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    Best Places to Travel in December

    Best Places to Travel in December

    By Alex ToddDestinations

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    The best places to travel in December are most often warm weather destinations, as many people try to escape the cold and enjoy a stretch of nice weather before the long winter sets in. Indonesia, Morocco, Thailand, and the Canary Islands are all at the top of this year’s list of best places to travel in December.

    While many people choose to flock south during the winter months to escape the cold, when it comes to actually ranking the best places to travel in December it can be a bit tricky. The allure of spending some time in a warm weather destination during one of the colder months of the year is certainly a strong one for those who live in the northern reaches of the world, but what about those seeking a winter wonderland getaway?

    One of the biggest barriers to travelling in the winter can be logistics, as snowy or wet conditions can certainly make getting around a chore. Similarly, many destinations that are hotspots during the heat of summer, such as Italy and Greece, will see accommodations and restaurants close down for the slower off-season, making it even more difficult to decide on where to travel in December.

    With all of that in mind, we’ve put together a list of December travel destinations that are not only accessible in the winter, but offer a wide range of activities and climates to be enjoyed. From sunny beachside locales to snowy villages that offer the perfect backdrop for a winter holiday, continue reading to discover the best places to travel in December.

    The Best Places to Travel in December Ranked

    Bali, Indonesia

    #1 in Best Places to Travel in December

    Bali is one of the world’s penultimate warm weather destinations, no matter the time of year; however, travelling to Indonesia in December will see you experience your fair share of rain. This of course will be made up for with average temperatures of 27℃ and breathtakingly beautiful sunny days on the island, but it is still worth mentioning. The Christmas and New Years holiday season is also extremely busy in Bali, so make sure to plan well in advance if you are after a tropical winter getaway. Even still, if you are after a bit of sun in a tropical locale, then you could hardly do worse than visiting Bali in December.

    Favourite Tour in Bali, Indonesia: 14-Day Java and Bali Tour


    Marrakech, Morocco

    #2 in Best Places to Travel in December

    Visiting Marrakech, Morocco in December is a wonderful idea, particularly if you are looking to get outside and explore. Even though it is the beginning of the winter season, December features average daytime temperatures that range from 14-20℃ - ideal for setting out on a day hike in the nearby mountains or exploring vibrant markets. Just a short flight away from Europe, it’s easy to see why Morocco is one of the best places to travel in December.

    Favourite Tour in Marrakech, Morocco: Atlas Mountains to Atlantic Coast Road Biking Tour


    Chiang Mai, Thailand

    #3 in Best Places to Travel in December

    Featuring warm and relatively dry weather, Thailand in December is an excellent option if you are looking for a unique winter getaway. While many people will simply opt to visit the popular areas along the coast, such as Phuket, there are plenty of opportunities to explore the entire country. Why not start in the mountainous northern city of Chiang Mai and work your way down to the coast on a relaxing slow travel adventure? You can thank us later!

    Favourite Tour in Chiang Mai, Thailand: Thailand Slow Travel Tour

    Chiang Mai

    Canary Islands, Spain

    #4 in Best Places to Travel in December

    Located just west of the African coastline, the Canary Islands are the perfect December getaway destination. Weather in the Canary Islands in December is pleasant to say the least, with daytime temperatures regularly exceeding 20℃ and a roughly 60% chance of experiencing a sunny day. So make sure to swap out your parka for a bikini and plan your next December holiday in the Canary Islands, Spain.

    Favourite Tour in the Canary Islands, Spain: The Gran Canaria Hiking Tour

    Canary Islands

    Torres del Paine National Park, Chile

    #5 in Best Places to Travel in December

    Torres del Paine National Park stands out from the other destinations on this list, as it is the only place located in South America. Situated in the rugged landscape of Chilean Patagonia, Torres del Paine is an outdoor lover’s paradise filled with turquoise lakes, vast swathes of forest, dramatic mountain peaks, and frigid glaciers. Although December falls squarely in the summer season in Patagonia, temperatures will still drop severely at night. This makes Chile in December one of the cooler destinations on this list of best places to visit.

    Favourite Tour in Torres del Paine NP: The O Circuit

    Torres Del Paine

    Algarve, Portugal

    #6 in Best Places to Travel in December

    Making up Portugal’s southern coast, the Algarve is the perfect destination for December travel due to its relatively mild and dry weather when compared to other regions around the Mediterranean. You might be thinking that it will be busy if the weather is so nice, but you’d be wrong! Portugal in December usually sees lower volumes of travellers, making it the perfect opportunity to visit this stunning coastal location.

    Favourite Tour in Algarve, Portugal: Best of the Algarve Cycling Tour


    Cape Town, South Africa

    #7 in Best Places to Travel in December

    For those who want to swap out the cold of winter for some intense heat, Cape Town, South Africa in December is the place to be! Daytime temperatures often hover around the mid 30s celsius, with very little chance of rain, making for perfect beach weather. Anyone who is up for an adventure can explore the beautiful Western Cape with its diverse wildlife, or head to some nearby vineyards to take advantage of the burgeoning South African wine scene. With so much to see and do, it’s easy to see why Cape Town is one of the best places to visit in December!

    Favourite Tour in Cape Town, South Africa: 8-Day Western Cape Cycling Tour

    Cape Town

    Åre, Sweden

    #8 in Best Places to Travel in December

    Taking a bit of a chilly spin on a winter holiday, the ski resort town of Åre, Sweden is the perfect December travel destination for those who want to fully embrace the holiday spirit. Whether you plan on hitting the slopes, revelling in the mysterious beauty of the northern lights, or doing a bit of holiday shopping, Åre is a great place to relax during the holiday season. Anyone looking to forego the warm weather for some Nordic winter festivities will certainly love visiting Åre, Sweden in December.

    Favourite Tour in Åre, Sweden: Cross-Country Skiing in the Heart of Sweden


    Travel Opportunities During Other Months

    December may be a great time to travel, but sometimes it can be a bit tricky to secure time off or get away from family obligations around the holidays. Luckily for you, there are 11 other months of the year that are all perfect for travel in their own way! No matter where in the world you want to go or when you want to set out on your next trip, 10Adventures has a wide range of adventure tours to match your style and personality.

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