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    Morocco Hiking Tours

    Morocco hiking tours unlock a world of diverse terrains, from the majestic Atlas Mountains to the vast Sahara Desert and serene coastal trails. Offering a unique mix of adventure and cultural immersion, these tours allow you to explore ancient Kasbahs, lush oases, and traditional Berber villages, savoring Morocco’s rich history and culinary delights along the way. Embrace the spirit of Morocco on these unforgettable hiking adventures.

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      Displaying 6 of 6 tours

      Open details for Atlas Valley Trek

      Atlas Mountains

      Atlas Valley Trek

      Experience the natural beauty of the Atlas Valley in Morocco on a guided trekking tour that’s suitable for the whole family. You’ll explore Ouirgane National Park then trek through the Atlas Valley to the Azzaden Valley. You’ll also see the stunning peaks of Mount Toubkal and other nearby mountains on this incredible Atlas Valley trek.

      5 days from $395USDDetails
      Open details for Mount Toubkal Summit Trek

      Atlas Mountains

      Mount Toubkal Summit Trek

      Get the ultimate trekking experience in Morocco in a short period of time on this guided trek to the summit of Mount Toubkal. Mount Toubkal is the tallest summit in northern Africa, and it does not require any technical climbing to reach the summit.

      5 days from $425USDDetails
      Open details for Villages, Valleys, and Toubkal Trek

      Atlas Mountains

      Villages, Valleys, and Toubkal Trek

      The Villages, Valleys, and Toubkal trekking tour shows you the best of the Atlas Mountains in a spectacular week of adventures. You’ll be awe-struck by the incredible views from a number of scenic mountain passes as you cross from one beautiful valley to the next.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      8 days from $625USDDetails
      Open details for Complete Toubkal Circuit Trek

      Atlas Mountains

      Complete Toubkal Circuit Trek

      Explore the breathtaking scenery and fascinating local culture of the Atlas Mountains of Morocco on this Toubkal Circuit trekking tour. Enjoy amazing views from scenic mountain passes, then look out over the entire Atlas mountain range and the plains of Marrakesh from the peak of Mount Toubkal.

      8 days from $725USDDetails
      Open details for Atlas Valley Trek & Sahara Desert Tour

      Atlas Mountains

      Atlas Valley Trek & Sahara Desert Tour

      The Atlas Valley Trek and Sahara Desert Tour is the perfect way to combine an exciting desert adventure with a beautiful trek through the Atlas Mountains. Your trek takes you over exquisite and scenic mountain passes without climbing to altitudes above 2,000 m. You’ll see beautiful panoramic views and take lovely forested trails past waterfalls.

      Cultural Sightseeing
      8 days from $795USDDetails
      Open details for Mount Toubkal Summit & Sahara Tour

      Atlas Mountains

      Mount Toubkal Summit & Sahara Tour

      Can’t decide between an exciting trek and a fascinating desert adventure for your trip to Morocco? With the Toubkal Trek and Erg Chebbi Tour, you don’t have to choose. This tour is like an adventure highlight reel for Morocco.

      9 days from $950USDDetails

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      Morocco General Information

      Where to go trekking in Morocco

      Morocco offers trekkers varied landscapes, from the High Atlas's peaks to Skoura's tranquil Palmeraie. Highlights include climbing Mount Toubkal, wandering the Dades Valley, Sahara desert treks, and serene hikes in the Rif Mountains or along Essaouira's coast.

      Why is Morocco great for trekking?

      Morocco is a top trekking destination, offering diverse terrains, stunning scenery, and a mix of cultures. The Atlas Mountains feature rugged paths and Berber hospitality, and the Sahara showcases vast deserts. With a solid tourism infrastructure, Morocco caters to trekkers of all abilities, ensuring a memorable adventure.

      When to trek in Morocco

      The best times to trek in Morocco are during the spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November) when the weather is most favorable. The Atlas Mountains are best from April to October, avoiding winter snows. For desert treks, aim for the cooler months outside of the peak summer heat.

      Top 5 treks in Morocco

      1. Ascent of Mount Toubkal - The highest peak in North Africa offers challenging trails and panoramic views.
      2. Trek through the Dades Valley - Known for its dramatic landscapes and the opportunity to explore traditional Berber villages.
      3. Sahara Desert Trek - Experience the vastness of the desert, camping under the stars and exploring dunes.
      4. Hiking in the Rif Mountains - Offers lush, green landscapes and is less crowded, providing a tranquil hiking experience.
      5. Coastal Trails around Essaouira - Enjoy milder hikes with scenic coastal views and the refreshing Atlantic breeze.

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