets of the city, there is plenty of culture and history to be discovered, including the legend of the chicken that sang after it was roasted!
Overnight Location: Hotel in Santo Domingo de la Calzada
Distance: 24 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 11 Crossing the Castilian Plateau

After 10 days of hiking, your body will be adjusting well to life on the trail. Walking across the Castilian plateau of Meseta, the mountains on the horizon will seem frustratingly slow to approach, and you’ll find yourself entering a steady rhythm to overcome this psychological challenge. Luckily, today is a relatively short walk which will take you to the peaceful town of Belorado for some rest and recuperation.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Belorado
Distance: 22 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 12 Through the Oca mountains

As you enter the Oca Mountains, you will embark on a largely uninhabited section of the Camino Frances. Enjoy the shade of oak trees and brush of heather against your legs as you follow narrow rocky paths and pass through the shade of pine forests. You can also explore isolated churches and pay respects at a memorial for those that died in the Spanish civil war. On arriving at San Juan de Ortega, you can visit the local monastery or head straight to the hotel to unwind.
Overnight Location: Hotel in San Juan de Ortega
Distance: 24 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 13 Walking to Burgos

After a relaxing breakfast at the hotel, you will set off for Burgos. You’ll pass through the lovely Atapuerca mountains, though the terrain is surprisingly flat and easy. Delighting in the wild forests of pine, you will soon arrive in the bustling city of Burgos. Bursting with museums, tapas bars and beautiful architecture you may want to arrange an additional night in Burgos when booking this trip. After wandering through the remains of the walled city, you can check into your hotel for a hot meal and even a hotter shower.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Burgos
Distance: 24 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 14 Through grain fields to Hornillos

You will quickly move away from the bustle of Burgos and rejoin the peaceful grain fields on the trail. With little woodland to protect you, this section of the walk experiences extreme temperatures in summer and winter alike. In winter you can sample the gorgeous regional stews to warm the cockles of your heart, before you approach the quiet, rural town of Hornillos de Camino.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Hornillos del Camino
Distance: 20 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 15 A gentle walk to Castrojeriz

Today’s landscape is much like that of yesterday, winding through farmland and with little woodland to shade your path. It is charming in its own way, and the unchanging landscape lends itself to a day of introspection. After an easy day on the trail, you will reach your friendly hotel in Castrojeriz before you know it. You can explore the ivy-covered ruins of the old Monastery or enjoy the impressive Gothic architecture of the Church of San Juan.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Castrojeriz
Distance: 18 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 16 Climbing to the town of miracles

Having been spoilt by some consecutive days on the flat, prepare for a climb up to the mountain town of Frómista, also known as the town of miracles. Reaching the highest point of the Castilian Plateau, you will be rewarded beautiful views of the Pisuerga River. The magical mountain town will be hard to say goodbye to, but you still have a long road ahead of you to reach your goal of Santiago de Compostela.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Frómista
Distance: 25 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 17 Following the river to Carrión de los Condes

Continuing your epic journey on the French Way, you can relax into a flatter and more laid-back walk after the demands of the day before. The lovely walk to Carrión de los Condes follows the Uciesa River in places, before leading you to the historical town where you’ll spend the night. Carrión de los Condes enjoyed great wealth back in the Middle Ages, leaving a rich legacy of convents, monasteries and churches to be admired before you settle down for the night.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Carrión de los Condes
Distance: 19 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 18 The Roman Road to Calzadilla de la Cueza

This stage of the Camino Francés takes you deep into the heart of rural Spain, passing hardly any villages on the isolated dirt tracks. You will follow an ancient Roman Road through endless fields of crops. Before you arrive at Calzadilla de la Cueza you can stop and visit the Monastery at San Zoilo or head straight on to Calzadilla de la Cueza, the tiny Spanish town where you will spend the night.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Calzadilla de la Cueza
Distance: 17 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 19 River crossings to Sahagún

Make sure you eat a hearty breakfast this morning, as you will need your energy! Following a trail through crop fields and a scattering of poplar trees, you will cross the Sequillo and Valderabuey rivers on your way to Sagagún. Expect a more challenging walk today with some ups and downs, but plenty of pretty towns and changing countryside to make the day pass more quickly. You could try some of the local delicacies like blood sausage, hare or quail before you slip into sweet dreams of the French Way at your comfortable hotel for the night.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Sahagún
Distance: 22 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 20 Pilgrims’ bridge to Burgo Ranero

Leaving behind the gorgeous historical buildings of Sahagún, you will cross the Puente de Canto. This little bridge was originally built to help the pilgrims on their Camino to Santiago almost a thousand years ago! Passing through flat and barren landscape punctuated by sleepy villages, you will arrive in El Burgo Ranero for a nourishing meal and restful sleep.
Overnight Location: Hotel in El Burgo Ranero
Distance: 18 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 21 Descent to Mansilla de las Mulas

