Banff hiking trails, Alberta, Canada
Trail of the Healy Pass hike in Banff National Park, Alberta

hikes in Banff National Park

Region in Alberta, Canada
Banff National Park Trail Map

There are so many great hikes in Banff National Park that we have broken the region up into three regions: around the town of Banff, around Lake Louise and around the Icefields Parkway. You can see the best hikes in each part of Banff National Park by clicking on the icons below.

By breaking the best hikes in Banff National Park into three smaller regions, we can share more great hiking in the Canadian Rockies. The best hikes in Banff National Park take you to stunning viewpoints, whether they are in a secluded valley, along an incredibly blue lake or to a peak, with the Canadian Rockies below. Hiking in Banff National Park is famous for the abundant wildlife, stunning nature and beautiful views.

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