Wind River Mountain Range
Wind River Mountain Range

Wind River Mountain Range

Region in Wyoming, United States
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The Wind River Mountain Range is a rugged piece of the Rocky Mountains that boasts endless outdoor pursuits. Encompassing over 2.25 million acres, the Wind River Range is Wyoming's largest mountain range and is home to the state's highest summit, Gannett Peak, at 13804ft. This jagged swathe of wilderness offers an abundance of adventure opportunities to satisfy every type of explorer.

Home to over 40 named peaks over 13000ft, there is no shortage of alpine environments awaiting your discovery. With the highest crest in the state, the Wind River Mountain Range also holds 7 of the ten largest glaciers in the Lower 48. The topographic variety here is unparalleled—with over 2,300 lakes, several glacial cirques and valleys, montane meadows, and alpine forests. The beauty of the mountainous wilderness renders even the worldliest explorers speechless.

The Wind River Mountain Range offers many experiences, from easy-going lakeside strolls to arduous climbs and everything in between. Commanding the skyline with snow-capped granite crests, it's not hard to imagine this area as a climber's retreat! Boasting incredible climbing, scrambling, and repelling pursuits, the Cirque of the Towers—which is found within the range, is the holy grail. Surrounded by sheer granite mountain faces, the famous cirque is a bustling hangout for common technical mountaineers.

While climbing is one of the most popular recreational activities, hiking, backpacking, and mountain biking opportunities are also abundant. Explore lush sub-alpine forests or ascend the timberline into the snow-dusted alpine terrain. Note that winter expeditions into the Winds are limited. The rugged peaks offer skiing at the White Pine Ski Resort, but many backcountry trails are rendered impassable due to avalanches and snowfall. Full of wonderment and wildlife, a trip to Wyoming's largest range is a staple.

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