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    United States Hiking Tours

    United States hiking tours will take you from the towering Rockies and lush forests of the Pacific Northwest to the dramatic canyons of the Southwest. With enriching cultural experiences, diverse cuisine, and well-maintained trails, hiking in the United States is the ideal mix of adventure and discovery. Traverse through national parks, marvel at panoramic views, and dive into the American way of life on these extraordinary U.S. hiking tours.

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      Displaying 15 of 49 tours

      Open details for Yosemite Falls Backpacking Tour


      Yosemite Falls Backpacking Tour

      The Yosemite Falls Backpacking Tour may be only three days, but it packs a punch when it comes to dazzling scenery, ridiculous views, and hiking adventures. Expect to wind to North America’s highest waterfalls, the ever-so mighty: Yosemite Falls. But that’s not all! You’ll get to marvel at the imposing Mt. Watkins and Half Dome from your spectacular camping spot on Day 2.

      3 days from $995USDDetails
      Open details for Backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Tour

      US West

      Backpacking in the Sierra Nevada Tour

      For adventurers looking for a beginner-friendly but highly rewarding trekking tour, this journey through the Sierra Nevada is for you. Spend the first night in a lakeside resort at nature’s doorstep, then venture into the wilderness for the rest of the 4-day tour. Pack your backpack and follow your guide through trails replete with pine trees, streams, waterfalls, and alpine meadows until reaching your high-mountain lakeside campsite where you’ll stay for two nights. Hiking options are available on Day 3: relax by the lake, take a short walk, or choose to summit the nearby 3,200-metre Madera Peak. Treat yourself to a long-weekend getaway in the absolutely breathtaking Ansel Adams Wilderness in the Sierra Nevada.

      4 days from $1,195USDDetails
      Open details for Hiking in Yosemite Valley Tour


      Hiking in Yosemite Valley Tour

      Explore the highlights of the magnificent Yosemite Valley on this 4-day hiking tour. Your expert wilderness guide will lead you on- and off-trail to the valley’s most incredible vantage points. For landscape photographers, this is your weekend tour!

      4 days from $1,295USDDetails
      Open details for Yellowstone Beginner Backpacking Tour


      Yellowstone Beginner Backpacking Tour

      Get acquainted with backpacking as you hike to Shoshone Geyser Basin in Yellowstone National Park. Situated along Shoshone Lake, it is the largest backcountry geyser basin in Yellowstone – and you’ll have it all to ourselves!

      4 days from $1,450USDDetails
      Open details for Yellowstone Sky Rim Backpacking Tour


      Yellowstone Sky Rim Backpacking Tour

      Dive into a true backcountry experience as you hike along the Sky Rim Trail in Yellowstone National Park over 4 thrilling days.

      4 days from $1,450USDDetails
      Open details for Alpine Lakes Backpacking Adventure


      Alpine Lakes Backpacking Adventure

      Escape society and travel deep into remote wonders tucked into Ansel Adams Wilderness on this guided Alpine Lakes Backpacking Adventure. Alongside a trusted guide, you’ll travel to pristine scenery, such as granite peaks, meadows cloaked in wildflowers, glittering lakes, and rivers cutting into Southern Yosemite’s tremendous landscape.

      5 days from $1,495USDDetails
      Open details for Chilkoot Trail Hike


      Chilkoot Trail Hike

      Immerse yourself into one of the classic trekking trips in all of North America: The Chilkoot Trail. Follow the route of the gold rush into the Yukon, over the incredible Chilkoot Pass. Along the way marvel at the beauty of Alaska, Northern British Columbia and the Yukon.

      7 days from $1,550USDDetails
      Open details for Winter in the American West Self-drive Tour

      US West

      Winter in the American West Self-drive Tour

      The southwestern United States is a spectacular area of contrasting landscapes, from the rugged Pacific coast and glittering cities to the wild canyons of Utah’s Colour Country. The Winter in the American West Self-drive Tour is an unreal self-guided road trip through some of the most beautiful landscapes of the southwest, from the coast to the desert.

      Jan-Apr, Dec
      14 days from $1,550USDDetails
      Open details for Pacific Northwest Self-Drive Tour

      West Coast & Vancouver Island

      Pacific Northwest Self-Drive Tour

      The Pacific Northwest is full of diverse and beautiful landscapes for you to discover on this self-drive adventure. This itinerary leads you to the mountains and coastline so you can hike and explore Seattle, Whistler, and Vancouver Island.

      15 days from $1,950USDDetails
      Open details for Half Dome Backpacking Tour


      Half Dome Backpacking Tour

      One word describes this “bang for your buck” guided 5-day Half Dome Backpacking Tour in Yosemite National Park: epic. Traverse a montage of remarkable scenery before ascending the iconic Half Dome. Camp along the scenic Merced River, pass by the roaring Nevada Fall and meander a portion of the famous John Muir Trail.

