Camino de Santiago Northern Way
Panoramic view from Camino de Santiago Northern Way Tour

Camino de Santiago Northern Way

38 days

Trekking the Northern Way in Spain is a rewarding experience and includes visiting the beautiful GernikaLaredo Coast as seen on Northern Way Trek Camino Norte in SpainNorthern Way Trek Camino Norte includes visiting the beauitufl coast of LaredoRibadesella is a beautiful town in Spain that you get to pass on Northern Way Trekking tourSantillana del Mar is a beautiful place that you get to visit when trekking on the Northern WaySunset over Zarautz on Self guided Northern Way Tour

Challenge yourself with a long-distance pilgrimage to Compostela on the Camino Norte

The Northern Way (Camino del Norte) of the Camino de Santiago is a walk unlike any other. This ancient route traces the coast of northern Spain then turns inland to reach the mystical city of Santiago de Compostela. Join the generations of pilgrims and seekers who have traveled the Camino Norte.

Step by step, you’ll walk more than 800 km from the town of Irún, along the French border, heading west toward Santiago de Compostela. Nature and culture await you as you venture from Cantabria to Asturias and end in Galicia.

Each region has its own character, culture, and even dialect and language differences. You’ll be inspired along the way by breathtaking views of the sea which eventually give way to stunning mountain views as you turn inland.

This route is physically demanding and psychologically challenging due to its terrain and its length. The Camino del Norte (the Northern Way) is not a lighthearted vacation, but a committed undertaking. Discover something new about the world – and about yourself – on the Camino de Santiago Northern Way tour!

Highlights Of Camino De Santiago Northern Way

Complete the 800 km Camino del Norte pilgrimage from Irún to Santiago de Compostela.
Follow Spain’s northern coast where you’ll find inspiring sea views and beautiful beaches.
Explore the diverse culture of Spain as you walk between villages, staying in small hotels and eating local food.
Visit historic cities such as Guernica, Bilbao, Santander, and Santiago de Compostela.


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Camino de Santiago Northern Way

Camino de Santiago Northern Way Tour Itinerary

Day 1 Arrive in Irún

Welcome to Irún, Spain! Arrive today and check in to your hotel. This historic town near the French border is where the Northern Way (Camino del Norte). If time permits, take some time to explore the town on your own.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Irún
Distance: None
Meals: None

Day 2 Walk to San Sebastián

This first stage of the Camino del Norte, from Irún to San Sebastián, is a spectacular introduction to the trail. Enjoy breathtaking views of the sea and the Bay of Biscay. You’ll also pass ancient castles and ruins from the Neolithic and medieval periods. Spend the night in San Sebastián.
Overnight Location: Hotel in San Sebastián
Distance: 26 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 3 Walk to Zarautz

The Camino del Norte takes you to some of the more challenging sections of the trail today. As you leave San Sebastián, the trail climbs substantially then follows a series of ups and downs as you walk through beautiful green hills. Spend the night in Zarautz.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Zarautz
Distance: 18 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 4 Walk to Deba

As you walk from Zarautz to Deba today, enjoy more stunning views of the sea and natural beaches. This is the last coastal stretch of trail for several days so soak in the sea breezes. Enjoy the peaceful atmosphere of the rural countryside then spend the night in quiet seaside town of Deba.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Deba
Distance: 24 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 5 Walk to Markina-Xemein

As you leave Deba, say a temporary farewell to the sea and turn inland for the next stretch of trail. You’ll see many beautiful old churches along today’s route, including the Church of Santa Maria, the Sanctuary of San Miguel de Arretxinaga, and the Church of the Assumption. Spend the night in the town of Markina-Xemein.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Markina-Xemein
Distance: 23 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 6 Walk to Gernika (Guernica)

Today’s route on the Camino del Norte passes through Bolivar village and takes you past the spectacular Monastery of Zenarrruza, which is a national monument of the Basque Country. Continue walking to the city of Guernica (Basque name Gernika) which inspired the famous Picasso painting with the same name.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Gernika
Distance: 25 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 7 Walk to Lezama

While many pilgrims walk from Guernica all the way to Bilbao in the same day, this makes for a long and very strenuous walking day. Take your time to enjoy the Camino experience by stopping instead in the town of Lezama.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Lezama
Distance: 21 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 8 Walk to Bilbao

As you leave Lezama, a long climb brings you to an overlook with fantastic views of the city of Bilbao. Pause here to enjoy the view, then descend from the hill to enter the city. There are many attractions in Bilbao that you can visit while you are here, including the Gothic Basilica of Begoña and the Guggenheim Museum. There is also a wonderful historic district in the city. It is possible to stay an extra night in Bilbao if you want more time to explore this wonderful city.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Bilbao
Distance: 11 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 9 Walk to Portugalete

