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    The 8 Best Kids Snowshoes For Amazing Winter Adventures

    The 8 Best Kids Snowshoes For Amazing Winter Adventures

    By Kristin L.Gear Reviews

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    Are you trying to get your kids interested in more outdoor activities? Snowshoeing provides your little ones with tons of adventure as they get to explore snowy trails safely. Many models feature lights and funky patterns to appeal to that innocent sensibility. Luckily for the parents (you, presumably), youth snowshoes are much more reasonably priced than the larger adult versions.

    We know how daunting it can be to sift through all the options available, so we’ve done that work for you. Here’s what we found to be the best snowshoes for your kids. Get ready for some amazing winter adventures!

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    How to choose the right snowshoes for your kids

    The best way to determine what size snowshoe you’ll need is by your child’s weight rather than age. Keep in mind any extra weight they might be carrying on adventures and factor that in. Why is weight important? Well, if they’re too heavy for their snowshoes, your kid might end up knee-deep in snow in fluffy conditions, which defeats the whole purpose of snowshoeing. Here are the general guidelines:

    • If your child weighs less than 50 lbs, choose snowshoes with a 14”–16” frame.
    • If your child weighs between 50 and 125 lbs, choose snowshoes with a 17”–19” frame, depending on their height.
    • If your child weighs over 125 lb, consider snowshoes with a 20”–22” frame.

    Remember that you want these snowshoes to be easy to use. Nothing would be worse than a complicated binding system to deter your little one from wanting to go on a snowshoe adventure! And, once you narrow it down to a few pairs, ask your kid which pair they’re interested in. Get them more involved and excited about the activity.

    And what about other equipment like poles and footwear? Snowshoeing is a beginner-friendly activity, so poles aren’t really necessary. That said, some youth snowshoes come with poles as a package deal. The truth is, they do help with balance, so if you’re planning to snowshoe on some tricky terrain, try the poles and see if they work for your kid. You’ll want your kids to have sturdy hiking boots, too, to ensure their little tootsies don’t freeze up on your adventure.

    For all the nitty-gritty details, read our comprehensive guide on How to Choose the Right Pair of Snowshoes before you shop.

    1. MSR Shift Snowshoes – Youth

    Ages: 7–12
    Weight limit: 57 kg (125 lb)
    Frame: 18 cm x 50 cm (7” x 19”)

    Great for: Adventurous pre-teens

    MSR’s Shift Snowshoes – Youth are as tough as the adult version. They employ the same steel crampons as the adult model, providing excellent grip for all-terrain. The combination of the aluminum frame, plastic deck, and steel crampons make this snowshoe super durable, ready to stand up to several seasons of wear and tear.

    Easy to use? Absolutely. The rubber strap can be tightened or loosened according to your child’s boot size and fastens securely with a foldback style. The adjustable bindings fit shoe sizes 1–7 US (men’s) and 32–41 (Euro), which means your kid can use this equipment for years, through growth spurts and all.

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    MSR Shift Snowshoes – Youth

    2. Atlas Mini 17 Snowshoes

    Ages: 4–8
    Weight limit: 36 kg (80 lb)
    Frame: 16.5 cm x 43 cm (6.5” x 17”)

    Great for: Playful kids

    If I were a kid shopping for snowshoes, the Atlas Mini 17 Snowshoes would be my choice. Why? They leave snowflake prints with every step! And it doesn’t get much cuter than that. The traction is provided by a snowflake-shaped mold along with steel toe crampons. Their slender shape allows for easy movement and reduces the chances of tripping or catching on something.

    The bindings will hold little feet in snugly with a rubber toe cap and tongue that goes over the boot, then a heel strap to make sure there’s no slipping out. The Rotating ToeCord prevents snow from piling up and allows a pivot to stop any dragging. These are durable, stable and let your little one act as an amazing snowflake artiste on your snowshoeing adventure.

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    Atlas Mini 17 Snowshoes

    3. Louis Garneau Felix II Kids Snowshoes

    Ages: 5–9
    Weight limit: 36 kg (80 lb)
    Frame: 18 cm x 43 cm (7” x 17”)

    Great for: Flat terrain

    These colourful snowshoes rank as some of the best for younger kids, thanks to its molded harness designed with little feet in mind. They’ve got great flexibility with reflex pivot and shock absorption, which means your kid can step in all directions with ease. With its single ratchet fastener, your kid will have no trouble adjusting the straps to fit securely. And, they’re designed with fun images for kids.

    The frame, made from 6061-T6 anodized aluminum, is so light that combined with the rest of the material, the pair of snowshoes only weighs 0.9 kg (2.1 lb). Don’t expect your kids to be dragging behind you in these snowshoes! More likely, they’ll be waiting for you. The Felix II Snowshoes will have your kid flying ahead—they’re built for speed (the snowshoes, not your kid. But maybe your kid, too). The decking is lightweight, resistant, and stays flexible down to –40°C. The decking wraps around the snowshoe, making snagging a near impossibility. Strap in, and snowshoe away!

