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    England Bike Tours

    England bike tours offer an exhilarating journey through diverse landscapes, from the picturesque countryside of the Cotswolds to coastal paths along the English Channel. Planning a cycling trip in England promises cultural immersion and abundant outdoor adventures, making it an unforgettable experience. Explore charming villages, soak in stunning vistas, and delve into the rich heritage of England on these epic bike tours.

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      Displaying 7 of 7 tours

      Open details for Isle of Wight Cycling Tour

      Southern England

      Isle of Wight Cycling Tour

      This is a lovely short break for cyclists who want an attractive sightseeing tour, with a mixture of town and country. Almost half the island has been designated as an area of Outstanding Natural Beauty. Distances are fairly short giving you time to stop and explore. The route is undulating and there are a few hills but nothing particularly difficult.

      Standard Biking
      5 days from $595USDDetails
      Open details for Yorkshire Wolds Cycling Tour

      Northern England

      Yorkshire Wolds Cycling Tour

      Unwind on this beautiful circular tour of the Yorkshire Wolds on quiet country lanes for ‘big sky’ cycling on back roads with long views. This cycle will appeal to those who want a gentle introduction to cycling in the English countryside, as the North York Wolds Cycle Route is certainly set up for that. The ‘Wolds’ comprise a great arcing chain of chalky hills north of the Humber Estuary. You can literally see for miles across this gently rolling, colourful chalk land‑agricultural landscape and then be winding your way through a sudden hidden dry valley. These are just some of the features painted by the internationally acclaimed artist David Hockney, who first discovered the Yorkshire Wolds on a bicycle. It is a landscape that inspired Hockney’s ‘Woldgate’. Along the way, the ride passes by hidden villages, grand country houses, nature reserves, historic priories, and some of the region’s most fascinating landmarks.

      Standard Biking
      7 days from $975USDDetails
      Open details for Yorkshire Dales Cycleway Tour

      Northern England

      Yorkshire Dales Cycleway Tour

      The iconic Yorkshire Dales National Park has extraordinary natural beauty derived from the Iceland rain sculptured limestone. It has over thousands of years been fashioned into a range of shallow and deep ‘Dales’, gorges, rocky pavements, waterfalls and gushing rivers, caves and woodland glades. Human interaction with the landscape has moulded the geology to create farms and fields lined with miles of dry‑stone walls, the ribbed ruins of abbeys, medieval castles, pastures glowing with multi‑shades of green, sitting below wilder lands of heather and sedge, home of red grouse and deer. The Yorkshire Dales Cycleway follows a circuit of normally quiet lanes that are ideal for cycling.

      Standard Biking
      9 days from $1,175USDDetails
      Open details for Cycling in Cornwall Tour

      Southern England

      Cycling in Cornwall Tour

      Cornwall is very much a holiday county with beaches, famous Cornish pasties, pirates, shipwrecks and the roaring sea. A cycling tour in Cornwall is a spectacular way to explore this part of England at the perfect pace, and this bike tour is so much more. Expect a journey through a varying landscape of inland heaths and downs, rolling hills and tumbling coastlines.

      Standard Biking
      9 days from $1,395USDDetails
      Open details for Southwest Cornwall Cycling Tour

      Southern England

      Southwest Cornwall Cycling Tour

      The far southwestern part of England in Cornwall is as unique as it is beautiful, and you’ll experience it in a special way by bicycle on the Southwest Cornwall cycling tour. Experience Cornish culture at its finest as you cycle from guesthouse to guesthouse and enjoy local hospitality all along the way.

      Standard Biking
      7 days from $1,550USDDetails
      Open details for Cotswolds Cycling Tour


      Cotswolds Cycling Tour

      Explore one of the most beautiful parts of England on this self-guided cycling tour of the Cotswolds. Hop on your bicycle for a week of exploration and relaxation in the tranquil countryside of the Cotswolds.

      Standard Biking
      7 days from $1,675USDDetails
      Open details for Stratford to Bath Cycling Tour


      Stratford to Bath Cycling Tour

      This Stratford to Bath cycling tour is packed full of scenic beauty and fascinating history. Enjoy cycling from village to village and staying in cute hotels and bed & breakfasts along the way.

      Standard Biking
      8 days from $2,450USDDetails

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      England General Information

      Where to go cycling in England

      There's a plethora of options for cycling in England, whether along the scenic routes of the Cotswolds, exploring the rugged terrain of Northern England, or cycling along the coastline in Southern England. From tranquil countryside to bustling cities, England's cycling tours cater to a variety of travelers.

      What makes cycling in England special?

      Cycling in England offers a unique blend of history, nature, and adventure. Cyclists can traverse iconic regions like the Cotswolds, Lake District, and Yorkshire Dales, immersing themselves in stunning landscapes and cultural treasures along the way.

      When to go cycling in England

      The best time for cycling in England depends on weather preferences and avoiding crowds. Late spring (May-June) and early fall (Sept-Oct) offer mild temperatures and fewer tourists. Summer is suitable for most regions, although it can be busier. Winter cycling is feasible in areas with mild climates, but it's worth noting that winters can be quite wet and unpleasantly damp, especially in coastal and northern regions, and at higher elevations, there may even be snowfall.

      Top 10 Bike Tours in England:

      1. Stratford to Bath Cycling Tour encompasses a scenic journey through quintessential English countryside, meandering from the birthplace of Shakespeare in Stratford-upon-Avon to the historic spa city of Bath, passing through picturesque villages and verdant landscapes along the way.
      2. Cotswolds Cycling Tour invites cyclists to pedal through the heart of the Cotswold region, where idyllic countryside, charming villages, and lush meadows create a picturesque backdrop for a leisurely ride.
      3. Cycling in Cornwall Tour offers riders the chance to explore Cornwall's rugged coastline, rolling hills, and quaint fishing villages as they pedal along scenic coastal paths and winding country lanes.
      4. Yorkshire Wolds Cycling Tour leads cyclists through the undulating landscapes of the Yorkshire Wolds, revealing panoramic views, hidden valleys, and historic market towns as riders traverse this lesser-known gem of England's countryside.
      5. Isle of Wight Cycling Tour allows cyclists to discover the island's diverse landscapes, from dramatic cliffs and sandy beaches to lush forests and picturesque villages, all while enjoying a network of scenic cycle paths and quiet country lanes.

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