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    United States Bike Tours

    United States bike tours guide you through the sweeping vistas of the Pacific Coast Highway to the historic routes of the East Coast. Embarking on a cycling trip in the United States offers not only a journey through varied landscapes but also an adventure into the heart of American culture and natural beauty. Experience the vibrant city life, tranquility of the countryside, rugged national parks on these incredible U.S. cycling tours.

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      Displaying 10 of 10 tours

      Open details for Biking the Northwest Passage

      US West

      Biking the Northwest Passage

      This biking adventure through the gorgeous Northwest Passage is easygoing and packed with exceptional Pacific Northwest scenery. Explore the beautiful bikeways that have been newly restored on the historic Columbia River Highway.

      6 days from $2,645USDDetails
      Open details for Magnificent Moab Cycling Tour

      US West

      Magnificent Moab Cycling Tour

      Explore the otherworldly landscapes of Moab on the 6-day guided Magnificant Moab Cycling Tour! Moab and the surrounding area is one of the gems of Utah, offering quintessential rocky desert scenery and incredible cycling routes. The roads are usually quiet, so you won’t have much to distract you from the amazing sandstone scenery.

      Road Bike
      6 days from $2,975USDDetails
      Open details for Death Valley Cycling Tour

      US West

      Death Valley Cycling Tour

      Ready to adventure through one of the most extreme environments on earth? This 6-day guided cycling tour explores the hills and valleys of the magnificent Death Valley National Park in California. You’ll be riding through the surreal desert landscapes, treated to spectacular mountain views of the Grapevine, Funeral, and Panamint Ranges.

      Road Bike
      6 days from $2,989USDDetails
      Open details for Cycling the Selkirks and Kootenays


      Cycling the Selkirks and Kootenays

      The Cycling the Selkirks and Kootenays tour is a 9-day guided road biking tour that will take you through the spectacular mountain ranges of southern British Columbia.

      Road Bike
      9 days from $3,145USDDetails
      Open details for Bryce Canyon and Zion Biking and Hiking Adventure

      US West

      Bryce Canyon and Zion Biking and Hiking Adventure

      Discover the incredible geological formations of Bryce Canyon and Zion National Park on this 8-day guided hiking and biking holiday. This part of Utah boasts some of the most special scenery in the United States. You’re bound to feel like you’re exploring another planet at times! After pedaling across hoodoos and around the base of mountains, you’ll use your own two feet to explore even further. Hike up Angel’s Landing? Yes, please!

      Road Bike
      8 days from $3,205USDDetails
      Open details for Cycling the Adirondack Mountains

      US East

      Cycling the Adirondack Mountains

      Spend 7 glorious days exploring one of the original vacation spots in the United States, the Adirondack Mountains! You’ll spend your days discovering peaceful lakes, charming mountain communities, and tranquil forests on this weeklong guided cycling adventure.

      Road Bike
      7 days from $3,270USDDetails
      Open details for Great Allegheny Passage Biking

      US East

      Great Allegheny Passage Biking

      The 9-day guided Great Allegheny Passage Biking Tour offers an extraordinary ride down the Great Allegheny Passage and the Chesapeake and Ohio Historical Trail. Ride along the traffic-free historic bike trails that stretch through the beautiful landscapes between Pittsburgh and Washington, D.C.

      Standard Biking
      9 days from $3,375USDDetails
      Open details for Steamboat Springs Gravel Biking Adventure

      US West

      Steamboat Springs Gravel Biking Adventure

      Steamboat Springs may be famous for their trademarked “Champagne Snow”, but in the summer this ski town is perfect for gravel riding! Gravel riding is an exciting way to explore the mountains by bike, taking trails off the beaten path to perfect viewpoints.

      Standard Biking
      7 days from $3,650USDDetails
      Open details for Volcanoes of the Cascades Cycling Tour

      US West

      Volcanoes of the Cascades Cycling Tour

      This challenging guided cycling tour is not for the faint of heart! During the 8-day Cascade Volcanoes Cycling Tour, you’ll tackle four of the major mountains in the Cascade Range. This volcanic mountain range stretches over 1000 kilometres down the Pacific coast of the United States and is the perfect place to put your endurance to the test.

      Road Bike
      8 days from $3,995USDDetails
      Open details for California Coast Biking Tour

      US West

      California Coast Biking Tour

      This 8-day guided cycling tour shows you that California offers so much more than just beaches! You will spend time cycling in the salty sea air and enjoying the spectacular coastline, but this tour also explores the Santa Cruz Mountains, wine country, and even the Hearst Castle.

      Road Bike
      8 days from $4,550USDDetails

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      United States General Information

      Where to go cycling in the United States

      The United States offers a wide range of cycling destinations, from the Blue Ridge Parkway's scenic routes to Moab, Utah's challenging trails. Cyclists can discover Napa Valley's wine regions, the Oregon Coast's beauty, or the Great Allegheny Passage's epic journey. With diverse routes, the U.S. welcomes both casual riders and experienced cyclists.

      What makes cycling in the United States special?

      Cycling in the United States is distinguished by its unique combination of cultural immersion, natural wonders, and expansive landscapes. The country's vast network of bike paths and trails passes through some of the most iconic and diverse scenery in the world, including the majestic Rocky Mountains, the serene Great Lakes, and the historic landmarks of the Northeast.

      When to go cycling in the United States

      The optimal time for cycling trips in the United States varies by region. Spring and fall generally offer the best weather conditions nationwide, with cooler temperatures and scenic foliage. Summer is ideal for northern and high-altitude areas, offering long daylight hours for exploration. In the southern states, winter provides a mild and comfortable climate for cycling.

      Top 5 Bike Tours in the United States:

      1. Napa Valley, California - Cycle through California's wine country, enjoying vineyard views and wine tasting along the way.
      2. Great Allegheny Passage, Pennsylvania to Maryland - A scenic rail-trail offering a serene ride through forests, over bridges, and along rivers.
      3. Going-to-the-Sun Road, Glacier National Park, Montana - A challenging climb with rewarding views of glaciers, mountain peaks, and wildflowers.
      4. Katy Trail, Missouri - The longest developed rail-trail in the country, meandering through small towns and along the Missouri River.
      5. Oregon Coast Bike Route, Oregon - A rugged coastline route featuring quaint towns, lighthouses, and panoramic ocean views.

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