This stage passes through an industrial district on the outskirts of Bilbao. While it isn’t the most beautiful section of the trail, it is a part of the Northern Way experience. Some pilgrims choose to take public transportation to skip this section, but it is not recommended to do this.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Portugalete
Distance: 10 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 10 Walk to Castro Urdiales

Return to the coast today and walk through picturesque hillside landscapes. There are several possible routes available to reach the seaside town of Castro Urdiales, so you can adjust the length of today’s walk to your energy level and interests.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Castro Urdiales
Distance: 29 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 11 Walk to Laredo

Be prepared for a long walk on the Camino del Norte today that rewards your efforts with a variety of beautiful landscapes along the way. Throughout the day you’ll be surrounded by green valleys, standing on a hilltop overlook, or gazing out on a sparkling sea. Spend the night in the beach resort town of Laredo.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Laredo
Distance: 30 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 12 Walk to Guernes

Take a short ferry from Laredo to Santoña, which is an old town with monastic origins. Continue walking north to the Playa de Berria, a beautiful stretch of beach that is one of the Northern Way’s most scenic and memorable places. Then leave the coast and head to the town of Guernes to spend the night.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Guemes
Distance: 29 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 13 Walk to Santander

Today you’ll notice that you are again approaching a city as you see the landscape becoming more industrial. Santander is another great place to spend an extra night, take a rest day from walking, and explore the many attractions of the city. Take a relaxing stroll on the promenade, visit the Museum of Prehistory and Archaeology, or explore the beautiful cathedral.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Santander
Distance: 17 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 14 Walk to Arce

This stage is relatively unexciting as you leave Santander on a long, straight, paved path without any particular highlights to look forward to. While some pilgrims will walk all the way from Santander to Santillana del Mar, this route is extremely long and overly taxing. Instead, stop and spend the night n Arce.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Arce
Distance: 27 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 15 Walk to Santillana del Mar

Complete the walk to Santillana del Mar today on the Camino del Norte. If time permits, explore this lovely town and it’s well-preserved historic district. Another popular stop is at the Caves of Altamira, which are just 2 km from the center of town.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Santillana del Mar
Distance: 23 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 16 Walk to Cigüenza and Comillas

Leaving Santilla del Mar, the path to Comillas is paved most of the way. Along the way, stop at the lovely and picturesque village of Cigüenza and enjoy the impressive San Martin church beside the river.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Comillas
Distance: 23 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 17 Walk to Colombres

Follow the Camino today through a number of small villages, the largest of which is called San Vicente de la Barquera. Toward the end of the day, cross the border from the Cantabria region into Asturias and spend the night in the town of Colombres.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Colombres
Distance: 28 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 18 Walk to Llanes

Begin the day walking on paved roads from Colombres to Pendueles. The rest of the walk, from Pendueles to Llanes, will be along wonderful footpaths that offer inspiring coastal views.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Llanes
Distance: 23 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 19 Walk to Ribadesella

Today’s walk from Llanes to Ribadesella is dotted with a variety of monasteries. When you reach Ribadesella, take some time to enjoy this coastal town. Spend some time on the beach and explore the prehistoric cave paintings that are found here.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Ribadesella
Distance: 30 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 20 Walk to Colunga

The trail today on the Camino del Norte is a combination of inland and coastal paths. Colunga is a market town that is well worth exploring on your own if time permits.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Colunga
Distance: 21 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 21 Walk to Villaviciosa

Many pilgrims choose to walk from Colunga to Gijón in one day, but this becomes a very strenuous day and forces you to rush through the lovely town of Villaviciosa. Instead, choose a shorter route today with time to rest and discover Villaviciosa and it’s beautiful landscapes and beaches.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Villaviciosa
Distance: 17 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 22 Walk to Gijón

After several days in rural areas, you’ll return to a city environment as you head into Gijón. From here, you have the option to continue along the Northern Way or switch to the Primitive Way (Camino Primitivo) in order to reach Santiago de Compostela. This tour continues to follow the Northern Way.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Gijón
Distance: 30 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 23 Walk to Avilés

While both Gijón and Avilés are wonderful cities, the stretch of trail between them is somewhat less enjoyable. Today’s walk may not be your favourite day of the tour, but the highlight of the day is the view from Monte Areo overlooking the surrounding recreational area.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Avilés
Distance: 24 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 24 Walk to El Pito

Walk through the suburbs of Avilés, then the trail returns to more rural areas. Walk to El Pito, where you will spend the night. During your stay in El Pito, there are Renaissance gardens that are worth visiting.
Overnight Location: Hotel in El Pito
Distance: 28 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 25 Walk to Ballota

The Camino from El Pito to Ballota is about 25 km long and part of is follows a national road. This stretch of road is usually quiet and does not see a lot of traffic, be please pay attention and be safe along the road.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Ballota
Distance: 25 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 26 Walk to Luarca

