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Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL4 Tent Review

Are you looking for a backpacking tent for the entire family? The Big Agnes Copper Spur HV UL4 provides space for your whole crew and has extra features that you [...]

Gear Reviews By Kristin L. August 12, 2020

Venturesafe X34 Anti-Theft Hiking Backpack Review

A 34-liter backpack with anti-theft protection that you can use on outdoor adventures and business travel? Say no more! Pacsafe’s Venturesafe X34 Anti-Theft Hiking Backpack hits the bullseye for adventure [...]

Gear Reviews By Kristin L. July 25, 2020

Metrosafe LS120 Anti-Theft Hip Pack – Full Review

Do you need a hands-free and worry-free pack to keep your essentials secure? Stroll around with confidence with Pacsafe’s Metrosafe LS120 Anti-Theft Hip Pack. Great for short hikes or rides [...]

Gear Reviews By Kristin L. July 22, 2020

LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants

Are you searching for that perfect pair of multi-purpose outdoor pants? The LIVSN Flex Canvas Pants are super versatile: you can wear them on your cycling commute, at work—from casual [...]

Gear Reviews By Kristin L. July 14, 2020

MSR WindBurner Review: Unbiased Feedback by Experts

Are you searching for a small stove for your next backpacking trip that will stay lit in challenging weather conditions? We were satisfied with MSR’s WindBurner® Personal Stove System. It [...]

Gear Reviews By Kristin L. July 9, 2020

Backpacking Checklist: Essential Gear for a Multi-day Hike

It can take some time to perfect your backpacking checklist and to figure out what to bring into the woods. Before you start chucking pounds of unnecessary items into your [...]

Gear Reviews By Kelsey K. July 4, 2020

Hiking First Aid Kit: Stay Safe in the Backcountry!

An amazing hiking or backpacking trip in the wilderness can quickly and unexpectedly go from peaceful getaway to dangerous emergency. No one heads into the backcountry expecting to get hurt, [...]

10 Great Cycling Tips: Expert Tips for Beginners

In this time of social distancing and “stay home” restrictions, even parks and natural areas are closing in many areas. While getting outside is more important than ever to our [...]

Carry-on Only Travel for Adventurous Getaways

Flying with only carry-on baggage is the hassle-free way to travel. It saves you time and money in so many ways. As it becomes increasingly common for airlines to charge [...]

Gear Reviews By Richard Campbell February 18, 2020

Jasper Deals this Winter

Do you want to take a dream trip to Jasper in the Canadian Rockies this winter? Are put off by the high cost of accommodation? We hear you. Prices keep [...]

Gear Reviews Canada By Lynn W November 1, 2019