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    Louis Garneau Felix II Kids Snowshoes

    4. Yukon Charlie’s Sno-Bash Snowshoes Kit

    Ages: 6–10
    Weight limit: 45 kg (100 lb)
    Frame: 18 cm x 41 cm (7” x 16”)

    Great for: Quick departure

    If you’re a bang-for-your-buck kind of person, Yukon Charlie’s Sno-Bash Snowshoes Kit will definitely appeal to you. Not only do you get snowshoes, but you also get adjustable trekking poles that can be used year-round and a travel bag for easy carrying and storage. Kids will love the lively graphics and sturdy coated-steel crampons that ensure stable contact with the snowy terrain.

    The best part about these snowshoes? The RIPCORD™ easy-pull binding makes strapping into the snowshoes take only seconds. If you need to head off quickly, say, if you’re chasing after a runaway dog, look no further than these snowshoes. The snowshoe user slips their boot into the binding, then with one easy pull, the binding fastens, and you’re ready to go. And did we mention they come with poles and a travel bag? (Yes, we did, but it’s worth mentioning again!)

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    Yukon Charlie’s Sno-Bash Snowshoes Kit

    5. MSR Tyker Kids Snowshoes

    Ages: 5–9
    Weight limit: 36 kg (80 lb)
    Frame: 16.5 cm x 43 cm (6.5” x 17”)

    Great for: Young beginners

    Parents with younger children will love MSR’s Tyker Snowshoes. Instead of several spiky steel crampons, these kids snowshoes are designed with molded traction bars, which are safer in the hands of your little ones but still provide crucial traction. The three rubber straps—two over the foot and one around the heel—fasten securely and are super easy to manage, even with mittens on. They’ll fit kids shoe sizes 7.5–13.5 and adults 1–4.5.

    These snowshoes don’t have a standard binding but instead use three straps to secure the kids’ feet. This may sound unsafe, but it actually gives more wiggle room for your little one to step easily forward, sideways, and backwards with ease (most snowshoes have a tail that could cause you to fall when you step backwards, so these are especially great if your kid loves to run in all directions!).

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    MSR Tyker Kids Snowshoes

    6. Tubbs Snowglow Snowshoes

    Ages: 4–8
    Weight limit: 34 kg (75 lb)
    Frame: 16.5 cm x 41 cm (6.5” x 16”)

    Great for: Dusk or dawn adventures

    Flashing lights! The Tubbs Snowglow Snowshoes provide a flicker of fun with each step. The MotionBright LED lighting system senses each step and responds with a flash! Even if your kid isn’t interested in the surroundings, at least the light will keep them entertained. (But we sincerely believe they’ll have a great time snowshoeing regardless.)

    These are best for the smaller ones in your crew, with a weight limit of up to 34 kg (75 lb), including any gear or snacks. You can be confident that these snowshoes won’t slide around with their use of QuickLock2 bindings. Easy on, easy off. And the molded traction rails give your kids the proper grip needed to catch the snow without slipping. Tubbs also makes an even smaller version with a 14”-frame, the Snowflake Snowshoe for kids 3–6!

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    Tubbs Snowglow Snowshoes

    7. Redfeather Elf Snowshoes

    Ages: 5–9
    Weight limit: 36 kg (80 lb)
    Frame: 18 cm x 43 cm (7” x 17”)

    Great for: Exploring the backcountry

    Are your kids like mini versions of you? As in, they want to dress just like you and copy your every move? Then they’ll love the Redfeather Elf Snowshoes that include many features found in the adult version. These sturdy snowshoes for kids are some of the best for uneven terrain with their aluminum front and back crampons. Combine that with the vinyl decking for excellent traction and puncture resistance—your kids will be hopping ahead of you with ease and stability.

    Your kids' boots will easily slide into the bindings, with a rubber toe cap, a mid-strap, and a heel strap. And the Live Action Hinge gives generous flexibility while staying secure, to provide unrestricted movement in all directions. These cute snowshoes will support your little ones on rolling terrain. Take these out to the backcountry for a test run!

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    Redfeather Elf Snowshoes

    8. L.L. Bean Kids’ Winter Walker Snowshoes

    Ages: 7–12
    Weight limit: 50 kg (110 lb)
    Frame: 18 cm x 43 cm (7.5” x 19”)

    Great for: Warmer days

    The L.L. Bean Kids’ Winter Walker Snowshoes are a great option if you embark on slightly warmer adventures. The plastic section of the binding can become stiff in below-freezing temperatures. Aside from that, these are an excellent choice for your little ones. They have a sleek aluminum frame with toe and heel crampons, lending to super solid footing when traipsing across snowy hills.

    These are super durable, and the adjustable ratchet-strap binding offers room to grow. Your kids will not be dragging behind as these snowshoes are lightweight and narrow, making it easier to move a little faster and get through tight spaces if necessary. They’re a high-quality choice for warmer temperatures! The Kids’ Winter Walkers also come in a smaller size with a 16” frame.

    Find in store

    L.L. Bean Kids’ Winter Walker Snowshoes

    Well, there you have it! That’s our list of the best snowshoes for kids—now you can head out for some amazing adventures! If you want some route guide inspiration, we have lots of snowshoeing routes available. Or, if you want to go on an epic adventure (without planning anything), check out these snowshoeing tours. Happy exploring!




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