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    Greek Mainland Hiking Tours

    Greek Mainland hiking tours promise an unforgettable journey through one of Europe's most diverse and captivating landscapes, making for a transformative outdoor experience unlike any other. From the rugged trails of Mount Olympus to the ancient paths of Meteora, embarking on a hiking tour in the Greek Mainland unveils a perfect harmony of nature and culture, inviting you to discover the heart and soul of mainland Greece on foot.

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      Displaying 14 of 14 tours

      Open details for Summit Mount Olympus Trekking Tour

      Greek Mainland

      Summit Mount Olympus Trekking Tour

      This tour is your chance to trek one of the most mystical mountains on earth: Mount Olympus. This self-guided journey starts in Litochoro, an enchanting town at the foot of Greece’s highest peak. Then you’ll spend two days on the mountain, sleeping in a mountain hut on the second night. You should be comfortable hiking up some serious elevation on this tour to reach the summit, a worthy reward for your effort.

      4 days from $195USDDetails
      Open details for Walking and Dining in Athens Tour

      Greek Mainland

      Walking and Dining in Athens Tour

      Athens is the oldest city in Europe and the city with the longest history! Strolling through Athens, you will be thrilled to discover this rich history as Ancient, Roman, Byzantine and modern monuments abound. Pedestrian walkways lead you through green parks connecting major sites like the Acropolis, the Acropolis Museum and the Pnyx Theater, which is considered the birthplace of democracy. Dine on multiple courses at fine restaurants and sample the fare at local taverns in each spot. A unique food-on-foot tour!

      3 days from $250USDDetails
      Open details for 2-Day Mt Olympus Hike

      Greek Mainland

      2-Day Mt Olympus Hike

      Join an exhilarating 2-day hiking tour through the legendary Mount Olympus, revered as the abode of ancient Greek Gods!

      2 days from $295USDDetails
      Open details for Mount Olympus & Northern Greece Hiking

      Greek Mainland

      Mount Olympus & Northern Greece Hiking

      Mount Olympus is the highest mountain in Greece and the fabled home of Zeus and the Greek Gods. This self-guided trekking tour takes you on the legendary path up the mountain and into the clouds, where you can look out over the expansive landscape of Mount Olympus National Park with the Aegean Sea to the east.

      7 days from $375USDDetails
      Open details for Zagori Trekking Tour


      Zagori Trekking Tour

      The Zagori area is one of the best walking regions in Greece. Discover this remote wonderland for yourself on the 6-day self-guided Zagori Trekking Tour.

      6 days from $395USDDetails
      Open details for Mt. Olympus Classic

      Greek Mainland

      Mt. Olympus Classic

      Mt. Olympus, the name conjures up visions of beauty and history. Mount Olympus is a place of divine beauty, blessed by the ancient Greek gods and chosen by Zeus to host their home. It is also the highest mountain in Greece.

      3 days from $425USDDetails
      Open details for Vikos Gorge Hiking Tour

      Greek Mainland

      Vikos Gorge Hiking Tour

      Spend 7 days exploring the Zagori region in northwest Greece on this self-guided walking holiday. This tour features hikes between the mountain villages of the impressive Vikos Gorge, one of the most impressive spots to explore by foot in all of Greece.

      7 days from $425USDDetails
      Open details for Pelion Peninsula Hiking Tour

      Greek Mainland

      Pelion Peninsula Hiking Tour

      The 8-Day Self-Guided Pelion Peninsula Hiking Tour invites you to discover the lush green mountainous peninsula of Pelion on mainland Greece. Walk from village to village via old, cobbled paths, through forests and along coastal paths, flanked by mountains and sea. Enjoy the picturesque, turquoise bays that invite you to swim and this land of the mythical Centaurs, half human, half horse.

      8 days from $525USDDetails
      Open details for Walking Athens and Kea Island Tour

      Greek Islands

      Walking Athens and Kea Island Tour

      Discover the cradle of western civilization on this self-guided walking holiday in Greece. You’ll have two days to explore the incredible sights of Athens before leaving for the tranquil shores of the island of Kea.

      8 days from $725USDDetails
      Open details for Hiking the Ancient Paths of Zagori & Meteora

      Greek Mainland

      Hiking the Ancient Paths of Zagori & Meteora

      Discover the incredible Pindus Mountains of Greece on this once-in-a-lifetime guided walking adventure. The Hiking the Ancient Paths of Zagori & Meteora tour whisks you away from Athens and shows you the unbelievable natural beauty of the Greek mountains.