Enjoy the pleasant landscapes of Asturias’ countryside as you walk from Ballota to Luarca. When you arrive, spend some time exploring the harbour, which many consider to be one of the loveliest in Spain.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Luarca
Distance: 22 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 27 Walk to Navia

Continue exploring Asturias’ idyllic countryside as you enjoy a peaceful walk from Luarca to Navia.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Navia
Distance: 22 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 28 Walk to Ribadeo

Today’s walk from Navia to Ribadeo is the last section with coastal views, so soak in the sea air while you can. As you enter Ribadeo, cross the border from Asturias into Galicia. Ribadeo is a landmark of the Northern Way since it is here that the trail turns inland for the final approach to Santiago de Compostela.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Ribadeo
Distance: 31 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 29 Walk to Vilanova de Lourenzá

Leave Ribadeo and the coast behind you and turn inland to walk to Vilanova de Lourenzá. Walk through the rural countryside today and notice how most signs are written in both Spanish and Gallego, the local language of Galicia.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Vilanova de Lourenzá
Distance: 27 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 30 Walk to Mondoñedo and Abadín

Head into the mountains today for incredible views unlike any you’ve seen so far on the Northern Way. Walk through the historic town of Mondoñedo, which at one time was one of the Kingdom of Galicia’s seven capitals. If time permits, visit the impressive cathedral here. Continue on to the town of Abadin to stop for the night.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Abadín
Distance: 25 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 31 Walk to Vilaba

Most of your walk today will be through rural areas. Enjoy peaceful and shady forests and quaint farming villages along the path. Though some pilgrims choose to continue walking all the way to Baamonde, stopping in Vilalba is recommended to keep the distance more manageable while also giving you a chance to explore the city, which is the only city of its size for several days.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Vilalba
Distance: 20 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 32 Walk to Baamonde

Leaving Vilalba, the route to Baamonde is peaceful and very pleasant. There are very limited facilities along this section of the path, so be sure to pack enough food and other supplies for the day.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Baamonde
Distance: 20 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 33 Walk to Miraz

The terrain and landscapes today are very similar to those of the previous day. You’ll enjoy a relaxing journey through remote, rural areas but there are few resources available so it is important to be prepared.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Miraz
Distance: 15 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 34 Walk to Sobrado

On today’s walk you will ascend to the highest elevation of the entire Camino del Norte in the town of Marcela. As you reach the town of Sobrado, which is your destination for the day, be sure to visit Sobrado dos Monxes, a monastery from the 10th Century.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Sobrado
Distance: 22 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 35 Walk to Arzúa

As you walk from Sobrado to Arzúa, enjoy one last day walking the Camino in relative solitude. Once you arrive in Arzúa, the Northern Way intersects the Primitive Way (Camino Primitivo) and the French Way (Camino Francés), so there will be more pilgrims and more social interaction between Arzúa and Santiago de Compostela.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Arzúa
Distance: 21 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 36 Walk to O Pedrouzo

Today’s route leads you through charming villages, lovely forests of eucalyptus trees, and across several small rivers. One popular stop along the way from Arzúa to O Pedrouzo is the Chapel of Saint Irene. According to legend, a fountain near this chapel is a Fountain of Eternal Youth. Why not wash yourself and give it a try? This stage of the tour ends in O Pedrouzo, but because this town is very small, it is possible the accommodations there will be fully booked during the high season. It may be necessary to stay in another popular town nearby. While it is possible to walk all the way from Arzúa to the end point in Santiago de Compostela in just one day, stopping here in O Pedrouzo allows you to explore this area and finish your journey in a more relaxed and peaceful way.
Overnight Location: Hotel in O Pedrouzo
Distance: 19 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 37 Walk to Santiago de Compostela

Finally, after more than 800 km of walking over more than a month, you will complete the Camino del Norte and your journey to Santiago de Compostela today. When you reach the top of the Monte do Gozo – the Hill of Joy – you will find an inspiring view of the city of Santiago de Compostela and the spires of its famous cathedral, which is the ending point for most Camino pilgrimages. Pause here, as many pilgrims do, to reflect over the journey that has brought you here and the memories you want to take with you. It is a profound and emotional moment of triumph and as you descend from the hill and complete your journey. Don’t forget to visit the Pilgrim’s Office in the city to show your Pilgrim Passport and receive your Compostela.
Overnight Location: Hotel in Santiago de Compostela
Distance: 20 km
Meals: Breakfast

Day 38 Departure Day

After so many weeks of waking up and walking the Camino del Norte, it may be hard to believe your journey has reached its end. If you like, you can choose to extend your stay in Santiago de Compostela to allow more time to explore the city and process your journey. Otherwise, check out of your hotel after breakfast and begin your onward travels. Have a pleasant trip!
Overnight Location: None
Distance: None
Meals: Breakfast

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