Elk Island National Park
Elk Island National Park

Elk Island National Park

Region in Alberta, Canada
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Escape Edmonton's city lights by travelling 30 minutes to the nearby Elk Island National Park for some much-needed hiking, cycling, canoeing, and swirls of fresh air. The unruly scenery intertwined with outdoor meanders makes for an ideal, quick year-round getaway, where the shaded forests and wild lakes act as a shield against all outside noise. Immerse below the canopies of aspen, spruce, and poplar trees or spend an afternoon paddling along Astotin Lake!

There's nothing like feeling overwhelmed by deadlines, meetings, and the everyday hustle (or lack thereof), so why not take advantage of Elk Island National Park's proximity to Edmonton and spend a few hours either relaxing or exploring. All ages will enjoy the range of activities in this park. For example, some hikes last between 30 minutes to two hours, while others will amp your heart rate and keep you on trails carving through aspen forests for four to five hours. But that's not all! Go cycling along the southern perimeter of Astotin Lake on a paved path or enjoy canoeing on the lake. And in the winter, enjoy cross-country skiing and snowshoeing.

Lastly, if you aren't in the mood to move, you can always relax at the beach! The Astotin Lake area boasts fire pits, picnic shelters, tables, water, and washrooms. (There is a possibility of getting swimmer's itch here if you swim, so ensure you rinse well after you enjoy the water!). If all spending a few days here appeals to you, consider looking into the Astotin Lake Campground!

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