One camping list item that often gets overlooked is portable camping chairs. We tried the Big Agnes Mica Basin Camp Chairs, and they are unforgettably comfortable. It’s a great chair for front-country camping and day hiking when you want a comfy spot to rest.

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Product: Big Agnes Mica Basin Camp Chairs
Price: $168.99 CAD / $129.95 USD / £103.95
Pros: Super comfortable, easy to set up, compact
Cons: Blows over easily, not great for overnight hiking trips
Worth it? Yes

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Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs
Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs

Big Agnes Mica Basin Camp Chairs: The Verdict

We’re always searching for comfortable camping chairs, and Big Agnes Mica Basin Camp Chairs certainly deliver. We tried them out backpacking, took them on a day hike, and used them while front-country camping, and we’d say they’re best suited for the latter. If you want an easy-to-set-up and surprisingly comfortable camping chair, this is our suggestion.

Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs
Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs

Overview of Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs

A worthy contender for packable camping chairs, the Big Agnes Mica Basin Camp Chair offers supreme comfort in a convenient package. It doesn’t weigh much, so you won’t mind carrying it along with you when you want to avoid sitting on the ground. Compared to other camp chairs, this one has a wider seat than most, and the design lifts higher off the ground. Pre-bent aluminum poles connect the fabric, and the chairs are simple to set up. Overall, this is an awesome camp chair.

Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs

When to use

Use the Big Agnes Mica Basin Camp Chair for all of your outdoor sitting needs! We recommend these chairs for front-country and car camping when you don’t have to carry it a long way. These are also great for a fishing or a canoeing trip where you can pack it into your boat easily. The chair is great to carry on a hike to catch the sunset, or grab and go for an outdoor dinner date night by the river. We tested the chair on a backpacking trip but found it too bulky to carry with the pack and didn’t use it enough to justify bringing it along.

Weight + size

This chair packs down to a decent size and is relatively lightweight for a camping seat. Its total packed weight is 2lb 5 oz, which is considerable if you plan to pack it for an overnight trip. At the same time, that’s next-to-nothing if it’s one of the only items you need to carry.

Using the included stuff sack, the chair shrinks down to 9 x 44 cm / 3.5 x 17 in. Once it’s set up, the total dimensions are 49 x 56 x 38 cm / 19.2 x 22 x 15 in, with a weight capacity of up to 136 kg / 300 lbs.


Incredibly comfortable. This isn’t always a camping chair’s strong suit, but the Big Agnes Mica Basin Camp Chair surprised us! It is really comfy.

Aluminum + durable materials. You can trust this chair’s durability. Instead of plastic, the Big Agnes Mica Basin Chair poles are made from aircraft aluminum. And the fabric is a strong Robic™ polyester.

Hub-less + colour-coded for easy setup. Worry not about attachments and fittings with this camp chair. Its hub-less frame and colour-coded guide make setup straightforward. You’ll be sitting and enjoying the scenery in no time.

Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs
Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs


Too bulky for overnight trips. We brought the chairs on a couple of backpacking trips and found they were a bit too bulky to be worthwhile. Still an excellent option for day hikes and front-country camping.

Blows over easily. This chair is super light, which is awesome for packing purposes, but we noticed that a strong wind could easily knock them over.

Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs
Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs

Supportive design + comfort

These camp chairs are not like other camp chairs that you need to squeeze into, which may be uncomfortable. Built with comfort in mind, the Mica Basin Chair has a broader seat that spans 56 cm / 22 in. The pre-bent poles boost comfort by allowing for a wider, more stable seat. Comfort also comes from the supportive back piece—you won’t want to get up!

Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs
Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs

Lightweight + waterproof material

Don’t worry about leaving the Mica Basin Camp Chairs out in wet conditions; they can handle it. The durable Robic™ polyester has a UTS waterproof coating that’s soft to the touch and will dry quickly if left out in the rain. The pole system is crafted from aircraft aluminum, which is extra light and durable. All these materials used for the chair are intended to make the chair the perfect lightweight camping accessory. We were happy with it!

Big Agnes Mica Basin Chairs

Should you buy the Big Agnes Mica Basin Camp Chair?

After testing these chairs on some camping trips, we were pleasantly surprised by how comfortable they are. While not ideal for overnight backpacking trips, these are a fantastic option for other outdoor seating needs like car camping, fishing, paddling trips or watching the sunset on a nearby beach. They’re relatively light and come in funky colours—definitely worth considering if you’re in the market for some new camping chairs.