What’s better than getting outdoors and being active? Being outdoors and active in one of the most stunning natural wonders in Canada: Banff National Park! Hiking is a great way to experience this park and, with the views it gives you, you’ll want to cherish them forever. What’s the best way to capture those memories while subtly showing off to your friends? Instagram. Duh.

So, with that in mind here are the most popular – and most stunning – hikes to post on your socials. Now, these aren’t our photos; we culled these shots from some of Alberta’s best #travelgram-ers. If you like them make sure to like them or follow them. Ok, pack your bag; it’s time to hike!

#1: Lake Louise

The best time to grab this famous shot is at sunrise to mid morning. Most are taken from the canoe boat-dock with reflections of Mount Victoria. Is there any image more associated with the Canadian Rockies? Plus you can easily do three of our great Lake Louise hikes from here. From easiest to most challenging they are Lake Agnes Tea HouseMount Fairview Summit, and Mount St.Piran.

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#2: Moraine Lake

Moraine Lakee looks great from many angles, good thing our hike provides you with them! The most popular shot is from atop the rock pile overlooking the turquoise, brightly colored canoes, and the Valley of the Ten Peaks. Fun fact: this shot used to be on the Canadian $20 bills from 1969-1979, and is a world-famous Canadian icon. The jagged gray peaks, reflected in the stunning turquoise lake, make this one of the best views in Banff.

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#3: Peyto Lake Viewpoint

This is a great hike for the whole family, and a real contender as one of the best views in Banff. This of course can make it busy, but we know of a second viewpoint without as many hikers. Pass along the well-marked trail through dense forest before you emerge at the Upper Peyto Lake viewpoint. So, if you want to post this popular insta-hotspot on your timeline check out our Peyto Lake hike for all the details. We’re sure you’ll love it as much as we do..

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#5: Lake Minnewanka

Lake Minnewanka is the largest lake in Banff National Park. Take some time to explore the shoreline and try snapping your pic at sunrise. The hike we have mapped out is manageable for most, and is an out-and-back trail, so you can adapt the length according to your time and fitness constraints. Take your time and enjoy all the beautiful views on offer on this wonderful Banff hike.

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#6: Bow Lake and Bow Glacier

There are so many great water features on this hike, it’s hard to choose our favorite. We found this shot to be the most popular, and it’s often dubbed one of the best views in Banff. You can catch this picture and more on our Bow Glacier Falls trail, a gorgeous hike that will take you all the way up to the stunning Bow Glacier Falls for an epic vista. in the spectacular Icefields section of Banff National Park.

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#7: Cascade Mountain

If you want a mountaintop vista, you’ll need to be an experienced scrambler and route finder to trek to the top. For that reason, we don’t include it on our list. The best way to see Cascade, in our opinion, is to grab a coffee at Evelyn’s Coffee Bar and look up at this behemoth from #BanffAve. Sometimes, the best views in Banff can be had without too much exertion!

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#8: Vermillion Lakes

These lakes photograph best at sunrise and sunset, when the water is calm and Rundle Mountain ripples off the surface. You can easily tack a trip to these lakes onto our Bow River to Bow Falls hike, and why not get right out on the water with one of Banff Canoe Club’s rentals? The sight of the mountains reflected in the still waters of the lake is spectacular, especially when the dying light casts a yellow, orange and then indigo shadow over the region.

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#9: Surprise Corner

Known as the ‘Castle of the Rockies’, the Banff Springs Hotel is set against the backdrop of Sulphur Mountain, next to the cascading waters of the Bow Falls. This shot is iconic, so go out and get your own spin on it. It’s not a hike, but the view is too classic to not have it on our list. The Fairmont’s luxurious chalet sums up the beauty and history of Banff in one go. Try to get a selfie looking as regal as possible.

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#10: Rock Isle Lake

Our hike to Rock Isle Lake gives you three lakes for the price of one. Starting at the base of Sunshine Ski Hill, you can take a bus or gondola up and then enjoy the Sunshine Meadows. The vista over Rock Isle Lake is simply stunning, surrounded by tree-studded slopes and craggy peaks – one of our favorites, and without doubt one of the best views in Banff.

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