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    Switzerland Bike Tours

    Switzerland bike tours highlight some of Europe's most stunning scenery, from the majestic Alps to the serene waters of Lake Geneva. Embarking on a cycling trip in Switzerland opens the door to unparalleled natural beauty and rich cultural encounters, defining the essence of an unforgettable European adventure. Traverse idyllic landscapes, soak in breathtaking vistas, and dive deep into Switzerland's culture on these Switzerland cycling tours.

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      Displaying 5 of 5 tours

      Open details for Rh么ne River by Bike: Geneva to Lyon

      French Alps

      Rh么ne River by Bike: Geneva to Lyon

      Experience the legendary Via Rh么na cycling route on the 7-day self-guided Rh么ne River by Bike: Geneva to Lyon tour. This mesmerizing cycling holiday, which takes you from the magnetic streets of Geneva to Leon鈥檚 picturesque lanes, is the perfect way to experience the beauty of the Alps and the charm of the French countryside as you explore the upper Rh么ne Valley. The well-known Via Rh么na cycling route has seen cyclists riding from Lake Geneva to the Mediterranean since 1995. The 815km route comprises a portion of the famous EuroVelo cycling route, and this tour invites you to experience a section of it.

      Standard Biking
      7 days from $950USDDetails
      Open details for Lake Constance Bike Tour


      Lake Constance Bike Tour

      This epic cycle tour takes you through the famous Lake Constance region to the hinterland. The Alpine panorama and the vast expanse of Lake Constance create a unique atmosphere. At the foot of the Alps, you cycle through the magnificent landscape of the three hospitable countries Austria, Switzerland and Germany. Forest paths, idyllic villages, hamlets and beautiful vineyards and orchards will embellish your journey. The Lake Constance region also offers several architectural and historical sights and is filled with history, poetry, nature and wilderness.

      Standard Biking
      6 days from $1,125USDDetails
      Open details for Full Via Rh么na Cycling Route: Geneva to Orange

      French Alps

      Full Via Rh么na Cycling Route: Geneva to Orange

      Challenge yourself to an epic cycling adventure that will have you completing the Via Rh么na cycle route, cycling from Geneva, Switzerland to Orange, France. This 13-day multi-country self-guided cycling tour will introduce you to the spellbinding beauty of the upper and lower Rh么ne Valley.

      Standard Biking
      13 days from $1,750USDDetails
      Open details for Italian and Swiss Lakes Cycling Tour

      Italian Lakes

      Italian and Swiss Lakes Cycling Tour

      The Italian and Swiss lake country is full of world-class routes, and what better way to take in the staggering natural beauty of this region than by bike? This guided cycling tour takes you around several gorgeous lakes and into ancient towns filled with stunning architecture.

      Road Bike
      8 days from $3,175USDDetails
      Open details for Guided Grand Alps E-Bike Tour

      French Alps

      Guided Grand Alps E-Bike Tour

      You don鈥檛 need to be a mountaineer to get to know the highest peaks in the Alps. On this trip, you鈥檒l get close to the mountain giants with e-bikes, cable cars, and the famous Swiss Glacier Express. Start in the Savoy Alps with a panoramic bike route and views of Lake Geneva and Mont Blanc. And cable cars will take you over towers of ice and crevasses to the romantic Italian Aosta Valley. Here, you can bike in breathtaking mountain scenery to the next highlight: With a cable car, you will pass the legendary Matterhorn and float into Switzerland to Zermatt. There you will explore the wild sources of the river Rhine by bike and Glacier Express. The destination of the journey is the Rhaetian capital Chur in Switzerland.

      8 days from $5,175USDDetails

      1-5 of 5 tours

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      Switzerland General Information

      Where to go cycling in Switzerland

      Cycling in Switzerland suits all levels, from Alpine mountain passes to tranquil lakeside paths. Highlighted routes are the national Lake Constance route, the elevated Alpine Panorama Route, and the scenic Rhone Route through vineyards and historical areas. These inclusive tours cater to diverse preferences, ensuring a fulfilling experience for every cyclist.

      What makes cycling in Switzerland special?

      Cycling in Switzerland uniquely combines adventure, nature, and culture, thanks to its extensive, safe cycling routes through historical and naturally splendid regions like the Engadin Valley, Bernese Oberland, and Lake Geneva's vineyards. Enhanced by a strong commitment to sustainability and outdoor life, Switzerland emerges as a top choice for cyclists seeking comprehensive experiences.

      When to go cycling in Switzerland

      Choosing when to cycle in Switzerland depends on the desired experience and weather preferences. Late spring and early fall are ideal for milder temperatures and fewer tourists. Summer offers warmer weather and vibrant landscapes, though it is the peak tourist season. Certain routes in lower altitudes remain pleasant for cycling even in the early fall.

      Top 5 Bike Tours in Switzerland:

      1. The Via Rhona - Part of a larger route that stretches from the Alpine glaciers to the Mediterranean Sea, the Swiss section of the Via Rhona offers cyclists a chance to explore the Rhone River's picturesque paths, connecting the Alps to Lake Geneva with scenic views and culturally rich stopovers.
      2. Lake Constance Cycle Path - This popular route encircles the entire Lake Constance, touching Switzerland, Germany, and Austria. It's known for its flat paths, making it accessible for families and cyclists looking for leisurely rides with views of the lake and the surrounding mountains.
      3. Grand Alps Tour - A challenging route that takes cyclists through some of the most iconic Alpine passes in Switzerland. This tour is for those seeking the thrill of elevation, breathtaking vistas, and the experience of Switzerland's majestic mountain landscape.
      4. The North-South Route - This route offers an unforgettable journey from the shores of Lake Constance to the palm-lined streets of Ticino, passing through the heart of the Swiss Alps, including the challenging Gotthard Pass. It's a blend of cultural and natural landscapes, showcasing the diversity of Switzerland.
      5. The Jura Route (National Route 7) - This tranquil route takes cyclists through the serene Jura Mountains, offering a peaceful escape with lush landscapes, rolling hills, and opportunities for sighting local wildlife. It's ideal for those seeking a less strenuous journey through one of Switzerland's most picturesque and quiet regions.

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