      Jun-Jul, Sep
      5 days from $1,995USDDetails
      Open details for Rocky Mountain Backpacking Tour

      US West

      Rocky Mountain Backpacking Tour

      Spend six days backpacking in Rocky Mountain National Park with a group of like-minded outdoor adventurers on the Rocky Mountain Backpacking Tour. On this challenging adventure, you’ll explore the park’s hidden gems with a naturalist guide as you hike to stunning alpine lakes and craggy peaks. Gather around the fire and share ghost stories, then tuck down in your tents beneath the starry sky, making for an authentic American backpacking experience.

      6 days from $2,050USDDetails
      Open details for Alaska Self-Drive Tour


      Alaska Self-Drive Tour

      Spend 12 incredible days discovering the wild beauty of Alaska on this self-drive tour in a rental car. The Alaska Self-Drive Tour covers the territory between Seward in the south, to the wilderness of Denali National Park, and all the way north to Fairbanks with plenty of time to explore in between.

      12 days from $2,075USDDetails
      Open details for Cloud’s Rest and Half Dome Backpacking Trip


      Cloud’s Rest and Half Dome Backpacking Trip

      Explore the spectacular scenery sprawling across Yosemite National Park, view some wild wonders from up close as you snake along the various paths—including the famous John Muir Trail—and marvel at the staggering landscape layered below from atop Cloud’s Rest and Half Dome. That’s right, the 5-day guided Cloud’s Rest and Half Dome Backpacking Trip takes you to two of the most remarkable peaks in Yosemite.

      5 days from $2,095USDDetails
      Open details for High Passes Backpacking Trip in Yosemite


      High Passes Backpacking Trip in Yosemite

      Escape to the wild and embark on the unforgettable guided High Passes Backpacking Trip in Yosemite National Park. This impressive route has you traversing 80 km and crossing 4 high elevation passes in 8 days. You’ll spend each night camping in the thick of the wild, alongside scenic lakes with elaborate mountain backdrops, such as Upper Merced Pass Lake and Lake 10K.

      8 days from $2,295USDDetails
      Open details for Hiking in the High Sierra Tour

      US West

      Hiking in the High Sierra Tour

      This magnificent 5-day journey into the High Sierra will allow you to reconnect with nature. Your gear will be carried by pack animals—all you have to carry is a day-pack with your clothes, water, and camera—so you can enjoy the hike and admire the surrounding without the burden of bearing weight. Appreciate nature, unburdened.

      5 days from $2,295USDDetails

      1-15 of 49 tours

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      United States General Information

      Where to go trekking in the United States

      The United States offers a wealth of trekking adventures, from the Grand Canyon's majesty and Yosemite's scenic trails to the Appalachian Trail's challenge. Trek through the Rocky Mountains, the tranquil Great Smoky Mountains, and Zion National Park's stunning landscapes. With such diversity, every trekker is guaranteed an unforgettable experience.

      Why is the United States great for trekking?

      The United States stands out as a top trekking destination with its wide-ranging landscapes, iconic trails like the Pacific Crest Trail, and a wealth of natural wonders. From the deserts of Utah to the alpine environments of Colorado and the coastal vistas of California, the country's extensive trail network and national parks system make trekking accessible to adventurers of all levels.

      When to trek in the United States

      The best time to trek in the United States varies by region. Optimal hiking conditions are found in the spring and fall in most areas, offering mild weather and fewer crowds. Summer is ideal for higher-altitude trails and northern regions, while winter appeals to those seeking snowshoeing or milder climates in the southern states.

      Top 10 treks in the United States

      1. John Muir Trail, California - A legendary trek through the Sierra Nevada, passing by Yosemite, Kings Canyon, and Sequoia National Parks.
      2. Appalachian Trail, Eastern U.S. - Spanning from Georgia to Maine, this extensive trail offers a variety of landscapes and is a bucket-list hike for many.
      3. Pacific Crest Trail, West Coast - From the Mexican border through California, Oregon, and Washington to Canada, it's a test of endurance and a showcase of the West's beauty.
      4. Chilkoot Trail - This historic trail crosses from Alaska into Canada, following the path of the Gold Rush stampeders through coastal rainforest, alpine tundra, and boreal forest.
      5. Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim, Arizona - A challenging and rewarding hike offering incredible views of one of the world’s natural wonders.
      6. Mt. Whitney, California - The highest peak in the contiguous United States, this trek offers challenging climbs and rewarding summit views.
      7. Teton Crest Trail, Wyoming - Traversing the Grand Teton National Park, it provides breathtaking views of the Teton Range.
      8. Kalalau Trail, Hawaii - A stunning coastal hike on Kauai’s Napali Coast, featuring dramatic cliffs and lush valleys.
      9. Wonderland Trail, Washington - Circling Mount Rainier, this trail offers a complete immersion into the Pacific Northwest's alpine and forested environments.
      10. Continental Divide Trail, Rocky Mountains - Stretching from Canada to Mexico, it crosses some of the most stunning landscapes in Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, and New Mexico.

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