Another day on the Camino Francés! After three weeks of walking, you are sure to have seen transformation in your body and your mind. A gentle descent will lead you to Mansilla de las Mulas, an ancient walled town on the banks of the river Esla. Famous for its tomato fighting festival, Mansilla de las Mulas is rich in Medieval history, making it a beautiful place to wander around after dinner in your hotel.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Mansilla de las Mulas
Distance: 19 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 22 Urban landscape to León

The landscape of the Camino de Santiago begins to get more urban as you approach the bustling city of León with its breathtaking cathedral and wonderful historic quarter. You are welcome to pre-book an extra night in León for some good rest and the chance to try typical dishes like sweet and sour chorizo, Valdeón cheese or, for the braver amongst you, the meat-stuffed pork intestine called Botillo.
Overnight Location: Hotel in León
Distance: 17 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 23 Through miracles and battlefields to Mazarife

Dive back into the Spanish countryside as you follow the Camino de Santiago away from the city and towards the endless fields of wheat. A flat and quiet day of walking, you can take the time to visit the church at La Virgen del Camino. This church itself used to be a destination for pilgrims, with legends of the Virgin Mary ordering a shepherd to build it where he stood. Passing through the ancient battle place of Villadangos del Paramo, you will arrive at Mazarife for a hot meal and good night’s sleep.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Mazarife
Distance: 22 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 24 A Climb up to Astorga

Approaching the Mountains of León, you will notice a difference in the previously gentle terrain. You will lay your head to rest in Astorga tonight, one of the most interesting and emblematic cities of the Camino Frances. Exploring the moats, Roman gates and medieval walls, you can easily lose yourself in the history of the city.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Astorga
Distance: 28 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 25 Into the mountains

After many days crossing the landscape of the Meseta, enjoy the welcoming embrace of the mountain stretches. You will have a steep walk today, but a quiet asphalt road will make the going easier. Luxuriating in the shade of the trees, you can rest in beautiful grassy fields as you pass through tiny towns which survive thanks to the pilgrims of the French Way. On reaching Rabanal del Camino, you can listen to the Gregorian chant at an evening mass run by Benedictine monks.
landscape of the “Meseta” is finally over.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Rabanal del Camino
Distance: 19 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 26 A long road to Ponferrada

Savour a filling breakfast at your hotel, because you have a long walk ahead of you. The start of today’s walk is particularly wild and beautiful, with panoramic mountain views. You will walk through the village of Foncebadon, an abandoned village that came back to life thanks to the tourists of Camino de Santiago. Tonight, your hotel is in the city of Ponferrada, home to a fairy-tale-like castle which you can visit if you have the energy!
Overnight Location: Hotel in Ponferrada
Distance: 32 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 27 A gentle walk to Villafranca

With 600 km already behind you, the Camino Frances way gives you a gentler and more relaxing trail to follow today. On arriving in the quiet town of Villafranca del Bierzo, you can wander along the river or relax in the main square with some tapas and a well-earned drink. Tomorrow will be one of the most challenging days of your epic journey, so make sure you get an early night in your lovely hotel.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Villafranca del Bierzo
Distance: 32 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 28 The Climb to O Cebreiro

You will begin the day with gentle terrain. However, ascending to O Cebreiro will take some grit and determination as you approach the final stages of the Camino de Santiago. Villafranca del Bierzo is nestled on a steep mountain, with gorgeous views over Atlantic forests to help you reach your destination. After a hard day on the trail, you can sate your appetite with a well-earned dinner and collapse onto your soft pillow for a long night of rest.
Overnight Location: Hotel in O Cebreiro
Distance: 28 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 29 Descend to Triacastela

After the challenges of yesterday, take a moment to appreciate the view. You will be glad of today’s terrain, with most of the route taking a descent. Enjoy the pretty villages and hamlets as you delve deeper into the Galician territory and savor its cool, fresh air. Check out the old windmill and churches or Triacastela before you indulge in a good hot meal at your hotel.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Triacastela
Distance: 21 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 30 Through the valley to Sarria

You will walk amongst the woods, streams and valleys which lead you away from Triacastela, getting ever closer to your goal of Santiago de Compostela. You will feel the energy of the trail begin to change, as more and more pilgrims converge from their different routes to the great Cathedral. On arriving at your hotel, you can enjoy a good dinner in the buzzing town of Sarria.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Sarria
Distance: 18 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 31 Walking to Portomarín

Following the pilgrim path out of Sarria, you will cross over the medieval Aspera bridge and walk alongside meadows and orchards. Shaded by chestnut trees, oaks and pines you will pass through sleepy hamlets to arrive at Portomarín, technically just 50 years old after the original village was flooded by the reservoir. You can visit the church of San Juan which was lovingly moved stone by stone by the residents, and in autumn months you might catch a glimpse of the old town’s ruins in the depths of the river Miňo!
Overnight Location: Hotel in Portomarín
Distance: 22 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 32 Through the trees to Palas de Rei

