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    Corsica Hiking Tours

    Corsica hiking tours are an epic adventure holiday that combine breathtaking island landscapes with a rich Mediterranean culture. From the iconic cross-island route, the GR20, to the Mare a Mare Trail, there is no shortage of amazing treks to explore in Corsica. The best part? Cooling off in the sea and lounging on pristine beaches after completing your hiking tour in Corsica – what more could you ask for?!

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      Displaying 6 of 6 tours

      Open details for GR20 South Trek


      GR20 South Trek

      The GR20 trail in Corsica is widely considered to be one of the best treks in the world. This self-guided trekking tour takes you through the southern half of the trail, from Vizzavona to Conca. Along the way, you’ll encounter the stunning landscape of this rugged and scenic Mediterranean island.

      8 days from $775USDDetails
      Open details for GR20 North Trek


      GR20 North Trek

      The GR20 is the iconic trekking trail through some of the most incredible landscapes on the Mediterranean island of Corsica. On this self-guided trekking tour, you’ll spend ten days exploring the north section of the GR20 trail from Calvi to Vizzavona.

      9 days from $795USDDetails
      Open details for Corsica’s Mountains and Sea Walking Tour


      Corsica’s Mountains and Sea Walking Tour

      This tour allows guests to explore two of the highlights of Corsica: the mountains and the coast, all the while enjoying the unique culture, food and history that makes Corsica such a charming vacation option.

      7 days from $875USDDetails
      Open details for Highlights of the GR20 Tour


      Highlights of the GR20 Tour

      Discover the magnificent peaks and breathtaking views of Corsica on the Highlights of the GR20 Tour. This multi-day journey, which follows part of the famous GR20 in Corsica, combines the outdoors and wellness into one amazing experience, providing the chance to both trek in the wilderness for long periods of time before relaxing with specialized massage and sophrology treatments. If you are looking for a unique adventure that blends risk and reward, then the Highlights of the GR20 Tour is an incredible experience to be had.

      8 days from $1,075USDDetails
      Open details for Corte to the Coast Trek


      Corte to the Coast Trek

      Trek from the mountains to the sea, on this adapted route of the Mare a Mare route. This self-guided trek goes from Corte to Piana and takes you along the most beautiful and scenic section of the traditional Mare a Mare North trail.

      8 days from $1,095USDDetails
      Open details for Complete GR20 Trek


      Complete GR20 Trek

      The magnificent GR20 trail in Corsica is one of the most challenging treks in Europe. While not as popular as many treks in the Alps, the charm of Corsica and the incredible beauty makes the GR20 among the best treks in the world.

      15 days from $1,395USDDetails

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      Corsica General Information

      Where to Trek in Corsica

      When planning where to trek in Corsica, one needs to think about the beginning and end of the adventure. Calvi, on the northwest coast, is a popular place to begin the GR20, while Corte - in the heart of the island - takes you from the mountains to the sea. The possibilities are endless!

      What makes Trekking in Corsica special?

      Trekking in Corsica is a special experience due to the incredible combination of mountain and coastal terrain. Corsica is also home to the epic GR20 long-distance trail, a 180km route that traverses challenging yet beautifully scenic landscapes, making treks in Corsica an unforgettable experience.

      When to go Trekking in Corsica

      If you are wondering when to go trekking in Corsica, there are several times to consider. To avoid crowds, go trekking in Corsica during the spring or autumn. Summer (June to August) is peak season and sees high foot traffic, while winter in the mountains is unpredictable and not great for trekking.

      Top 4 Treks in Corsica

      1. Complete GR20 Trek
      2. GR20 North
      3. GR20 South
      4. Mare a Mare Trail

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