      May-Jun, Sep-Oct
      7 days from $1,325USDDetails
      Open details for Greek Mountains Adventure

      Greek Mainland

      Greek Mountains Adventure

      Discover the ancient secrets and incredible beauty of mainland Greece on this active holiday. The Greek Mountains Adventure takes you away from the coast to show off the stunning sights of the mountainous interior.

      Mar-Jun, Sep-Nov
      7 days from $1,495USDDetails
      Open details for The Menalon Trail Hiking Tour

      Greek Mainland

      The Menalon Trail Hiking Tour

      Cover 75 kilometres of pristine Greek wilderness on the Menalon Trail, one of the finest multi-day hikes in the country. The Menalon Trail is a long mountain trail in Arcadia that unfolds through the Lousios River gorge, the western slopes of Mt. Menalon, and the Northeast Gortynia Mountains. It is recognized as a Greek Path of Nature and culture and is recognized for its pristine natural beauty and historical importance.

      Mar-Jul, Sep-Nov
      7 days from $1,595USDDetails
      Open details for North Greece Hiking Tour

      Greek Mainland

      North Greece Hiking Tour

      Greece is more than blue seas and white islands! On the North Greece Hiking Tour, you’ll discover the mountainous side of this country with more than 300 peaks. Hit the summit of Mount Olympus, the home of the 12 ancient Greek Gods, with a breathtaking view. Explore other peaks and walk within dense forests, some of which rank among the oldest natural wooded lands in Europe. Peaks and gorges, rivers and untouched forests make northern Greece a paradise for adventure seekers! Discover the mountainous paradise of Zagori, with its authentic villages and spectacular views. 44 traditional villages are scattered in this magnificent wild natural environment.

      8 days from $2,225USDDetails
      Open details for North Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria Hiking Tour

      Greek Mainland

      North Macedonia, Greece and Bulgaria Hiking Tour

      This 11-day hiking tour leads you across the centre of the Balkans through North Macedonia, into northern Greece, and finishes in Bulgaria. This region has an extensive history and has been recorded in mythological and historical books alike. Walk among the gods on this adventure!

      11 days from $2,425USDDetails

      1-14 of 14 tours

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      Greek Mainland General Information

      Where to Trek in the Greek Mainland

      When planning your trekking adventure in the Greek Mainland, consider starting from iconic hubs like Mount Olympus or Meteora, offering access to a myriad of trails and breathtaking scenery. Other notable starting points include Zagori, Pelion, and Pindus, each showcasing unique landscapes and cultural treasures to explore on foot.

      What makes Trekking in the Greek Mainland special?

      Trekking in the Greek Mainland offers a unique blend of rugged mountain terrain, ancient history, and vibrant local culture. Whether summiting mythical peaks or traversing lush valleys, hikers are rewarded with awe-inspiring vistas and encounters with Greece's rich heritage at every turn.

      When to go Trekking in the Greek Mainland

      For optimal trekking conditions in the Greek Mainland, plan your adventure during the spring (April to June) or autumn (September to October) months. Summer can be hot, but higher elevations offer respite from the heat. Winter trekking is possible in lower elevations, but snow can make higher trails inaccessible.

      Top 5 Hiking Adventures in the Mainland of Greece

      1. Hiking Mount Olympus: Ascend to the mythical summit of Mount Olympus, the highest peak in Greece, and immerse yourself in breathtaking vistas of the surrounding landscapes, while traversing ancient paths steeped in legend and history.
      2. Exploring Meteora: Trek amidst the towering rock formations of Meteora, where ancient monasteries perch precariously atop steep cliffs, offering panoramic views of the rugged landscape and a glimpse into Greece's spiritual and cultural heritage.
      3. Zagori Trails: Embark on a journey through the pristine wilderness of Zagori, navigating stone bridges and winding trails that lead to picturesque villages nestled amidst lush forests, stunning gorges, and cascading waterfalls.
      4. Menalon Trail: Discover the beauty of the Menalon Trail, a scenic hiking route that winds through the lush forests and tranquil valleys of the Peloponnese, offering a peaceful retreat amidst nature's splendor and a chance to connect with Greece's rural heritage.
      5. Vikos Gorge: Descend into the depths of Vikos Gorge, one of the deepest gorges in the world, and trek along its rugged trails, surrounded by towering cliffs, pristine rivers, and diverse flora and fauna, in a journey of awe-inspiring natural beauty.

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