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    China Bike Tours

    China bike tours offer an unparalleled journey through diverse terrains, from the majestic Great Wall to the serene landscapes of the Yangtze River. Embarking on a cycling trip in China allows for deep cultural immersion and access to breathtaking natural beauty, defining a truly unique Asian adventure. Cycle through ancient villages, marvel at scenic wonders, and connect with China's rich heritage on these remarkable China cycling tours.

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      Displaying 7 of 7 tours

      Open details for Bike to Amnye Machen Mountain Tour


      Bike to Amnye Machen Mountain Tour

      Deep in central China, you will find unexpectedly stunning topography of red rock mountains, snowy peaks, and undulating highways. This 12-day mountain bike tour will take you across about 500 km of impressive terrain for a journey you’ll never forget.

      Mountain Bike
      12 days from $2,175USDDetails
      Open details for Highlights of China


      Highlights of China

      The Highlights of China package is an activity-packed 11-day guided tour. From hanging out with Giant Pandas to exploring major cities, to visiting ancient archeological sites and relaxing in peaceful countryside, the holiday offers a huge range of different activities and locations.

      11 days from $2,285USDDetails
      Open details for Central Tibet Biking Tour


      Central Tibet Biking Tour

      Adventure awaits in central Tibet! Biking through this region will give you an up-close experience to all its natural and cultural wonders. Cycle from Lhasa and make a loop through phenomenal mountain ranges and valleys, seeing glaciers, lakes, and hot springs along the way. You’ll also get acquainted with Tibetan Buddhism by visiting several remote monasteries along the journey. This 17-day tour will fill your soul with magic from your surroundings.

      Mountain Bike
      17 days from $3,025USDDetails
      Open details for China by Bike Tour


      China by Bike Tour

      Cycling in China can be spectacular, and this guided tour allows you to bike through the countryside before moving on to some of the touristic highlights, like Xi’an, the Great Wall and Beijing.

      16 days from $3,670USDDetails
      Open details for Hike & Bike China


      Hike & Bike China

      This amazing guided tour allows you to explore some of the highlights of China under your own power. You will get to hike along the Great Wall and in other stunning parts of China, then you will get to cycle through the charming Chinese countryside.

      16 days from $4,315USDDetails
      Open details for Lhasa to Kathmandu Mountain Bike Tour

      Nepalese Himalayas

      Lhasa to Kathmandu Mountain Bike Tour

      Talk about a bucket list item! This is one of the most epic tours you can treat yourself to. The words “it’s about the journey, not the destination” represent this 25-day tour, without a doubt. Cycling from Lhasa, Tibet, to Kathmandu, Nepal?! What a dream!

      Mountain Bike
      25 days from $4,425USDDetails
      Open details for China Adventure Tour


      China Adventure Tour

      You will immerse yourself in stunning Chinese landscapes on this activity-packed 19-day guided tour in China. From hiking the Great Wall of China to exploring the stunning Longji valley and sacred mountains of Simatai you will hike and cycle your way through breathtaking scenery throughout this guided adventure tour.

      19 days from $5,895USDDetails

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      China General Information

      Where to go cycling in China

      Choose from the historic pathways along the Great Wall to the tranquil rice fields of Guilin. Adventurers can explore the urban landscapes on a Beijing bike tour, venture into the heart of Yunnan, or embark on a journey through the Tibetan Plateau. China's cycling tours cater to a wide range of interests and fitness levels.

      What makes cycling in China special?

      The fusion of ancient culture, vast and varied ecosystems, and the thrill of adventure makes cycling in China an extraordinary experience. Cyclists have the opportunity to traverse unique terrains, from mountain highlands to urban sprawls, experiencing China's historical sites and natural wonders up close.

      When to go cycling in China

      Timing a cycling tour in China depends on the region and personal preferences. Spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) offer the most pleasant weather nationwide. Summer brings lush landscapes but also higher temperatures, while winter provides a unique perspective on China's beauty, particularly in the south.

      Top 5 Cycling Adventures in China

      1. Great Wall Cycling Adventure: Cycle alongside the ancient majesty of the Great Wall, experiencing its vast history and the rural beauty of its surroundings.
      2. Bike to Amnye Machen Mountain: Take on the challenge of biking to Amnye Machen, a sacred mountain in Qinghai, offering spiritual significance and stunning natural beauty.
      3. Yunnan Discovery Ride: Explore the cultural diversity and stunning landscapes of Yunnan, from historical towns to breathtaking rice terraces.
      4. Lhasa to Kathmandu Mountain Bike: An epic journey from Lhasa, Tibet, to Kathmandu, Nepal, crossing breathtaking passes, ancient monasteries, and witnessing the grandeur of the Himalayas.
      5. Sichuan Province Exploration: Experience the varied landscapes of Sichuan, from the urban energy of Chengdu to the natural wonders of the Jiuzhaigou valley.

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