The shade of pine forests will continue to embrace you on the Camino Francés today, as you pass through beautiful hamlets like Ferreiros with its gorgeous church of Santa María de Castromayor. This hamlet was specially built by blacksmiths to serve the ancient pilgrims’ horses on the Camino de Santiago! Before you arrive in Palas de Rei you can stop at the famous cross by the Ventas de Narón to post a note about your pilgrimage, a lovely tradition amongst the travelers of the French Way.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Palas de Rei
Distance: 25 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 33 Tasting your way to Arzúa

The scenery today will be particularly beautiful. Make sure you stop at Melide to try the cuisine, like ‘pulpo a feira’, a traditional octopus delicacy or their world-famous sugared doughnuts. Later in the day, you will have some steeper terrain, but nothing compared to what you have already achieved on the Camino Frances! You will pass through the gorgeous medieval town of Ribadiso before spending the night in Arzúa, famous for its creamy local cheese.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Arzúa
Distance: 29 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 34 A healing journey to Pedrouzo

Having filled up on delicious delicacies the day before, you can head off to Pedrouzo in high spirits. This stretch of the Camino Frances winds its way through small hamlets and peaceful eucalyptus forests. After stopping to visit the legendary healing fountain of Santa Irene, you have the option to attend the pilgrims’ mass at the Romanesque-Gothic church of St Eulalia. Having adapted to the pilgrim’s life on the trail, you are sure to be full of conflicting energy as you lay your head down before your final day of walking.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Pedrouzo
Distance: 19 km
Meals: Breakfast, dinner

Day 35 Arriving in Santiago

After over a month of your pilgrimage along the Camino de Santiago, your epic adventure comes to an end today. Climbing up to Monte do Gozo, you will catch sight of the spires of the cathedral and reflect on the enormous feat that you have achieved. When you descend into Santiago, you can pick up your pilgrims’ certificate, attend the pilgrims’ mass at the cathedral and visit the relics and tombs. This will be an emotional day!
Overnight Location: Hotel in Santiago
Distance: 20 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 36 Checking out

Your pilgrimage on the Camino de Santiago has finally come to a close. It’s possible to pre-book extra days in Santiago to really relax and unwind after 800 km on the trail. Alternatively, you can check out today and head back home, with plenty of stories to share with your loved ones.
Overnight Location: None
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast

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This self-guided walking tour to Santiago de Compostela is always run as a private tour for your group only. The price always depends on the number of people sharing a room.

Prices below are per person:

  • Price per person staying in single room: $3,975 USD
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Accommodation on the Complete Camino Francés walk

You will stay at a different hotel every night, as you reach each milestone of the French Way. Your accommodation is extremely popular amongst other pilgrims, offering a warm and friendly atmosphere after a day of walking. The rooms are double occupancy, so single travelers will pay a supplement unless they can be paired with another single traveler in the same situation.

All the hotels you will stay in are 2 and 3 stars, providing modern conveniences to ensure you have a pleasant and comfortable stay.

Single Rooms and Solo Travelers
You can pay a supplement of $895 USD to have a private room in a hotel. Contact us and we can try and match single travelers up, where possible.

Hotels on Standard Tour

Night 1-35

2-3-star hotels along the trail

Relax and enjoy basic, but comfortable lodgings with easy access to the French Way.

What’s included in the Complete Camino Francés Walk?


35 breakfasts and 26 dinners are included.

Accommodations along the Camino Francés

The accommodation for 35 nights along the tour is included.

Transportation during the Tour

This tour includes luggage transfers only.

Also Included

  • Luggage transfer
  • 24/7 phone assistance
  • Pilgrim Passport
  • Walking notes and maps
  • Extra accommodation charge for arriving to Santiago before St. James Day (July 25th)
  • Extra accommodation charge for arriving to Pamplona during St. Fermin Festivals (6th-14th of July)

Not included

  • Guide services
  • Insurance
  • Personal Expenses
  • Transport
  • Extra charge if staying in Pamplona during

Optional Extras

  • Extra night in Saint-Jean-Pied-de-Port before the tour
  • Extra night in Santiago after the tour
  • Extra night in any of the towns along the way
  • Upgraded accommodation
  • Airport transfers

Frequently Asked Questions about Complete Camino Frances

Galiwonders is a specialist tour operator, focusing on pilgrimages along the Camino de Santiago in Spain and Portugal as well as the Via Francigena in Italy. They offer adaptable tours to suit a variety of client needs and focus on truly taking care of their guests.

The tour guides are local experts, living and working right along the Camino. They have visited each hotel and restaurant they recommend, ensuring each is up to standard.

Galiwonders offers constant contact with their guests, ensuring all concerns or questions are addressed immediately so you can relax and enjoy your trip.

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Is this tour for me?

We rate this tour as a 3 / 5. Provided you are in reasonable shape and have walked similar distances before you should be able to handle this. The hardest part of the Camino is walking every day, and the weather. In the summer, the Camino would be rated at least a 4 / 5 for difficulty. Note that there are some days where you will be walking up to 32 km.

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Margot, Galiwonders
Santiago de Compostela, Spain

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