Lake Louise Hikes

Region in Alberta, Canada

We’ve combined our Icefields, Lake Louise and Banff regions together to share the 10 Best Scrambles in all of Banff National Park. From a base in either Lake Louise or Banff, you can explore the wonderful scrambles in Banff National Park. Our list of the 10 best scrambles in Banff National Park take you through stunning passes, dramatic peaks and beautiful valleys. Stay on the lookout for game as you scramble in Banff National Park.

Remember that scrambles aren’t hikes, and most of the calls for rescue come from people who set out on a scramble without knowing what they are getting into. Scrambling requires a head for heights, the use of your hands and often climbing moves. If you haven’t done this before, take a course to learn technique and be safe before trying this on your own.

Our Top 10 Scrambles range from introductory experiences through to moderately-challenging, all-day adventures.  Here are the 10 Best scrambles in Banff National Park:

#1. Moraine Lake Rockpile and Lakeshore (3.4km, 38m, 0.5-1h): Incredible views on an easy-to-travel trail make this route a must-do for anyone visiting the region.

#2. Paradise Valley Circuit (20.3km, 1045m, 7-9h): One of the most difficult hikes, but worth every minute. This route has it all: spectacular views, beautiful lakes, waterfalls and much more.

#3. Plain of the 6 Glaciers (15.0km, 420m, 4-6h): A classic, popular route traveling along Lake Louise up to a Tea House – and beyond to a wonderful Glacier viewpoint.

#4. Mount St. Piran (12.5km, 970m, 4.5-6.5h): One of our favorite hikes! Great views and an optional off-trail descent over the top for experienced hikers. A stop at the Lake Agnes Tea House en route makes this a stunner!

#5. Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemna Pass (17.1km, 720m, 6-7h): It’s hard to imagine this is #5, as it would be #1 in many other places on earth. This hike brings you to the beautiful Eiffel Lake and a remote valley where you feel the nature is all your own.

#6. Skoki Lakes (Zigadenus and Myosotis) (25.7km, 965m, 7-9h): Skoki Lakes is an epic hike in the Skoki region near Lake Louise. This route takes in Boulder Pass, Ptarmigan Lake, the Skoki Lakes (Zigadenus and Myosotis Lakes) and then Deception Pass before coming back. This is especially pretty in Autumn.

#7. Mount Fairview Summit (9.3km, 955m, 3.5-5h): One of the best outlooks of Lake Louise, with a bird’s-eye view of the world-famous water below – once you get out of the trees, that is!

#8. Redoubt Lake via Boulder Pass (21.9km, 715m, 6-8h): The hike to Redoubt Lake is an underappreciated hike in the Skoki region near Lake Louise. Hiking to Redoubt Lake takes you on a wonderful hike and showcases some of the best larches in the Canadian Rockies.

#9. Sentinel Pass (13.6km, 925m, 4-6h): A stunning hike with incredible sights back to the Valley of the 10 Peaks and down to Paradise Valley from the pass. In autumn, the Larches here will leave you speechless.

#10. Consolation Lakes (5.8km, 135m, 1.5-3): Perfect for beginners, this trail leads to stunning views at a mountain lake.

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01. Moraine Lake Rockpile and Lakeshore

3.4km 38m 0.5-1h

The Moraine Lake Rockpile and Lakeshore trail in Lake Louise provides one of the best views of the Canadian Rockies…

02. Paradise Valley Circuit

20.3km 1,045m 7-9h

Quite simply, this is a top hike. On the Paradise Valley Circuit trail, experience spectacular clear lakes and waterfalls, beautiful…

03. Plain of the 6 Glaciers

15.0km 420m 4-6h

A classic hike in Banff National Park, the Plain of the Six Glaciers guides you beside Lake Louise, up past…

04. Mount St. Piran

12.5km 970m 4.5-6.5h

Mount St. Piran is a beautiful hike, taking you high above Lake Louise with spectacular views of nature below. Experienced…

05. Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemna Pass

17.1km 720m 6-7h

The Eiffel Lake and Wenkchemna Pass trail includes a stunning climb up from Moraine Lake with views of the incredible…

06. Skoki Lakes

25.7km 965m 7-9h

Skoki Lakes is an epic hike in the Skoki region near Lake Louise. This route takes in Boulder Pass, Ptarmigan…

07. Mount Fairview Summit

9.3km 955m 3.5-5h

Get the complete Lake Louise experience from the summit of Mount Fairview. This trail is packed with incredible views of…

08. Redoubt Lake via Boulder Pass

21.9km 715m 6-8h

The hike to Redoubt Lake is an underappreciated hike in the Skoki region near Lake Louise. Hiking to Redoubt Lake…

09. Sentinel Pass

13.6km 925m 4-6h

The Sentinel Pass hike offers the opportunity to spend a few hours with some of Canada’s most awesome natural wonders…

10. Consolation Lakes

5.8km 135m 1.5-3h

The Consolation Lake trail is a favorite family hike near Lake Louise, and can be paired with the Moraine Lake…

11. Lake Agnes Tea House

7.5km 353m 1.5-4h

The Lake Agnes Tea House hike is an enjoyable trip up to a charming lake with a lovely little tea…

12. Hidden Lake

17.0km 610m 5-7h

Hidden Lake is a very pretty lake in the Skoki Region. There is also a backcountry campground here that you…

13. Lake Louise Ski Hill

2.1km 110m 1-2h

If you have kids, taking the gondola up the Lake Louise Ski Hill is a great trip for the whole…

14. Lake Annette

11.4km 323m 3-4.5h

Although the least frequented valley in the Lake Louise area, the Lake Annette trail is a spectacular hike. With beautiful…